Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alpha Mail The Necessary Distinction

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Not only is King A's attempted criticism illogical, it reveals that he doesn't grasp the difference between "social" and "socio-sexual":

Yeah. I got just about the reaction I expected from this blog. An indication of the value of a publication is the quality of reader attracted to it....

Of course there are different styles of leadership. The question is, why does this particular trait require the fabrication of an entirely new category of man? That was never adequately explained, and Occam's razor says it is an embarrassing attempt to project one's cherished idiosyncrasies over an already widely established method of communication.

Since King A is not only a regular reader, but a commenter, he is doing little more than savaging his own tail in a futile attempt to take an irrelevant shot at this blog. And everyone who reads it. Based on this information, what can we conclude about his socio-sexual rank, everyone?

I find his inability to understand the need to define the Sigma class to be more interesting, in that unlike most casual observers of Game, he doesn't confuse the sexual with the socio-sexual, but the social instead. The need for the Sigma class should be obvious, since it is a statistically significant observed socio-sexual type. It's not merely that it happens to describe my own "cherished idiosyncracies", but also those of many men who have similar socio-sexual success despite behaving in a very, very different way than the more conventional and common Alpha.

As to why the "particular trait" requires the category, Omega's post makes it perfectly clear. Sigmas are introverts. Introverts do not think like extroverts, they do not behave like extroverts, and they have a fundamentally different psychological profile than extroverts. What works for extroverts does not work for introverts and vice-versa.

In Game terms, telling an introverted Delta to mimic the behavior of an extroverted Alpha not only isn't going to work very well, even if it does work, it's probably going to make life miserable for the introverted pseudo-Alpha. Since 75% of the population is extroverted, it should be no wonder that conventional Game which doesn't account for the introvert/extrovert divide works pretty well for most people. But this underlines the importance of broadening the concepts so that it has the chance of successfully addressing the other 25% as well.

And it's particularly important given that successful Sigmas are far less inclined to care about their social success, much less impart it to others. For example, excluding Spacaebunny, I spoke a grand total of six words to five different adults today even though I was out and about in four different locations for several hours. If I didn't share information on this blog, it would never leave my mind. There will never be a series of Sigmas travelling around the country doing speeches, conducting classes, and selling videos; aside from Roissy, who shuns even interviews, the Pick-Up Artist community is obviously a collection of extroverts, who, like most extroverts, have no clue at all about how introverts can be successful except by mimicking extroverts.Alpha Game 2011

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