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Using Affirmations For Gaining Confidence

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A great way of gaining confidence is to make full use of positive affirmations. There is a saying that we are our own worst critics and this certainly holds a lot of truth. It is all too easy to get into the habit of negative thinking. How many times have you had thoughts such as ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m useless’, or ‘no matter how hard I try, I’ll never manage to give up smoking’. I’ll bet you have them quite a lot!

The more we have these thoughts, the more our subconscious mind hears them and accepts them as fact- and lo and behold, we create behaviors that stop us from learning a new skill or stopping smoking. This has the effect of reducing our self confidence and esteem even further as we feel like failures and eventually stop even trying to reach our goals.

Affirmations are declarations of an intention which is stated over and over until it is accepted by the subconscious mind as a fact. It will then work to develop behaviors to bring the intention about in real life. Affirmations are most effective when stated at least once daily, such as first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Every time you have a negative self thought you should stop and replace it with an affirmation instead.

The wording of the affirmation should always be positive, for example ‘I am at my ideal weight’ rather than ‘I want to lose weight’ as your mind will then focus on the fact that you are overweight. The more positive you can make your affirmations, the more powerful they will be. Good examples of affirmations for weight loss would be statements such as ‘I choose to exercise five times each week’ and ‘each day my health is increasing and I am moving towards my ideal weight’. If you want to stop smoking, a good affirmation may be ‘I am choosing to be a non smoker’. Ideas for affirmations to increase confidence could be ‘I can do it!’, ‘every day I am becoming more confident’ and ‘I believe in myself’.

Affirmations can be used with visualization to make them even more powerful; when you state your affirmation, imagine your life if it was true. See yourself at your ideal weight; hear the admiring compliments from friends, and imagine yourself wearing new clothes to show off your figure. Imagine yourself with high levels of self confidence; see yourself excelling at any task you undertake, and how good you feel. The more vivid you can make these visualizations, the more powerful their effect will be.

The more positive the affirmation the more effective it will be. The mind is very powerful, and use of affirmations and visualization can help you towards attaining your goals and gaining confidence.

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