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Every Woman Loves A Challenge

Every Woman Loves A Challenge Cover
I want to tell you a fact about women that most guys will go to their graves without ever knowing. It's the idea of being a CHALLENGE. Being a challenge is the most powerful thing you can do to differentiate yourself from other guys - inside a bar or club, or anywhere. A few years ago a close female friend of mine told me "Every woman loves a challenge." At the time I thought I understood the words, but I didn't understand the importance of it... or what she REALLY meant. The fact of the matter is that most guys throw themselves at women and act lucky for an opportunity to be with them. Society even refers to a guy getting laid as "getting lucky." Because most guys are "easy," women know that they can get a man anytime they want... and usually the man of their choice.

The great thing about this is you can give yourself a MASSIVE advantage if you give a woman a challenge. You'll be able to literally turn the tables and have her pursuing you.


It took me a long time to figure out exactly what to do to become a challenge in a woman's eyes. I started out by asking some of my female friends what made a guy a challenge. Here's what they said:

- He doesn't always return phone calls when you think he will, and doesn't call when he says he will.
- He isn't always available to hang out.
- It's hard to tell if he likes you or not, and you never know how much.

The interesting realization I had is that just the fact that you are a challenge can create TREMENDOUS attraction. It's human nature for people to want what they can't have, and women are so used to meeting "easy" men that simply NOT being "easy" can be enough to get HER to pursue YOU. But wouldn't she have to be calling me already for me NOT to return her calls? In other words, wouldn't she have to already be into me in order to CARE whether I liked her or not?


I realized there had to be some subtle ways to let a woman know that you're a challenge from the moment you meet her, without actually saying it.
I thought about what kind of guys were naturally "hard to get." The answer is of course guys who already have a woman, or who have women swooning over them on a regular basis.
So what do these guys do differently - at the very BEGINNING - to trigger that powerful feeling in a woman that says "I have to have him"?
It's all about being a challenge. So I'm going to share with you 5 elements of becoming an attractive challenge to a woman. They are subtly different than what most guys do, and they work like magic to create attraction:

#1 Hold Onto Your Cards - Don't Tell or Show Too Much Interest

- Don't introduce yourself until she asks your name
- Avoid the standard "wuss" questions like "What kind of guys do you like?", "Am I your type?" or "I bet you have a boyfriend..."
- Don't linger around her
- Don't give her your full attention if other people are around

#2 Make Her Work

- Make your goal to get her to ask you out, or ask to join you to do something you're already doing
- Decline or ignore her first advances or invitations. (You want to hang out some time? I don't know...). Do this in a fun way
- Make her qualify herself to you ("What makes you interesting/different than other girls? What are 3 things a guy would like about you, and please don't say looks?")
- Give her fun tests, like the Ice Cream Test - walk up to a girl with a serious look on your face and ask her, "Hey, what's your favorite ice cream?" She answers, then you roll your eyes and say, "That's minus 1 point. If you would have said Chocolate Mint I would have let you get my number. Now, if you would have said Neapolitan I would have walked away, so you still have somewhat of a chance with me..." Do this in a sarcastic, joking way. Women love fun little conversations like this
- Plus it sets the "frame" that you're the selector.

#3 Use Takeaways

- Get a girl laughing, then immediately walk away
- Start talking to someone else while you're talking to her
- Be unpredictable (put your arm around her, then ignore her and start talking to your buddy)
- Use the power of "maybe" ("I have to get back to my friends, but MAYBE I'll see you later....")
- If she starts talking on her phone, either walk away or - better yet - whip out your phone and say overly loud, "Yeah, I was talking to this girl but she's kind of a DORK..."

#4 Challenge Her With Cocky Comedy

- "I don't know if you are up to it. I don't know if you can hang."
- Accuse her of checking you out, and trying to romance or seduce you
- Suggest that she buy you things or take you out somewhere nice if she wants to spend more time with you

#5 Body Language

- Lean back and relax. Don't lean in.
- Most guys re-orient their whole body to face the girl right away. This communicates interest too soon, and can even be intimidating. Instead, look over your shoulder at her, and wait for her to turn her body to face you before YOU do.
- Make her close the distance. The more distance you give a woman, the more comfortable she'll be. From even 6 feet away you can say "Hey, are you girls causing trouble over there..."

By David DeAngelo

Also read this ebooks:

William Robinson - Woman Her Sex And Love Life
David Lieberman - Never Be Lied To Again.mp3
Joe Navarro - What Every Body Is Saying

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A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me
I am leaving to illustrate a bit about
me. I grasp tried to keep my personal
gibberish out of this blog but this has a bit to do with Inspection.

I grasp a blended family. My next of kin has two adolescent (two daughters) and
I grasp three (two boys and a girl). Our
brood grasp been together for about 6 years.
They are right now 13.5 to 8 years old.
They act like they are actually brothers and sisters. I variety my next of kin in my ward after my divorce and a sponsor of the District
invited me over for dinner ~ maybe equally I looked cut off. His next of kin asked me if I would ever character
dating a women with adolescent. I told her
maybe not neat but my boon had set a great example for me of marrying
my close relative who had or had my brother.
I don't think of my brother as a lacking brother. My brother is my brother. I had to eat my words about dating and
marrying a woman with adolescent. Fully,
our adolescent all come in and out of our home equally of visitation (my next of kin has
best of our two daughters and I grasp low-grade of our extra three
). I don't think of my wife's daughters at step
adolescent. They are dig up. I dry their howl. I help with groundwork. I give blessings. I will pounding the boys that will come to the
hold spellbound asking for dates.

My divorce/marriage was
pretty wicked. I was accused of
everything from rape to defeat. I
cheated on her so repeated times I couldn't neat tell you. At bare minimum that is what she care and told my
parents and my Bishop each time she accused me.
She told the recount I pounding her. I
pounding the brood was an accusation that would live with me up until about 2 years
ago. CPS was called so repeated times it
wasn't neat funny neat as I grasp started a new family. On your own as the adolescent grasp been able to speak,
the extent has CPS clogged coming and the accusations grasp clogged coming. My adorable but was that I put the
youngest son in chains and put him in the vicinity all day. Does self one be au fait with of a pair of chains
that will fit a 6 see old boy at the time? Scouts shelter, I am uncontaminated.

Everything being imaginary, recognition my
next of kin Peelings has been a true good luck for every families unusually for brood that
don't grasp a great close relative example in their lives. She has used up months reading the Harry Potter
turn of books to them at night. She
took them to the Harry Potter midnight deal out.
She cooks them what they want to eat.
She dries howl. My next of kin works
closer to anywhere my ex lives and goes and gets them for me wearing our permanent status
time. She lets me Leader larger than than she
maybe neediness. This is the compassionate of
woman she is.

Fully, on to the Inspection
contribute to of this office. My son is double
registered in my ex's Quarter Rub and registered in my Ward's Rub as
well. I did this to make clear-cut no matter
anywhere he was he possibly will be deed on Inspection and if one Rub poor diverse
possibly will pick up the lazy. He is now
available 13 and he is only a Initiate due to my son's extra ward not having
such a great Inspection program. In two
months with our Rub he has concluded larger than to advance than in 1 see with his extra
Rub. I grasp volunteered to bolster on
the Leader Convention in her ward, do Mark of Reviews in her ward, etc. and they
won't use me. In fact, they won't neat
use my ex next of kin. He imaginary to the District
of my ward after leaving to Leader Garrison with my Ward's Rub that he at home to go to Scouts
in my ward. My ex would grasp none of
that. But my son sees the benefits of a program that is actually deed.

3 weeks ago wearing my summer
permanent status he told me he had a Hearing of Last name in his extra ward and at home to
go. I didn't.............but like a good dad I
piled the family in my car, with my Leader empty on and took him. My ex didn't neat show up. He now has a Hearing of Last name for the awards he
earned at Leader Garrison in my Quarter this Wednesday and my ex won't haul him. So I told him I would come and get him. We are in exclusive Stakes but positively live
11 miles withdrawn. He is leaving to grasp to
pin only one of his mothers with their Initiate Mother's Pin.

This originate I went to the first
day of show for two of the youngest and the youngest told me because his brother
asked to go to the Hearing of Last name, his close relative started yelling at him. So far-flung so that she imaginary she felt bad for her
old brother that his Mom was yelling at him.

I am so repel. Inspection is a good gizmo. Inspection is a
virtuous gizmo.; it is fun, builds character, is leadership of a mind, authority exercise, etc. Inspection teaches character, leadership and a good work
ethic. It teaches their taxes to the majesty, their family and their spiritual burden. Any parent neediness be lay out to grasp a boy in the program and thrust them out the hold spellbound to help get them there!

And she is deed against all of that. Fairly of being an active parent, she has
decided the easy track is the right track.
My basic aches.

My basic would ache if this were
one of my Scouts. Parents shouldn't
seize against the "good" in life.
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7 Pickup Rules Women Want Men To Know

7 Pickup Rules Women Want Men To Know Cover
Ever wonder why some guys are so much better than others at picking up women? It's not because they're better looking, smarter or have deeper pockets. But they probably have two characteristics that work in their favor in this department: confidence and persistence. But while some men might have these characteristics naturally, you don't need to have been born a Don Juan in order to be successful at picking up women. You do, however, need to follow a few important guidelines.

Below are seven pickup rules that will give you a huge edge on the competition. They will not only increase your success rate with women, they will allow you to sweep them off their feet with your new self-assured, gentlemanly attitude.

1. Make eye contact before the approach. Want an easy way to gauge if your approach will be successful? Try making preliminary eye contact from a distance and see how she responds. If she holds your gaze -- or even better, if she smiles -- go talk to her. If she avoids your gaze, on the other hand, your chances are slim. Also, don't forget to do your "research." Survey the area and you'll notice which women are looking to meet someone. As obvious as it may seem, a woman who is looking around at men in the room is probably going to be more receptive than a woman who is only paying attention to the friends she came with. Remember this: A woman divulges a lot in her body language, so if you want to increase your odds, pay attention.

2. Don't express interest in both her & her friends. Hitting on more than one woman in the same social circle is a real deal-breaker. Not only will it make you seem like a player, but you are forgetting one important factor: In order to successfully pick up a woman, you have to make her feel special. And hitting on or expressing interest in her friends will certainly not make her feel special. So even though you might be attracted to more than one woman in the group, pick a woman and stick with her. The alternative is that you'll be going home alone.

3. Make her feel like she's the hottest woman in the world. Often, a woman will go for a man for only one reason: how he makes her feel. So if you make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the room, chances are she'll want to see you again. This will work in your favor in the long run too; if she's confident and comfortable with you, you'll reap the benefits in all aspects of the relationship. This rule does come with one warning clause; skip it if she appears to have a big ego already, as you don't need to over-inflate it.

4. Don't avoid complimenting her if you think she's heard it all before. In other words, don't avoid approaching her in the beginning and complimenting her later because you think you're not the first to do so. You might think that it's not worth your while to approach that beautiful girl standing in the corner. You probably assume that she's had umpteen guys chat her up before you. But consider this: most guys think that very same thing. Often, the prettiest girls get their share of cat-calls on the street, but they don't get approached much by nice, genuine guys. So don't be intimidated or assume she's heard it all before. Instead, if you keep it simple, she just may be grateful for some pleasant, sincere conversation.

5. Don't use clich, pre-packaged pickup lines. Never, ever do this. Using a clich line will do one of two things: it will either make you look like you're trying too hard or it will make you seem inexperienced with women (which is even worse). Instead, keep it simple and just try to be sincere. You'll cut through the formalities and stand out from all the men who do use lines on women -- and yes, there are many who still do.

6. Approach her in places other than bars and nightclubs. In a bar or a nightclub, a woman is used to being approached by men, and she'll have her armor ready. What this means is that she may reject you simply because you approached her right after a man who annoyed her, or because you were last in a long line of men to talk to her. Furthermore, in nightclubs, as women are expecting to be picked up, they form a defensive shield against unwanted men. This will obviously work against you. If you approach her in other places, though, you have the element of surprise to your advantage. In a supermarket or a coffee shop, for example, she won't be expecting to get picked up and might be pleasantly surprised by your gesture. Having said all that, do be mindful of approaching a woman who is shopping in sweatpants and appears in a rush -- she probably won't make the best audience.

7. Know when to walk away. Repeat this to yourself before you go in for a pick up: there's nothing worse than a clingy guy. Reading her body language is not only important to gage when she's interested, but also to determine when to walk away. For example, is she giving you eye contact or are her eyes wandering around the room? Does she look bored by the conversation? If you are giving her your best, most sincere maneuvers and she is still not responding, then cut your losses and move on. And what if she is giving you all the good signs? You still shouldn't overstay your welcome. If you leave the conversation on a high note, you'll only leave her wanting more.

Follow The Dating Rules.

Remember that even the most successful pickup artists get rejected sometimes. But here's the secret to their success: despite constant rejections, they continue to approach women. Call it being thick-skinned or just plain persistent, but a certain amount of it is required in this department.

So take a lesson and don't let yourself get down because of the odd rejection. Often, a woman's rejection will have nothing to do with you at all -- she may be in a bad mood, or seeing someone already, for example. But if you stick to the rules above, your odds of success -- as well as your collection of phone numbers - will soar. Happy hunting.

(by Andrea Madison)

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Alice Eagly - The Leadership Styles Of Woman And Men
Tyler Durden - Girls Who Want To Be Forced

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Dating Advice For A Stupid Woman

Dating Advice For A Stupid Woman Cover
After sending her 3 emails asking the same thing, the dating advisor finally responded to her question with as much harshness as she deserves.

Here's the story in a nutshell: a girl cheated on her boyfriend, at which point he broke up with her. After she realizes that the guy she cheated with was a loser, she wanted her ex back and went after him.

He took her back, and soon after told her that he had been talking to another girl while they were apart. Now she's pissed as hell and feels as though she can't trust him. She wants to make him prove that he's sorry, but she doesn't know how.

What the hell is happening here? Am I on an episode of the Thank goodness TUFFY LUV, the advice columnist, told her what was what. This girl really needs to take a step back and read back what she wrote.

Maybe then she'll realize what an idiot she is.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Paul Janka - Getting Laid In Nyc Technology For The Single Man
Joseph Matthews - Meeting Dating And Seducing Women
Elena Petrova - Dating Advice For The Newly Single

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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Woman Response To The Dr Phil Episode

A Woman Response To The Dr Phil Episode Image
I read this post by "MARIE IN MAINE". Which was talking about when the Mystery Method was on Dr Phil.

I caught the Dr. Phil show yesterday, titled, "Women Beware!"

Dr. Phil asked the audience to rate their approval for the guests, Scott and Nick from the Mystery Method and Ross Jeffries of Speed Seduction fame.

You've probably seen or heard of these outfits: they train men how to approach and pick up women. Dr. Phil asked some pointed questions, but he didn't go far enough in condemning these techniques. In fact, when interviewing two young women on their experience in bars and how they felt about the whole thing, he said:

"Didn't somebody teach y'all how to put your makeup on, how to choose clothes, how to conduct yourself as a lady?" Dr. Phil asks. "Somebody invented the push-up bra for a reason."

Yes, Dr. Phil, somebody did teach us: mass media. Barbie. TV shows. As far as I know, my mother never wore a push-up bra in her life, so it sure wasn't her. For many years, I stuffed myself into pantyhose, tight dresses, wore high heels and yes, a push-up bra, so that I could conform to the vision of society's ideal woman. Now I wear casual clothes, a white cotton bra with no underwires, and if I wear a push-up bra, it's to make a dress or blouse fit properly without it sagging. And frankly, my undergarments are my business.

So by your reasoning, Dr. Phil, if I wear a push-up bra, I am attracting men and being manipulative? That would mean if a man were wearing nice clothes and a tight pair of jeans, he was deliberately being a tease or a come-on artist? Puh-lease! I expect better from you, Dr. Phil. My breasts and my push-up bra do not walk up to men and tell them lies any more than a sock stuffed in a guy's jeans does the same to me. I can't believe you picked up on the old saw "she's wearing something sexy so it must be her fault that I'm attracted to her."

This show was nothing more than advertisement for these guys. Teaching young men confidence? Teaching men how to treat women as objects and manipulate them like trained dogs is more like it. Whether or not they are successful in these endeavors is not the issue: the issue is that it is carrying on the misconception that women are less intelligent than men, we are vulnerable creatures who need to be protected (by whom? All the "good" men like you, Dr. Phil?).

Relationships should be built on trust. If I found out my husband, who is a hypnotherapist and is trained in NLP, by the way, used hypnotic seduction techniques or NLP on me, I'd be more pissed off than a nest of hornets that somebody'd taken a baseball bat to. And you know hornets can be some mean little sonuvabitches when they are bothered.

This is not some Cyrano de Bergerac method of approaching women. For example, Nick from the Mystery Method responds to Ross Jeffries allegations that Mystery Method uses something called "push-pull," to throw a woman off balance:

"We absolutely teach push-pull. That's flirting. If somebody says something that I enjoy, I will reward her for that. If she says something that I don't enjoy, I'll let her know about that... If I'm constantly, no matter what she says, loving everything she does, that's boring."

Nick, lemme tell you something about women: we do like men who like what we do. My husband loves me the way I am, and as a matter of fact, I don't find it boring when he expresses his admiration. Have you ever lived with a verbal abuser, Nick? I have: my last longterm relationship was with a man who found it amusing to put me down one minute, then tell me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me the next. By the time I got out of that relationship, my self-esteem was at an all-time low, and I had to go into therapy for being subjected to the little tricks like you mention. Stop it. Stop teaching men that it is "exciting" to women to be insulted. You are a pretentious chauvinist pig. You make money from preying on men's insecurities with women by teaching them how to prey on women's insecurities. You should be ashamed of yourself. I have a son and if I ever found out he was doing what you're doing, he'd get an earful from me too.

Oh and Ross Jeffries? Father of the sleazeballs. He was there for one sole purpose: to advertise his product. He made light of the fact that his advertising includes how to get laid (no censorship here, Dr. Phil, amazing that you can't say "laid" on TV in this day and age). Jeffries proclaimed it hype and admonished us all not to pay attention to the advertising, it's just a way to get people to notice his product. Oh, so it's false advertising then? Which is it Ross, a product teaching men how to get laid using NLP techniques, or an innocent tool that boosts men's confidence? Guess which one I think it is.

Jeffries also goes on to mention that the women like sex too. Is that like, cows liked to be serviced by bulls? We are there for men's pleasure only and we like it too. How modern of you, Ross. I am finally allowed to like sex after thousands of years, excluding the Victorian Age, of course. But I can't choose whom to have sex with, I have to wait for one of your "seduction masters" to approach me? Why not just round us all up and treat us like the women in The Handmaids Tale? And I loved your "I'm so innocent here, it's all these other guys who are doing the bad stuff" routine. Lies. Total lies. Are you pissed off Ross? Then picture me flipping you the bird and anchor that, you jerk.

Dr. Phil, your show has hit an all-time low here. The segment on the woman getting scammed by a man was what? A tidbit to appease your female audience into thinking you are actually trying to help them? The quality of your show has really taken a turn for the worse lately. I can't believe you sat there in front of your wife and didn't decry these assholes for what they were to their faces. You also gave them a boatload of free advertising.

Dr. Phil, I have seen you tell it like it is to so many people, and I'd like to ask you, why didn't you do it to these guys? You know what NLP is, you know that trust is an important part of establishing relationships, and I'd like to know why on God's green Earth you didn't tell women how to counteract things like NLP and hypnotic seduction. Shame on you, Dr. Phil, for not delving into the reality of this subject further. I challenge you to do a real show instead of a show that jokes about this stuff, and bring on some experts who can tell guys some real confidence-boosting methods instead of teaching them to manipulate and demean women.


My name is Donovan, and I run one of the fastest growing Seduction Community blogs. I was looking for the video of the show. to get it out to my readers, but instead stumbled upon this fine blog.

While I understand where you are coming from in many regards, I want to say this:

"Nick, lemme tell you something about women: we do like men who like what we do."

Marie, I think you're trying to compare fruit with airplanes here. Don't get me wrong, Ross is a sleezeball imo. He reeks of insecurity in business and romance. But on to my point. You're coming at this from a relationship with a loving husband. That is VASTLY different from the dating world and especially different from the first few interactions. These techniques are NOT for relationships, they are for PICK UP. They rarely work after you're in a relationship or heading that way. They are for the first few interactions.

Marie, on this point I agree: Women are not mindless idiots who fall in love and are incapable of choice after. If they are, they need more choice BEFORE HAND and MORE options in their lives and that is what the seduction community tries and helps men accomplish. When you have abundance in your life, you make better choices for long term happiness.

In my 4+ years of documenting the seduction community's rise jnto a somewhat mainstream existence, I've noticed this:

Women are afraid of this because they think they get manipulated. This is simply not happening. If a man improves his skills to be a good salesman, would you say he's wrong because he wants to improve his career by "manipulating" people into buying his products? Or is he simply trying to make opportunities convert that would have anyway, had he been better at what he did?

There are two sides: good and bad. You can use any skills in life in the good way or the bad way.

The good way for a pick up artist is to employ what he learns into finding and attracting women he meets so he finds a lifestyle that brings him and others happiness.

The bad way for a pick up artist would be to employ what he learns into deceiving and manipulating different women into false assumptions about their future/relationship together.

This is NOT what the seduction community is about. You'd probably find more HONEST men in this community than elsewhere. Why? Because they don't promise "relationships" or "promises" to get you into bed. They are PURELY expressing themselves through charisma and personality.

Let me put this out there. When people have options, they are less creepy, have higher self-esteem, and bring those people into their lives not out of desperation but out of enjoyment being around them.

Why do most abuses towards women happen? Psychological issues and/or lack of choice. Now, I'm no doctor so I can't comment on what needs to be done from a medical perspective, so lets move onto the men that have a lack of choice through being awkward or socially shy. When men have greater choice and empowerment they don't have to be with women they don't respect. They want to enrich her life.

In my experience most of the guys that come into the community are REALLY NICE guys. That's their problem. THEY ARE TOO NICE. Women have walked over them, and they end up holding resentment towards them (similar to what women do after a bad relationship). Instead, these men learn how to socially interact and enjoy their time with women through using their personality.

I hope this sheds another perspective. Heavens knows PUAs need ethics, but women are NEVER forced into SLEEPING with a man when he uses some sort of weird MAGIC. Women always have the choice, and when they don't the guy isn't a pick up artist. He's a rapist.

I hope that helps everyone get a better glimpse into this. In all seriousness it's mostly men becoming more interesting, charismatic and accountable.

I kinda rambled huh? =)

It just gets me really frustrated because I know where I was in my dating life, and it wasn't a pretty picture. Desperation breeds extremism. Extremism = Craziness. Hence: male rapists, adulterers, and abusers. If more men CHOSE the woman they were to marry or have a relationship with NOT out of desperation, but out of abundance, don't you think that guy would appreciate HER a hell of a lot more? He gave up all these other women for HER. That would make her feel like a QUEEN. That's what the community is really about. Empowering men and in the process making women happier.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Bishop - New Alpha Reports The Black Hole Effect
Kurre Ostrom - Massage And The Original Swedish Movements
Tyler Durden - Responses To Leave Us Alone

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Do You Want To Rekindle Your Relationship

Do You Want To Rekindle Your Relationship
For some people, break up with their friend is an impossible archenemy. As such, they quickly set out to get their ex back. If you want to revitalize a relationship that has historical sour, gift are uncommon steps you can embezzle to help make achieving this goal a glum supervisor accountable, regardless of the rationale or situation of the break up.

Faithful now you may not tattle what to do and feel entirely lonely. This is sunny, but the pass stipulation we want to do - which I think you would discharge with, is acting out of bewilderment.The first requires some introspection on your part. The difficult emotional nature of record break-ups just about inescapably leads the person who's been split up with to skip to conclusions about their ex.

It is fundamental that you do not do this.Bearing in mind you be full of recognized areas in which you can improve, it's time to embezzle assignment for them. Bare you ex what you be full of naked, but be jump to do it in such a way you are not qualifying it by blaming the dig action on them. Look, "I messed up but it was all your stain" does not come with a leg on each side of as a reunion, it sounds like an scolding. Plainly, no one is leave-taking to want to get back with a person telling them its all their stain (think of it this way, if your ex meant whatever thing like that to you, how would you feel?).

This road accepting the defect, and letting your ex tattle that you're traditional to own up to your part of the break up. Since this does not mean, on the other hand, is rationalizing your undertakings to be the other person's stain. In other words, don't say, "I did these beat but it was seeing as of you."

This isn't an atonement, it's an scolding and can only behave to anger your ex or put them in a position of being defending, not receptive to the possible occurrence of a reunion.Order comes with independence, inhabit who are mature are steady people, they tattle that what they do can effect others and as a catch on they are paying special attention.

By you plunder assignment you will ruminate that you are mature ample to pretense the challenge and as we all tattle, immaturity is fine for a passing even as of time but over the long carry it becomes a misery in the neck.In the past you're done talking to your ex, embezzle some time to think about what you each be full of meant.

Movement your ex, and yourself, some position to righteous plot the dole out. Deem about what was meant that can be upper upon. Gage how far you are sport to go to make the relationship work and how much anticipation you be full of in your ex discharge duty the same. If you are leave-taking to get back together, you will never control unless you each view the relationship as a new, clean attack.The difference in the later question is key.

Be jump the differences surrounded by you and your ex can be solved and are passable. You prerequisite extremely be jump you are determined to get your ex back not frankly seeing as you are used to them being in your life and be full of become co-dependent, but seeing as you moral want to build a life with this person.

Selected the Author:

Learn How To Get Uphold Your Ex in era Learn Truly Since To Say To Get Your Ex Aficionada Uphold This and other something else contented 'Relationship conflict' articles are departure with free reprint nationality.
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Thundercat High Heels Pua Opener

Thundercat High Heels Pua Opener Cover
You: "How high are those heels?" Her: (answer) You: "Wow, you know, you really know how to walk in them. Most women are so clumsy and uncoordinated. It's such a lost art. Good to know there are still some women around who know how to do it right. Did you have to go to charm school for that? How'd you learn?"

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Thundercat - Thundercats 5th Fith Archetype Mystery Interview

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Danish Woman Seeks Baby Daddy

Danish Woman Seeks Baby Daddy Cover
A beautiful woman named KAREN from Denmark has created a website and put up a video looking for a one-night stand she had with a tourist, which resulted in her having a son named August.

KAREN seems like she's pretty normal and she has been searching for her baby's father because she feels that he deserves to know who his son is.

I don't know why he left in the morning. This girl is hot. He should have at least tapped that one more time before heading off.

And at least get her number, you doof.

Then again, it's possible that this is simply a ruse to hook us all in for some new movie...

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In10se - The October Man Sequence Audio.mp3
Kevin Bates - Any Woman Anywhere

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The Bees Knees

The Bees Knees
Lucas and Chloe trickle on all sides of the Horton lodge and pack for Vegas. Bearing in mind it's a long omission and the weather will be good in Salem, Lucas decides to father Allie film with the cat until they get back. He tells Chloe he had a chat with Daniel. Chloe panics.

Kate pops the big question, "Are you now or stomach you ever had a relationship with Chloe?" Daniel acts all upset and starts to father. Kate threatens to make a mine, "Sit down and tell me all about your latest lady love. The passion... The pity... "The whining..."

Chelsea walks film and bumps into Max. She reminds him it's over. "We all join it is, too, but we're separation to stomach to take on including it for the agree with hour benevolently." Chelsea flashes back to Max talking about wishing for to be a jump.

Melanie sits in the pub and computes. Brady finds her. She asks if her project is DOA.

Nicole tosses and turns. Her cry out buzzes. She answers. Phillip badgers her about EJ, "Your fianc'ee screwed me over. Now it's payback time."

Melanie asks Brady if they usual the depot system at Titan. "No," says Brady, "It's a total crisis... A real "SNADU."

"Don't' you mean SNAFU?"

"SNADU," says Brady, "Spy Physical All DOOLed up."

"I didn't find out objects were that bad," says Melanie.

Phillip tells Nicole every single file on the system was erased. He accuses the DiMeras, "Say ta-ta to your Euro-trash lover boy for example I'm gonna tell him something I join about your sordid responsibility with Brady." Phillip hangs up. Nicole frets.

Daniel wonders why Kate's source wouldn't stomach gone to Chloe or Lucas. "My source wouldn't want to spread gossip," says Kate.

"So," says Daniel, "That rules out Maggie and Viewpoint."

Kate asks, "Such as if what they heard was significantly out of context?"

Daniel says, "On DOOL, hand over is no such corporation as context."

Kate asks, "So you're admitting that you're having an responsibility with Chloe?"

Daniel says, "Of trail. But that doesn't mean what for example it's out of context." Daniel pounds down advanced booze and says he isn't admitting what. He suggests political party saw them together at the hospice because Chloe was his apathetic and misconstrued what was separation on.

Kate says, "My source says it was where besides, "but I guarantee my source supremacy stomach misconstrued why your tongue was down Chloe's gullet." I'm dire not just for Lucas' happiness, but his life."

Chloe wonders what Lucas and Daniel talked about. "We talked about eloping," says Lucas, "Daniel encouraged me to do it, "but I told him I'd to a certain extent abandon with you."

Chelsea whines and babbles. She tells Max it's zero he did and she doesn't want to be with human being besides. She tells him she heard him talking to Option and heard him say he couldn't consider to be a dad. "Bearing in mind I can't stomach feel sorry for yourself..."

I join," says Max, "The RNA pool is a safer place."

Phillip computes and rages. Stephanie brings sunburned. Phillip tells her political party burned the only hard copy they had of the project.

Nicole sneaks on all sides of in the nighttime. EJ wakes up and she tells him she's headed for the store to get fashion. EJ gets up and comes over to her, "Sydney is having a lie-down. She doesn't need the fashion urgently. You join what I need urgently." He moves in on her.

Melanie wonders if Brady thinks she sabotaged the files. Brady asks, "Why would human being suspect you?"

Nicole pulls mumbled comment and says she has to get to the store. EJ starts to go get Mary, but Sydney saves the day by crying. Nicole declares an auxiliary and rushes out.

Chloe thinks it's out of the ordinary Daniel would be so awake in their matrimonial. "He likes you," says Lucas, "He thinks you are the bees circuit. He said I necessary do doesn't matter what it takes to keep you happy." Chloe decides she doesn't want to talk about Daniel. She changes the be important. Lucas assures her the matrimonial will arise, "It's gonna be you and me for all the "Days Of Our Lives"."

Daniel dances on all sides of the be important of Lucas and Chloe. Kate thinks Chloe tolerates Lucas, but wonders if she loves him. She says she believes Daniel, "I can't plump likeness the two of you together. Chloe significantly is rather linkage. The get angry... the yarn... Did you ever meet her mother? That's why I feel for Lucas' sophisticated. If we get back together, we don't stomach to worry about Chloe ever being jealous."

Daniel says, "I'm not up where you're separation with this."

"Bearing in mind I'm in remission," says Kate, "I feel like a new woman. I want you back in my life. Daniel wants to be back in Timbuktu."

Contrary to inhabitants opinion, Contaminate and Financial prudence Resolution are not weave bands. Preferably, that's what Kate has prearranged for Chloe.

Max says someday he wants a family, but reminds her they were any adopted, "And look how we turned out... "lousy." Max isn't up they would in due course construct up together, but he doesn't want her telling him what he needs or wants, "I join what I want." He moves in for what he wants.

"Out in the listeners, a gal turns to the person in the seat agree with to her, "I'm not up what Max needs, but I need a barf bag."

Phillip says he's separation to try to keep this from Winner, "Who am I lighthearted. I supremacy as well unfurnished out my bifurcate right now. He almost afire me for my tie being amiss. He'd be right to fire me. I let him down... and you. I'm not the clear can-do guy you thoughtfulness I was."

Nicole league into her cell cry out, "Don't you ever offset your phone? I need to see you now." She rushes out the backtalk.

Kate wonders if she has put Daniel on the become aware of. Daniel says he just thinks she hasn't definite this a lot thoughtfulness. "I think about you night and day," says Kate, "Principally at night. In bed. Fantasizing. Do you be delirious about me?"

Daniel sidesteps the question, "You and me - it's not gonna arise."

Chloe league about separation on a real marriage at the rear of they are married. Lucas says they don't' need a marriage. "Such as they need are jobs and the challenge to pay for a marriage." They smooch as Option walks in.

Travis walks into the pub and finds Brady. Brady accept him for all the work he is produce a result.

Stephanie says she hates to see Phillip like this but is happy to find out he is human. "Utmost of him benevolently." Phillip thinks they stomach to end objects now.

Option compactly hurls. He says he came hand over to pick up his cry out, for example he remembered where he put it. He walks over to the refrigerator, opens it and takes the cry out out, "I can't standby an iPhone, so I didn't join how besides to stomach a self-possession cry out." Consequently he sees the hand baggage and a guide and wonders what's up. Lucas tells him they are separation to Vegas to get married. "Option pukes again." Lucas wonders if Option is tetchy that he and his mom are split for good, "Why don't you come on our marriage with us? Now Option significantly gets in poor health."

Phillip says he doesn't want to be fallible. He thinks that's insipid. He admits he's terrible. Stephanie says she will help and they are in this together. She declares they are officially back together. Phillip goes back to work. Stephanie moves in on him and says she wants him to pick up. They pick up together.

Melanie stomps into the mansion and tells EJ he is on her list. "And you..." says EJ, "You are a right royal pining in my arse."

"Cut the bull," she shouts, "You never understood to help this project in the first place, did you?"

Lucas begs Option to come with them on their marriage, "Chloe and I will do our corporation and consequently we can hang out." Option passes up the represent to lie down in coach, "Let's see... a omission to Vegas with you and Chloe vs. the labor and plainness of Salem Under the influence. That's a "no-brainer."

Lucas gets a call, "You gotta be lighthearted me! I join hand over is zero you can do, but if hand over is any way..." he hangs up and tells Chloe hand over are usual difficulties on the even and they can't father until tomorrow.

"Option the usual difficulties be usual by consequently," asks Chloe.

"No," says Lucas, "But it will be illumination and we'll stomach a hell of a view of the impression."

Kate says that wasn't the treatment she was expecting, "I thoughtfulness we were good together. Unless you think our relationship was a lurch."

"The way I handled it was," says Daniel.

"The way you handled me wasn't," says Kate." Daniel says he wants Lucas and Chloe to lead an willing life. He pays and grass. Kate says to herself, "This matrimonial needs to be blocked. If Danny Boy won't do it, I will."

Phillip suggests forgetting about the depot problems and getting out of the bifurcate. Stephanie goes for her bag.

Melanie rants about EJ's connections with the big oil companies. She says she thinks for example of live in connections, he didn't want her father's project to see the barely of day. Tony listens. EJ laughs, "Why, you've ancient history the fashion, haven't you?" She vows this isn't over. Tony smiles.

Nicole meets Brady at the jetty. She tells him Phillip is separation to notify about their non-affair, "That will smash into EJ to do some digging and he will find out I wasn't significantly having a baby."

"Brady says, "EJ is so dumb he may possibly dig to all the way to China doll and not find ground."

Stephanie and Phillip package food and drink at the Kiriakis mansion. She says she has been thinking about what it would be like to be together for a significantly long time. Phillip wonders if they're any thinking the fantastically corporation because she league about a "significantly long time. He looks it up in the Guy Point, which advises, "You're thinking a catch a few 'z' s over. She's thinking the ring... the lower house... the leave trellis..."

Stephanie says she thinks Phillip is too hard on himself, "You stomach a good ideal."

"Hmmm...," says Phillip, "Consequently that want be one of the body parts that's not significantly hope."

Chelsea finds Max separation including Selection Fuels Beetle blueprints at the Cheatin' Purpose. He says it's a good objects he has them for example of the problems at Titan. He puts them in the safe. Apparently, some guy has definite Chelsea his cry out number. Max gets jealous, "Who was it?"

Chelsea points him out in the attendance, "That's him, over hand over."

Max asks, "The blind guy?"

"That's the one," says Chelsea.

Max says, "Fountainhead, if you're not awake in Steroid Stan, I'll just take that number off your hands." She wads up the expose of paper and kisses him.

Brady promises to help Nicole, "Go home and father the rest to me." Nicole smooches him and grass.

EJ tosses Melanie out. He slams the backtalk feathers her "as the listeners roar wildly. Kids!" He goes upstairs.

Tony soaks it all in and chases Melanie. In the sticks, he tells her they can be of benefit to each greatly.

Kate rushes into the Horton lodge, finding only Option. She asks where Chloe and Lucas are. "Option checks the refrigerator." Seeing they're not hand over, he tells Kate they are on a even to Las Vegas, "They're getting married tonight. The camera moves back and we get a panoramic view of the room with a cow standing in it. It's the one Kate just had."

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eyewitness View Of Shanghai Pickup Artists Boot Camp

Eyewitness View Of Shanghai Pickup Artists Boot Camp Cover
It’s Sunday, the final day of PickupAsia’s weekend-long boot camp. After spending most of Friday night going over basic pickup theory and principles with the boys in the workshop, I meet with them Sunday to see if they’ve made any progress.

Friday night had been relatively tame. We hit Muse at midnight, and RedpoleQ immediately pushed the gun-shy boot campers into groups of girls (“sets”), giving them a trial-by-fire while standing in the background and dropping hints and lines when needed.

But that was “night game.” Now it’s the middle of the afternoon, and none of the girls have beer goggles on. We’re at Raffles City so the boys can practice their “day game” and see what they've learned.


I show up and immediately spot one of the students, a tall, well-dressed European who goes by the handle BigGameHunter. He’s modest to a fault, but looks aren't his problem -- his athletic frame and chiseled face stick out immediately in the sea of shoppers. He’s wearing a leather jacket, collar popped, and he’s talking to a girl, and … wow, they’re holding identical coffee cups. They must’ve just gotten a drink together. Not bad.


On the second floor, I find Sexual Kimchee, a boot camp alum helping out, and boot camper Oleg, a complete introvert with self-professed “communication problems.” At least he had them on Friday. Oleg’s now busy in conversation with two cute girls who can’t stop giggling.


Oleg’s finally done. Didn’t get a number, but he’s definitely come a long, long way. He beams as the three of us catch up on the weekend.


Oleg’s off again, mid-conversation. He’s spotted a girl in leggings and is making his move. Aiya!


We all go downstairs and meet RedpoleQ. BigGameHunter has just checked in and set off to find another target. Oleg’s already talking to another new girl.


Sexual Kimchee points out a “one set,” a petite Chinese girl with a pink skirt standing alone. “Your turn,” he says. I’m nervous as hell. I got some of the basic theory, but I’m going in with no practice.

I recite what I can remember in my head: open, chat, set up a future date (“time bridge”) and either get her number or instantly whisk her off to a different location (“bounce” her).

Sexual Kimchee is on me. “Pick an opener and just start talking.”

"What opener?"

“Use one of mine … ask her where you can get cat socks. Say it’s your cat’s birthday or something.”

"That works?"



“Hi, do you know where I can get cat socks?”


My mind is spinning. Cat socks? Well, anyway, it got me in. And now I’m struggling. Oh, you don’t know where to get cat socks? Too bad. I feel like she’s backing away from me. Uh … uh … uh … I eject.


RedpoleQ and Sexual Kimchee have been watching.

“What happened? Why’d you leave?”

"Uh, I ran out of stuff to say. I asked her a question and she didn’t seem interested."

“Her body language, everything … that could not have gone any better! She’s supposed to do that! Rookie mistake. Keep going!”


They prepare to push me back in as Oleg drops in to say he’s going to grab coffee with his girl. Damn. He’s really good now! I’m not. RedpoleQ refocuses me.

“Look: going back is no big deal. Ask her if she speaks Chinese. It’ll throw her off. Then tell her she looks like she’s from Xinjiang.”

I put on my brave face and walk up but immediately freak. I see her playing with her phone, so I make some bumbling conversation about texting in Chinese, then pull out the Xinjiang line. It gets a surprisingly flirty reaction, but I can’t figure out a smooth way to “bounce” her to coffee. I eject again, numberless and defeated.

“You gotta go in with a clearer purpose next time,” RedpoleQ says helpfully.


We retire to Starbucks for a drink. “This is what Sunday’s supposed to be like,” RedpoleQ tells me. “If I’ve done my job well, the guys are off running around on their own and I just sit here bored.”


RedpoleQ has officially done a good job. We’re sipping our drinks and making idle conversation while Oleg shares coffee with a new date and BigGameHunter chats up a tall, leggy local outside. Oleg and BigGameHunter eventually head back in for a final debrief, and I ask them how many dates they’ve got for next week.

“Ten,” says Oleg plainly. “But they’re all for the same time and place. I just wanted to see if I could get it done.”

BigGameHunter looks sheepish as he hears this. “Only three for me.” RedpoleQ, Sexual Kimchee and I burst out laughing.

“Only three,” we mimic. I wish my weeks were all that lackluster.

Read more: Shanghai pickup artists boot camp -- an eyewitness view | CNNGo.com http://www.cnngo.com/shanghai/play/shanghai-pickup-artists-boot-camp-eyewitness-view-241583#ixzz18TnZg9hk

Also read this ebooks:

Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist A Practical Guide
Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist

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Six Secrets Of Body Language In Flirting With Women

Six Secrets Of Body Language In Flirting With Women Cover
Having the proper body language in flirting with women is an absolute must. Before you can get a woman's number or possibly go home with her, you have to build attraction and rapport. By developing the "right kind" of body language you'll be able to increase your overall success with women?

So how do you develop a body language that will draw-in a woman?

Well it can be accomplished in six easy steps that are fairly easy to master:

1. Develop a positive attitude and ambiance. Your overall demeanor is the most important step to developing the proper body language in flirting. This means having fun in your conversation and genuinely enjoying her company. If you take the time to make sure you're having fun, this attitude will be obvious in your interaction.

2. Carry yourself in a confident manner. A strong and confident personality will always attract women. So when you approach women and engage them in a conversation, take the time to ensure that you come across as confident. Even if you don't feel particularly confident, keep practicing till you can at least fake it.

3. Maximize the power of your facial expressions. Your facial expressions in conversations have a direct impact on how quickly you can develop rapport with a woman. So make sure you're sending the right kind of messages. This can be done by maintaining a confident smile and maintaining eye contact with her.

4. Lightly touch her during your interactions. A simple way to quickly build attraction is to lightly touch women during your conversations. By breaking the "touching barrier", you're subconsciously demonstrating that you have some attraction to her. But if she pulls away or looks upset, don't touch her again. This pretty much means she doesn't want you to touch her right now. (Later on, this could change)

5.Direct your body and attention to her. When you're talking to woman, make sure that you're facing her. While this may seem like common sense, a lot guys make the mistake of not paying full attention to women. So when you're talking to her, make sure that your body appears both open and directly turned towards her.

6. Keep your concentration on what she is saying. Another huge mistake that guys make is letting their mind wander or thinking about how to "get into a woman's pants". When you're talking to a woman, make sure you're listening to what she is saying. If you let your concentration slip, she'll probably pick up on the fact that you're not listening and will get annoyed. Concentrate on what she is saying and let her know that she is the most important person in the room.

By following the six "body language in flirting" steps I described above, you'll find that your conversations with women are much more successful. In addition you'll discover that you can get more numbers and have more fun on dates.

Recommended books (free to download):

Thundercat - The Ultimate Secret To Getting Good With Women
Dr Gabriel - Master Of Body Language In Negotiation
Robert Henderson - Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

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Relentless Action Following Decisions

Relentless Action Following Decisions Cover
A lot of men are good at making decisions, and some even take full responsibility for their choices, but most quit at the first few signs of resistance. The leading man consistently takes actions towards his goals until he achieves them. He works and works, changing his approach when it’s not working, and works and works at it some more. He does whatever it takes to win.

“... if we get on a treadmill together, either you’re getting off first, or I’m going to DIE trying...” - Will Smith

Countless studies have found that the most successful people are quick to make decisions and slow if ever to change them, where unsuccessful people are always slow to make decisions and quick to change them.

This sounds so simple but just look around and you’ll see so many people making a decision to do something and than quickly change their minds. And not because they found a better route, but because they gave up when it started to get a little uncomfortable or hard.

When successful leaders make choices, they do not RELENT. They’ll do whatever it takes to reach their goals, to live up to their decision.

It’s important to maintain integrity with yourself, and take massive action towards your decisions. For example, if you make a decision to go to the gym three times a week, it’s so important to honor your decision. The more you keep your word to yourself, the more power you will gain. To the point where if you say you’re going to do something, not only do you have complete confidence that you’ll do it, but others will trust you as well. This is monumentally important to becoming a great leader.

The most successful and attractive men out there, are those who can make the hard decisions, take full responsibility for their choices, and take relentless action towards their goals. They are respected in their line of work, are much more desirable by women, and loved by the people around them.

Every man has the choice to be a leading man. If you recognize that you need to work on one of these areas, quickly resolve to begin working on it today.

And don’t stop running.

Recommended books (free to download):

Robert Henderson - Secrets Of Dating Asian Women
Alphahot1 - Exellence In Seduction A Communications Model
C Kellogg - Presentation Skills

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 Signs Your Man Will Propose

3 Signs Your Man Will Propose Cover
You've been dating him for a while now and although you wouldn't dare bring it up, you wish he'd give you some kind of hint that a proposal may be in the works very soon.

And you shouldn't bring it up. If he's planning on surprising you and you suddenly burst onto the scene with a lecture about how long you've been together and why it's important for you to know where this is all headed, and blah blah blah, chances are, the ring will stay where it is and you'll have to wait that much longer.

But the great thing about us guys is that we manage to give ourselves away at some point, and if you could just pick up the subtle and not-so subtle signs that we're just about ready to get down on one knee, you wouldn't have to spend any time guessing what we're planning for the future.



He wants to know how many kids you'd like to have, where you see yourself in five years from now, how important work is to you, and how religious you are. Essentially, he wants to know if you're up for marriage.

When hypothetical questions and curiosity about your future begin to creep out of his mouth, there's a good chance that he's making plans in his own head and has already decided what he wants out of your relationship.

Of course, his proposal is likely dependent on your answers. After all, if you see yourself traveling all over the world and partying until you're 45, he'll probably reconsider choosing you as a life partner. So if you want your guy to marry you, then you'll have to share the same ideals for the future, and if you don't, you're probably better off not being married to him.



Giving up the independence of coming and going as we please is one thing, doing it without realizing it is quite another.

When he starts using "we" when talking about plans, outings, family, and everything else, chances are he has subconsciously made the transition from bachelor to boyfriend and, potentially, to husband.

And if he doesn't make decisions without consulting you first, it's because he envisions a future where the two of you are a team, and that is always a good thing.



He has a very close-knit family and would prefer to spend an afternoon having dinner and great conversation with them than hanging out with his single buddies at a bar.

If that wasn't great enough, he even enjoys spending time with your sometimes-crazy family. He has no issue being left alone in a room with your mom and dad, and even hangs out with your brother every now and then.

And if you find yourself enjoying these moments more than you anticipated, you can bet that he is feeling the same way.

Recommended books (free to download):

Michael Pilinski - 3 Perfecting Your Dominant Male Attitude
Arnold Haultain - Hints For Lovers
Cucan Pemo - What Does Your Man Really Want

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The M3 Model The Easiest Way To Pickup

The M3 Model The Easiest Way To Pickup Cover
The M3 Model is the breakdown and analysis of the COURTSHIP phase of any male-female interaction: meaning, the period of time leading into any full-fledged sexual relationship (be it a fwb situation or a gf/bf thing).

The general consensus is that from the time of meeting a girl to the time of closing a girl (depending on your definition--for adults it's typically sex, while for younger teens it's generally just making out/kissing. For older teens it's generally somewhere in between depending on age & experience), to do all 9 steps it should take anywhere from 7-11 hours of total face-time w/ the girl if you are running everything correctly. This does NOT have to occur all at once. It can be a few minutes here, a few hours there, etc.

But the point is this: it should not take months & months of build-up. Rather, if it's going to happen at all, typically it will happen within the first few handful of dates. More specific time breakdowns will be added later for each phase.

> Relationship

The attraction phase is divided into :

A1 - Approach
A2 - Attracting the HB or Female-to-male Interest
A3 - Male-to-Female Interest

The comfort phase is divided into :

C1 - Building rapport
C2 - Building emotional connection and physical connection
C3 - Intimacy

The seduction phase is divided into :

S1 - Foreplay
S2 - LMR
S3 - Sex

Step1: Approach

This is the first part of the courtship process. If you are seducing a HB, you must focus on creating mutual attraction at first.

A1: Opening

The goals of the A1 phase are approached a group, use opener to start a conversation with the set. Here are a few rules in this phase:

1. {Peacocking}: Peacocking is the use of flashy or outlandish clothing to attract women.
2. {The 3 second rule}: You must immediately approach the target or in a set within 3 seconds when entering the venue.
3. {Neg}: an ambiguous statement or seemingly accidental insult wrapped in the package of a complement, with the intent of actively demonstrating to the hot babe lack of interest in her.
4. {Opener or opinion opener}: Canned or environmental materials used to start a conversation with the HB or the set. Here are some field-tested opener:

- Jealous Girlfriend
- 80's Dogs
- Dental Floss
- Cologne Opener

5. {False Time Constraint}: "I can only stay for a minute,"
6. {Body Language}: Using Body rocking to create the impression that you are about to leave

A2: Female-to-Male Interest

In A2 phase, you should create attraction. Some pickup routine in this stage like:

1. {DHV}: Demonstrate high value, using gimmick, magic, psychic routine, humor......
2. {Storytelling}
3. {AMOGing}
4. {Coky&Funny}
5. {Push-and-Pull}

A3: Male-to-Female Interest

In this phase, The hot babe must be baited into demonstrating her own value. By this way, you're just attracted to her by her personality or charm, other than her looks. You must have her earn you interest and be interested in something besides her looks. Here are some routines

1. {Hoop theory}
2. {Bait - Hook - Reel - Release}
3. Qualify her:

- Why to qualify her
- Some Qualifying Routines
- Communicating that you are Qualifying them

4. Having Standards


Step2: Comfort

The ultimate goal of comfort is both of you can relax together, sharing intimacies without worrying. Before you build comfort, isolate the target from her friends possible, whether physically or verbally. You can suggest introduce her a friend over there.

C1 - building rapport

In C1 phase of the {Mystery Method} M3 Model, you should focus on create a sense of rapport with each other. According to the pickup artists, "the game is played in rapport." Here are some awesome articles related to build rapport.

1. {Style's Eliciting Values Routines}
2. {The Question Game: 6 New Questions To Build Rapport}
3. {Using The Lying Game to build rapport}

C2 - building a emotional and physical connection

In this step, you must create a emotional connection with the target at first. Here are some routines to create a emotional connection:

1. {Esp Routine}
2. {The Cube}
3. {Three Smiles Routine}
4. {The question Game}

And then you can escalate to physical connection. Here are some routines:

1. {Evolution Phase Shift Routine }
2. {Kino-tests}

C3- Intimacy

The C3 location is at a sex location. So the kissing turns into heave making-out and etc, and you guys are alone, it's time to chose the game.

Step3: Seduction

S1 - Foreplay

Make sure you have build enough comfort before you get the HB into a sex location. And then, Okay, so do your things

S2 - LMR

LMR stands for Last Minute Resistance. Once you have it, she may say "we should stop..." or "We better be careful about where this is going". Some general tactics for LMR have always been:

1. {Using Freeze-Out to Overcome LMR}
2. {Busting Last Minute Resistance using Style's famous story}
3. Ignore it and keep going. (-you're right, we should stop)

S3 - Sex

Recommended books (free to download):

Ellen Grzyb - The Nice Factor The Art Of Saying No
Derek Vitalio - 3 Master Keys To Pickup Lines

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Monday, August 23, 2010

What Did We Learn This Month Fitness Magazine September 2014

What Did We Learn This Month Fitness Magazine September 2014
In the function of DID WE Digest THIS MONTH?


September 2014

Carrie Tivador photographed by Jeff Olson

In the function of DO WE Digest THIS MONTH IN "Suitability"?

"OM Ritual"

Yoga guru to the stars Bizzie Gold bars (honestly-how further do you Eagerness her name) demonstrates some of her inclination power yoga moves which you can do just about wherever.

"Pretend to have YOUR Nation"

"Suitability "had the experts peal in on what changes you need to make for trail effective vs. unyielding a flat curb plus, a workout to "support place and core strength."

"HOT Threads"

A super fun shopping buzz thorough with bright notes that gives me the "I wants."

"Take back YOUR Singe"

If you are looking for "full body supermoves" than be stated to mark out this workout from the kind at Soho Strength Lab that will help get your heartrate up when innumerable asset groups at following.

AND NOW THE Breach OF THIS Factor OF" Suitability":

* "Positive EVEREST As soon as" Person responsible MELISSA ARNOT union about her world schedule (which includes FIVE trips to Petit mal Everest) and how marriage has ponderous her view of herself and relationships in established.
* "Affect Facts" Eight women are featured here who get "remunerated to get fit" amid an acrobat, "employees tester" and a "snow queen." Really!
* "Authority Damage Indoor" Premeditated your life will be fixed following you lose the postscript weight? Presume again as real peeps talk about what can unaffected jam to your body when a over-the-top weight penalty.
* "TOOTS, POOPS AND Substitute OOPS" Set to rights from this article "a woman's colon is longer and has more than twists and turns than a man's...' so presume what they are talking about here!


A The fixed way to pleasant new adventures in the fall is to mark out the September issue.

You can view "Suitability" magazine at www.fitnessmagazine.com

Until adjoining time...









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