Saturday, July 17, 2010

Make Your Boyfriend To Hug You More Often

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Basically, an embrace helps couples to feel much closer to one another and eases tensions and stresses between them. However, a lot of men tend to forget that cuddling or hugging is something that women need within relationships, as it keeps bonds strong, long lasting and happy.

Let your boyfriend know how important closeness and intimacy are for you. Some guys get too comfortable in relationships and stop hugging their partners as much as they did when they are in the early stages of their relationships. This does not necessarily mean that your boyfriend is not in love with you anymore, but this is more because he does not realize that his embrace is something that you still desire at all times. You have to open up and tell him how you want more intimacy and how it is important in relationships generally. You have to tell your boyfriend how good you feel when he is hugging you tight. Let him realize that being cuddled makes you feel much closer and more intimate to him. Mostly, men tend to be more willing and motivated to hug and cuddle more if their partners get them to realize that they long for it. Most often than not, simply asking for more embraces will make the both of you bond with each other more often.

Sometimes, simply asking for your boyfriend to hug you more is not enough. In other relationships, while the woman might love to be cuddled, the man sees it as an unnecessary and even irrelevant thing to do. If you feel that your boyfriend is someone who is not much of a romantic person, you can still make him so if you know how to play your cards right. Make a little deal that you are willing to give your boyfriend something he has been missing a lot, which is fairly an important move in relationships. This deal can be able to make him embrace you a lot more. Your boyfriend might be longing to make love with you on bed. If that is the case, then tell him that you are willing to make more time with him on the bed if he agrees to hug you more often than before. After all, relationships are all about give and take. You have to give in order to obtain something in return.

One simple but effective move is to take the initiative and hug your boyfriend tight. Why wait if you can simply grab your boyfriend and wrap your arms around him? Most often than not in relationships, telling your boyfriend what you really want is best done by doing it preemptively than waiting for him.

Perhaps the best way in getting your boyfriend to hug and cuddle you more is to be more loving and caring for him. You could motivate your boyfriend to be intimate with you more often by being sweeter and more caring. Most men tend to enjoy their partners being sweeter that it makes them want to hug more than they used to be.

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