Thursday, October 27, 2011

Women Please Help Need Some Advice Does This Girl Like Me

Women Please Help Need Some Advice Does This Girl Like Me
Theres these two girls. Peak friends. And I like them also. We'll call them Ann %26amp; Fear. Ann positively likes me and ive been kinda talkin to her but the one i positively want is her friend Fear. But Im not specified how Fear feels. And thats what Im trying to price out so I dont lead Ann on. N E Ways. Fear flirts with me boldly im not that girl too costly. We take pleasure in these muffled moments that we relate to into eachothers eyes for like 4, 5 seconds and they exist like 10-15 times everynight. She comes and pinches my cheeks and says oh your so cute. She comes and asks me to play go ashore with her when donate are like 15 previous people that she has been friends with longer that she could ask. I in remuneration flirt back in some way. But then heres what throws me off. Sometimes shes getting collection and gets all dolled-up and person asked her why you getting all pure up and then she say Im gonna find myself a hot man tonight. And sometimes she says ideas like you're my best homeboi. So what is goin on? Im so confused. does she like me and is just troubled of dreadful her friend?Women make happy help. Dependent state some advice. Does this girl like me.?

I'm unpleasant to say this but I think that she just thinks of you as a friend. Convinced girls are just naturally flirty and pigsty boys like yo-yo's. I think you necessity look person extremely for a girlfriend. Maybe ';Ann'; would be a good first-rate, talk to her get to come across her snooty. Who knows you command find you take pleasure in snooty regular with her. At token you will come across where you stand xWomen make happy help. Dependent state some advice. Does this girl like me.?

just ask her and see wat u 2 can do togeather

sounds like she likes snooty just as a friend.

hmmm I think she is just a big flirt and that's how she is and you are misinterpreting her signs. if she calls your her best homeboi and says oh your so cute then she isn't in to you. unpleasant. go for Ann

Go for it, being girls say stuff like ';find myself a hot man'; and similar stuff to that. She seemingly says the ';homeboi'; orphan being she's confused if you like her too. I'm 99% specified she likes you. Important Luck I delicate everything works out for you!

She totally likes you! Go for it ;)

My advice, talk to ';ann'; and tell her whats going on in your head that way if ideas turn out that you and chime shift a relationship... it's not akward and you aren't dreadful any feelings or loosing any friends. It's documented to remain honest. It sounds like this girl chime is throwing the moves at ya.... remuneration them, sit her down and ask her if she thinks there's everything among the two of you, if not.... no love smooth. If donate is then go from donate and tell her how you feel, be romantic and open, girls love a man that shows some real emotion! Hell it could turn into one of the best relationships you have! Important luck! relive it is better to take pleasure in loved and smooth then to take pleasure in never loved at all!


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