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Kiss The Dust

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If you are considering moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend you might first want to take a step back and think about whether it's the best move. You might have recently met and know that you are meant to be together forever and think that moving in together is the next step, but are you really sure that you know this person well enough? Whether you have met via online dating, a blind date, or have known them a long time as a friend, you still may not know enough about the person to want to make this serious move. Here are some things you should consider first.

ARE YOU BOTH READY FOR THIS KIND OF COMMITMENT? When you move in with someone there is no escape. You can't easily go off and think on your own. You will need to be making joint decisions about decorating, bills and what you do. Are you prepared to allow someone to share that with you? You need to make sure that you are really ready to give up that independent life.

DO YOU KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT THIS PERSONS PAST? If they are keeping quiet about things there might be good reason, and these reasons might be things that you really should know before moving in. Make sure you feel comfortable about their past and how much they have told you. If they aren't willing to talk about previous relationships then maybe you should reconsider moving in together.

DO YOU HAVE THE SAME STANDARDS OF CLEANLINESS? If you are a clean freak and they are messy are you going to be happy having to either clear up after them all the time or put up with their clutter? This needs to be something you talk about before you make a commitment to each other. If neither of you like housework and someone else does it for you in your house at the moment, how will that work once you move out?

MAKE SURE YOU ARE BOTH HAPPY ABOUT HOW YOU PAY OR SPLIT THE BILLS. You may not want a joint account, and this can work really well for some couples, but you do need to make sure that you are both happy with how much each of you contributes to the household bills.

MAKE SURE THERE IS ROOM WHERE YOU ARE MOVING TO, TO ALLOW EACH OF YOU TO HAVE A BIT OF PERSONAL SPACE. If you are living in a tiny flat there will be no where to escape to if you have an argument and this can cause more tension. If you are a person who needs your own thinking space, make sure that the place you move too has the potential for this.

Have you always been yourself around your partner? Are there things they will find out about you when you move in that you would rather they didn't know? You need to keep in mind that once you share a space you will also have to have frequent visits to each others family and friends as well as putting up with all those little annoying habits all the time, so make sure you are prepared for it! Good luck with your moves!

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