Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Dating Q&A - Online profile ">I put up my profile about a month ago and I think I'm a good-looking guy, but no women have contacted me. My profile discusses about 18 things I'm looking for in a girl and why I'm a great catch. Please advise.


Dude, when you start off a profile with all the things you want in a woman, you sort of send the message that you're incredibly particular (not to mention, conceited). You might want to go easy on these 18 things.

Start off with a little bit about you (what you do, what you enjoy doing in your leisure time, what you look like), then go on to mention the kind of lady you're looking for (fit, smart, happy) without listing off the minutiae.

You need to start dating so that you can really figure out what it is you want from a woman. Being so particular will not land you a date.


My husband is always pinching my butt and putting his arm around me in public and I can't stand it. He knows how I feel about it but won't stop. What can I do or say to get through to him?


Uh, I'm guessing that your husband was like this when he was your boyfriend, so if you couldn't stand it then, why did you marry him? If you hated public displays of affection so much so that you felt compelled to write to me, then maybe you should consider you situation.

Your husband loves you and wants to show the world that he does. So, you can either yell at him in public every time he does it so that he becomes scared to do so. Or you can give in and pinch his ass right back.

All in all, you could have it a lot worse. This is his way of flirting with you. Would you prefer it if it he never touched you instead?


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