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Mystery Method Instructor Cajun On Keys To The Vip

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Mystery Method instructor, Cajun, was featured recently on Keys To The Vip.


* 3:30 (three minutes and thirty seconds in) - Clips from Cajun teaching a real boot camp!
* 4:50 - The judges note that Cajun isn't especially good-looking and that everything he's able to accomplish is because of his technique.
* 5:00 - Cajun's become a bit of a legend in some circles for his pickup techniques. Even some of the judges have heard of his notoriety.
* 6:00 - When women at a club say "we're lesbians" or "she's my girlfriend" (this is on a competitor's approach), it usually means you've shown too much interest. It's a defense mechanism.
* 7:40 - Check out Cajun's use of a creative opinion opener that he is very congruent with. Look at his body language. Look at how he occupies the strategic position against the wall to talk to these women. Lots to learn from and model here.
* 9:00 - One of the judges criticizes Cajun because, even though he is attracting beautiful women left and right, "it seems like he is going through a checklist." Darn right he is. And it's the same checklist anyone could follow and get the same results.
* 14:00 - Another judge comments on how Cajun doesn't really use negs but gets great results: "Guys who are starting off use neg theory. Guys who are masters don't need neg theory." Men who read the book Magic Bullets when it came out have over a one-year head start knowing this.
* 15:20 - Another judge comments on how Cajun succeeds despite his looks: "This shows guys out there that looks don't matter. Women are interested in power, status, and confidence. Power, status," and "confidence" are of course, word-for-word, three of the eight attraction switches identified in Magic Bullets. Of course, the book doesn't stop there; it gives a step-by-step approach to how to convey each one (and the five other switches), even if you aren't naturally confident, powerful, etc.


That's right Cajun (me) was on Keys to the VIP last night. It's basically me against another guy doing challenges to show how much "game" we have, and then being judged by a panel of "experts".


You see pretty much the entire interaction on the show. The girl was a 10 and WAY taller than me (I'm only 5'8). I went in knowing I had to close in less than 3 minutes (They don't want you in set longer than that). Normally I don't have to work under these guidelines so this first set was basically a chance for me to test the water and figure out what the best structure would be. I decided to improvise and ended up simply compressing my regular structure and throwing in an extra DHV to make up for the lack of a qualifier (which I thought would take too long).

Result: I was a bit too overqualified, and the girl thought I was too good to be true, and simply acting polite in asking for her number. Contrary to what Chris says, there was attraction, in fact when they went to get her release afterwards, she was very upset because she really liked me. She was the only one who refused the signature (thus having to blur her face).


You see the entire interaction minus a key moment. Before I go for her number she jokes about how I could help her reach "The big time" in regards to her acting career. Thats why I say "Big time" after I ask for her number, it's an inside joke, not a mistake. I also learned from the first set not to over qualify myself so I played the natural on this second set: complimenting her a little every time I DHV'd myself to let her know I was genuine.

Subtext was also a huge factor for this set. The "rock solid confidence" the judges were referring to was entirely based on my subtext. Listen to how I open her, the way I speak, I don't want anything from her. The fact that this was a moving set, which are usually suicide, makes my point all the more clear, subtext=Huge. Peaches was also spot on about negs, they're not necessary when you have body language and subtext down.

Result: Perfection, she texted me later on in the night but I was already on my way back to Toronto so I couldn't meet up with her. Too bad, she was HOT.


This was the most difficult. I purposely asked for the hardest games they had and made sure to open the hottest girls that were in the club because I wanted to prove that what I teach works.

I figured that the more the girls hated me the more impressive it would be when I turned it around so I opened with "You guys look like a bunch of retards, are you cool though?" The reaction was exactly what I expected, they got pissed and asked me to leave. I acted un-phased and kept talking, again using my subtext, to convince them that I actually WAS cool. Chris was spot on about me interrupting and ignoring the target, she wasn't the hottest one of the group but she gave me the most guff, so I figured it would look more impressive to turn her around. I kino'd her friends just enough to build rapport and a bit of a jealousy plot (see the upcoming interview series where Tenmagnet, Braddock and I talk about jealousy plots) Her hot friends actually got upset at the end when I ignored them for her, attempting to sabotage me by saying "Thats weird" and actively trying to pull her away hahaha.

Result: I used textbook on this one as opposed to my more natural method in the second set. I figured it would look the best given that I open with a huge handicap (ie a terrible neg). She went from hating me to kissing me in less than 3 mins, so that says a lot about how effective textbook can be when used properly.

Keep in mind that my "game" isn't really like what was shown on the show. In reality I'm much more natural and I use almost no routines. Now thats not to say that routines are bad, they're not, they're extremely helpful. But after you use routines long enough you start to realize that you don't need them. Oh and by "textbook" I of course mean Magic Bullets.

Cajun will be doing live coaching at the upcoming Las Vegas LOVE SYSTEMS SUPERCONFERENCE February 22-24th. This is the event of the year. I will be there, as well as tonnes of other high profile pick up artists. I'll be there, will you? Find out more details on the SuperConference here.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

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