Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Couples Who Are Living Apart Together

Couples Who Are Living Apart Together Cover
SARAH JESSICA PARKER and her husband MATTHEW BRODERICK are LATs. They are LIVING APART TOGETHER and their relationship seems to be better for it although the tabloids won't let you believe that.

LATs are couples who remain together and are committed to each other but opt to live apart. And SARAH JESSICA PARKER and MATTHEW BRODERICK are not alone; many couple are opting to live apart together to keep their relationship strong and their professional lives on the up and up.

And while this may be an unconventional way of having a long-lasting relationship, it has been working wonders for many couples.

LATs are disapproving what most people believed only 15 years ago- that the best couples were the ones who were most intimate, most often. Even recent science proves that creating a little space between sexual encounters builds on intimacy - it doesn't take away from it.

LIVING APART TOGETHER can actually increase people's sexual attraction to one another.

One thing's for sure though, whenever couples live apart, it seems that their professional lives thrive.

But the underlying fear is that when your significant other lives across town in their own place, does the jealousy begin to creep in? Do you wonder if they are having people over? If they are "living" their whole lives without you and just come around every once in a while for sex?

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