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How To Get Your Ex Back On The First Meeting

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It may be hard to believe it, but it is possible to get your ex back the very first time you guys get together after breaking up. Relationship experts give various tips on how to have an ex boyfriend back. They will tell you a bunch of advice that takes a lot of time and too much effort. Sometimes, you don't even get your ex back after you follow all the advice. You've not only lost an ex boyfriend but you also wasted your time and effort.

I am here to tell you that you can have your ex even though you've gone away for a long time. By not seeing each other for a while, your feelings may have gotten stronger and your reasons for wanting him have become surer than anything else. Time is not a factor here and you can have an ex boyfriend in your arms with a single date.


On the date, it doesn't really matter who first asked out who and why because the important thing is that you will get a chance to meet with your ex boyfriend. You have to keep in mind that this can be the only chance to win your ex back so be yourself and don't screw it up. Start by making the old fashioned small talk and catch up on the time you spend apart. Ask about his job, family, friends, and the like. This is the part when you slowly get back on his life and figure out how you can fit into it.


In the course of your first meeting, keep giving your ex compliments. Tell him how great he looks after not seeing him for a long time. However, don't be too flirty when you talk about him. It's no harm complimenting him and telling him that he's still attractive, but don't overdo it. Acknowledge his work and goals in life. He'll surely appreciate everything you say at this point.


By now, things are going smoothly between you and your ex. You know about his life and he knows about yours. You tell him what you like about him and he likewise tells you what he likes. Slowly but surely, you are getting closer to your goal to get the ex boyfriend back. Now, in order to fully get his attention, start talking about what happened with your relationship. Talk about the good times and the shared memories you had. You can even go back to the first date you guys had and tell him what you felt for him then. Mention that you remember him wearing a blue sweater, dark jeans, and a brown long coat. These little instances will slowly shift into more intimate memories you had with your ex boyfriend. Before you know it, you'll be talking about all the dates you spent together. Reminiscing about the past is a sure clincher in getting an ex boyfriend back. Once you start remembering all the good times, he'll remember how good it was to be with you.

After a long night of catching up and reminiscing, you can be assured that you have him wrapped around your finger. He won't say it, but I bet he also wants to get back with you. Now all you have to do is wait for him to call and you have your ex back.

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