Monday, May 16, 2011

Tigertext App Helps Cheaters

Tigertext App Helps Cheaters Cover
Remember that time that Tiger Woods got caught cheating on his wife because she found some raunchy test messages that he had exchanged with a slew of skanky chicks? Yeah, well, app makers are cashing in on his stupidity and trying to help other guys avoid smashing their cars into trees when trying to escape their irate wives.

The new TigerText app allows cheaters to ensure that their sexy text message exchanges don't leave a mile-long electronic trail; it allows the cheaters to set a time limit for a sent text message to stick around after it has been read. After the time period is met, the text message gets erased from the user's phone, the recipient's phone and the servers.

Also, the text message can't be forwarded or stored so that the recipient won't be able to go on television shows and sell you out to the highest bidder.

Jeffrey Evans, the creator of TigerText, claims that the app wasn't named after Tiger Woods, but after actual tigers because they are stelethy and difficult to track. Ah - ah - ah choo! Sorry, allergic to bullsh*t.

Evans also claims that the app isn't for cheaters; he believes that if someone sends a private message, it should remain private. Wow, I just sneezed again.

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