Thursday, November 18, 2010

Single Men Prefer Fat Women

Single Men Prefer Fat Women Cover
In a time when all women are struggling with their weight and dying to look like the size 2s spotted in every men's magazine, it seems that single men, 85% of them, prefer the fat women.

Some might say it's because that may be their only option, but men say they like a little meat on their bones. Now perhaps I'm out of line here, but there is a middle ground somewhere.

A size 6 woman has meat on her bones; it's just not slathered with butter.

According to 85% of single men would date "heavy" women, but 90% of single women feel that men can't see past a few extra pounds they've gained.

What exactly does "heavy" mean anyway, because that's what the women are called in the survey. Is "heavy" 10 pounds overweight, or is it "Beluga whale" overweight? There's a difference.

And from the 20 men we surveyed, only one said he wouldn't mind a "heavy" woman. The rest want their women to be fit.

The thing is, 80% of men who want the fat women claim that thin women are bitchy. Also, the men thought that fat women appreciate the attention more.

What a crock of sh*t. For every bitchy, thin woman, there is an equally bitchy, fat woman. And for every "appreciative of attention" fat woman, there is a skinny, ugly chick who is just as appreciative. Just kidding. Not really.

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