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Male Body Language

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While some men are an open book, the ones worth pursuing will usually confuse you more than you'll care to admit. Luckily, when it comes to these men, there are other ways to figure out what they're trying to tell you, without your actually having to pick their brains.

Male body language is one of the most accurate ways of figuring out what's going on in man's mind and, if you learn how to read him just right, you'll know what moves to make next.

So the next time you're sitting around with that shy guy who manages to confuse you at every turn with his timid smile and awkward stance, keep the following male body language signs in mind.


When a man stands and faces you while he's talking, it's always a good sign that you have his full attention; when he puts his thumbs in his pockets and leaves his fingers out or puts his fingers in his pockets and leaves his thumbs out, this usually indicates that he's interested in you sexually.

His fingers or thumbs, which are left hanging out of his pocket, are usually pointing towards his penis, and if that isn't obvious enough on a subconscious level, then I don't what is.


As he approaches you, whether or not he's well acquainted with you is irrelevant. What is relevant is what he does on his way toward you. Does he adjust his tie, shift his belt or dust off his blazer? If so, he likes you and is trying to impress you.

If he simply walks over to you without preening beforehand, it's possible that he only views you as a friend and is not concerned with your opinion of him.


If he sits facing you and crosses his leg in your direction, this man is incredibly interested and wants to get to know you a whole lot better. The fact that he places his body in your direction indicates that he is prepared to give you his undivided attention.

On the other hand, if he crosses his leg away from you, it's pretty obvious that the opposite rings true. He is not interested in anything more than friendship, at best. Take the cue and move on.


While the two of you engage in what seems like a superficial conversation about watering the grass, he manages to keep your gaze for just a tad longer than you're used to. The eyes are the windows to the soul and it's obvious that he's trying to get into yours and let you into his.

If his eyes keep shifting away from you, it's possible that he's simply too nervous to look gazingly into your eyes, but it may also mean that he's just not interested in pursuing you. You would need to look for other signs to be certain.

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