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Dating And Men How To Be Good At Them

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I have been to a couple of dates already since I lost my wife two years ago. Ladies with different personalities and priorities came my way and I can say it is good to meet new people. I was thinking if ever that I won't end up with one of them, then definitely they can be friends. I have noticed that dating and men, just like subjects in school, has its own pointers to take to make succeed in it. Thus, I came up with these tips in dating and for women to attract guys. I was able to do this with the help of my own experience and from the dates that I have seen.


In dating and men -dealing, a woman needs to set parameters she wants from her date. To attract guys, there should be definite qualities you want to see in your date. Unless you set this, you will tend to end up to so many dates clueless of what you really want to find out. If you are work-oriented, you can start engaging in dating and men who are focused also with their works should be your focus. While if you are a home buddy person, you can start dating and men who are family oriented should be the one you go out with. To attract guys with qualities you like, set your standard and start looking for it. You won't find what you look for if you don't do this. If you already have this, then you can move on to the next tips to attract guys and date them.


If you are dating and men you date say many negative things like- conflicts at work or how he hates his neighbor, consider having a new date instead. Men of this kind are more likely to pinpoint your negative qualities rather than the positive ones. You will just find yourself stressed to because dating and men you go out with should be fun and not boring. You're not supposed to be a counselor or stress manager to your date. To attract guys, be positive and enjoyable. If you possess these qualities, you tend to attract guys who are also the same. Remember that it is important to have healthy relationships with your dates too.


Yes, I admit it that sometimes men think they are superior. However, for women, do not put up with dating and men who are so confident to tell you that they know you completely already. Whether they do it to impress you or just to build their own self-confidence, do not go with them. Everyone should understand that there is a side of our personality that we keep away from others especially from our dates. When you met this kind of man and you liked the way he looks but not the way he talks, go and find another. To attract guys you like, be honest with them if you find them not suitable for you.

Before going out on a date, I make sure I plan for the things I want to achieve. Make sure you do the same so that you'll find it fulfilling that you have dated someone for the sake of finding a relationship and not just for any reasons.

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