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Original Date Ideas

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We've all done it: gone to a movie and dinner. If you think about it, it's a pretty ridiculous date. First you head somewhere where you can't even speak to each other (which, I'm guessing, people who've dated for a long time welcome), and then you go somewhere to stuff your face and, before you know it, the whole night is gone and you've barely said anything to each other.

That said, isn't it about time you took your date on a mini-adventure on your date? Even if they don't like it, at least they won't forget these original date ideas.



Why not make a reservation at a restaurant where you have to sit on the floor, or the sushi is placed atop a naked woman? Okay, maybe not the whole naked thing, but the point is to go out on an eclectic date that leaves a memorable taste in your date's mouth.

After all, even if the palate is not impressed, the mind will be.



Even if you decide that mountain climbing is not what you want to do, choose something that requires activity and bravery. It doesn't have to be mountain climbing; you could head out to bungee jump, skydive or simply go on a hike. Unless, of course, the idea of potentially dying with your date turns you off. I kid, I kid.

Nevertheless, taking your date for an adrenaline rush may end up leading to the release of endorphins, and you know what that means... sex! Or not.



For the more sophisticated types out there, a wine tasting sounds like a whole lot of fun, especially if you drink down every sip rather than spit it out. Now that sounds like a date!

For those of you who are more country, there's always beer tasting, although I have yet to meet a chick who isn't in college that enjoys beer. And even the college girls only drink it to get drunk, not because it tastes great or is less filling.



If you're dating the artsy type, then why not head out to a caf'e that allows you to purchase a ceramic thingamajig and paint it all these pretty colors? And what you could do is agree that each will create your piece for the other.

At the very least, this original date idea is relaxing and will give you a whole lot of conversation topics - So, you like ceramics? Oh, that's a nice color? Really, you think I like blue? Are you almost done? You know, good times...



Breaking into a building to eat dinner on the roof is not what I'm suggesting here. No. Rather, if you have a rooftop building, or your date does, then this original date idea makes for a phenomenal one, given it's not raining or hella windy.

Otherwise, you can opt to have the picnic on your living room floor or, even better, on your bed. And you know what that means. Well, it could just mean that you'll have wine stains on your comforter. But with a little luck (fingers crossed), there may be another kind of stain. Okay, that was all kinds of wrong.

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