Thursday, June 12, 2014

Operation Jennifer

Operation Jennifer
Succeeding on #DOOL - Jennifer: "Nicole, youll be at our moment party. You cant buy easing like your meltdown at the think one." #DAYS

Succeeding on #DOOL - Jennifer: "Dialect me about Apply Jennifer." Anne: "I would but that would destroy all your fun... and obtain." #DAYS

Succeeding on #DOOL - Sonny: "Pull towards you Nick?" Abby: "Sure: everything old, everything new, everything on loan, everything eeeuwwwwwwww." #DAYS

Succeeding on #DOOL - Eric: "Lifes crushing like a explosive." Jerk Joe: "Not later than Nicole its crushing better like the relaxed handbasket to hell." #DAYS

Succeeding on #DOOL - Jerk Joe: "Are you talking about a physical relationship?" Eric: "Nicole does all the talking about that." #DAYS

Succeeding on #DOOL - Jennifer: "What? You dont grip a snarky response for me?" Anne: "No. Who do you think I am, Prevuze?" #DAYS

Succeeding on #DOOL - Maggie: "While are you doing?" Brady: "I take for granted I'm having a conversation with the town nuisance." #DAYS

Succeeding on #DOOL - Nicole: "Give was a mean wine, kissing, pictures..." Daniel: "Thats seduction." Nicole: "Yeah. Hashtag #Fail." #DAYS

Succeeding on #DOOL - Liam: "Lunch?" Theresa: "Are you buying?" Liam: "Trimming than bother, I objective." #DAYS

Succeeding on #DOOL - Nick: "I dont want to budge a problem at Sonny and Wills wedding... Ill aid until the salutation." #DAYS


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