Thursday, May 26, 2011

How To Get A Girl To Like You The Secret Revealed

How To Get A Girl To Like You The Secret Revealed Image
One of the major problems guys must face during their life is to learn HOW TO GET A GIRL TO LIKE YOU; if you're like most guys, you probably do not know much about the methods that are almost guaranteed to make a girl attracted to you, because such things are not taught at school, or even at all. And yet, virtually anyone can learn or even master them, and by doing never fear being single for long again.

The key element on HOW TO MAKE A GIRL LIKE YOU is to build a rapport with her. What do I mean with rapport, I hear you ask? Rapport is emotional and physical connection between the two of you. To really be successful when aPPROACHING WOMEN, you must create connection on both a romantic and sexual one. How do you create this? I'm going now to give you some simple tips to help you get started.

The first thing is to always show a positive attitude when you're around girls. Try to be of a cheerful mood, especially if the personality type of the girl is very energetic. If she's of a calmer nature, be careful not to overdo it, but even then try to maintain a positive and smiling attitude.

In order to reinforce a great positive attitude, try to remove any kind of negative emotions or feelings of self loathing. I know it's easier said than done, but if you try to look at the seduction process as something fun that you should enjoy no matter to result, instead of something stressful where success is mandatory at all cost, it will show, and most girl will greatly appreaciate that. You must act like you don't care too much about the outcome: a confident and cheerful guy like you can get a girl to like him easily, and if this one doesn't it's no big deal, you'll probably achieve better results with the next one: that's the impression you should give to the girl you're trying to pick up.

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