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Ill Give Her A Jump

Ill Give Her A Jump
The Halloween party rocks at the "Felta" maintain. Chelsea, suitably good as She-Satan, comes drink.

A couple of witches, a goblin or two and a structure boulevard out of action. "Oops... nip in the bud that. The structure was John Black roaring the party."

Stephanie the racing wallflower watches.

Morgan is either a retro 1970's path stewardess with a bendable hat or a Tupperware sachet. She walks up taking into account Max, "Russet, tea or me?"

Max misses the graphic, "Coffee?"

"Think again."

Max realizes it's a trick question, "Tea?" He turns nearly and sees Morgan, "Oh, Effortlessly you."

Chelsea and Stephanie introduce it in.

"I trepidation where she got the go with," says Stephanie, "Business tramp? I'm inquiring they didn't come as bride and groom. Two living ago Morgan's website believed feeble,' and now it says 'in a relationship.'"

Chelsea advises her to get over it, "Someplace did you go viewpoint night? I was looking for you." Stephanie flashes back to wickedness items and game birds the question. She says she is trying to move on but feels like she has no supervise over her life. She just knows items would be out of the ordinary with Max. She tells Chelsea about her job at the Cheatin' Inner and says she's trying to system a way to tell Max about it, too.

Max interrupts. They compliment his non-costume. Max says he came as a bartender and furthermore turns to Stephanie, "I assume you got a job at the Cheatin' Inner." Chelsea books. Max says he's set about her getting the job, "But why didn't you tell me?"

Santo Domingo. Ashen robe polite Sami and Lucas stand on the covered entrance of their billet room as Sami calls to nip in the bud in with Kayla, "I pleasant to nip in the bud on my youthful - "I forgot, how multitude of them were exhibit again? " Lucas can't bear in mind they did this on the twins' first night home. He's gentle that their Santo Domingo lawyer had 10 dignified merit of bling on his wrist. Lucas thinks all this device EJ won and the DiMeras get sour what they want.

EJ meets Kate in the hospital. He asks what this is about. She tells him the DNA come to blows are in. EJ stares.

"Sami and Lucas hug and retain information about an old see in your mind's eye. Sami decides just in the same way as everything is intangible doesn't mean it's not real, "No matter what we go out of action you will be in my starting point for all the Period Of Our Lives."

EJ presses, "Am I the father?" Kate hands the come to blows over to him. EJ jumps for joy, "YES! I Take A SON! I AM THE FATHER!"

Chelsea looks nearly the party to see if Educationalist Fallon has within. Completely in the "score" of time, he walks in the way in good as an angel. They smooch and she identification him for coming. Score gets over-sentimental on us. He was supposed to be trick or treating with the brood. She knows it's hard for him but thinks it's better this way. He decides tonight is about them.

Morgan asks Cordy to join them. Cordy says she isn't in the mood. In the open air Ford chases a girl out of action the corridor and Cordy slams the way in.

Cheer on to Ford and his latest game, "You are smokin' hot!"

Max thinks he necessary to avert Ford. Stephanie tries to get him to talk about the job. She hopes it's not differing for him with her functioning exhibit. Max asks why it would be. After that he drops the dreaded F-word on her, "Behindhand all, we're just friends." Morgan comes up in vogue her Tupperware hat "as Stephanie removes the penknife from her starting point."

Morgan says, "I was wondering where y'all ran off to. So what'd I miss?"

EJ is triumphant, "This is a fasten together that can't be spoiled "until we get the instant DNA test." If Sami loves the boy, she will besides open up her starting point to me."

Kate thinks he's underestimating the fasten together among Sami and Lucas, "For all you cotton on, they won't go out of action with the divorce."

Lucas says romantic films forever end auspiciously. Sami says theirs will too. She wants to say you will position of the room. Lucas isn't into it. Sami thinks she can help get him in the mood.

A criticize interrupts and Sami answers. A guy has brought the divorce ID for Sami to sign. Lucas walks out and asks if he has to sign, too. "Perry Mason" asks, "Are you her husband? I just implicit you were the..."

Lucas interrupts, "New model? He's back in Salem waiting for his bride."

"Perry's" leading spins. Sami tries to be excellent, "It's development." She starts to sign the ID, but hesitates.

"This is crazy," says Lucas, "We'll find fresh way."

Morgan "likes" Stephanie's go with, "You look just like one of the boys. Back the eye-scratching reach has time to get started," one of the sisters interrupts and says the girls are cross about Ford. Macho Max offers to go bang him to a mash, but Morgan says that won't be requirement "yet." She goes to talk to the aggravation.

Max asks where Stephanie went viewpoint night. "No place. How come you improved the arise in the role of Morgan came up? Why wouldn't you want her to cotton on about your job?"

"Morgan is gentle about our taking into account," says Max, "I told her we inspired on."

"Did you tell her about the hiding place," asks Stephanie.

Max is ill at ease, "I didn't go into present yourself."

Stephanie presses, "Why not? Would she think exhibit is still everything gong on?"

EJ wants Kate to find out where his son is moment Sami and Lucas are in Santo Domingo. Kate says she will do what she can. EJ goes to transmit the good news with Stefano.

Lucas wants "Perry" to picket so he and Sami can bang the wounded pony again. Lucas takes an Australia clipping out of his selection, "Relive, we were going to go exhibit on our first silver jubilee. "I picked it in the same way as it's such a tawdry place to go equally neither of us carry jobs, and we may possibly let the twins hang out with that Ciara-Pocket bunch and get-up-and-go Motivation back for fresh heavy with Helge in Switzerland." Now, he thinks their dreams are over. Sami says they can still do items like that. Lucas says EJ won't let her. He tells her about notification to kill EJ, "I believed I would kill him with my unsheltered hands."

"You command be able to say you will him if your unsheltered hands were holding an Uzi," says Sami, "But you merely carry to stop making coercion like that."

Lucas asks, "But what if exhibit is a way to make EJ Wells fur forever?"

"Sami asks, "Won't that come up in the role of NBC drops this missile in stare of a good show?" She forbids him to kill EJ and reminds him how "distinguished" it was to be on beating row. Lucas agrees, but says it's hard for him. Sami says it's hard for her too. "They think it's hard? They don't carry to watch this baloney. Now that's hard." She hesitates and furthermore signs the ID. She hands the pen to Lucas. He waits an eternity, and furthermore takes it and signs. Sami breaks down.

Max and Stephanie shape they're just friends. Stephanie is OK with him seeing Morgan but doesn't think she's his type. "Oh," asks Max, "And just who is my type?"

"Almost certainly team who can obstinacy a stickshift," says Stephanie. She decides she is fine with it and happy for them.

Max smooches her rudeness, "Oh, and for the compose, you don't look like just one of the guys."

"But does this racing glasses case make my crash into look fat?"

Max is polite and doesn't retort, but does think she shouldn't carry sewn the "Goodyear" plot back exhibit.

Behindhand Max walks in reserve, Chelsea comes up to Stephanie and says she saw Max kiss her. "It was on the rudeness," says Stephanie, "It doesn't count. She thinks functioning at the Cheatin' Inner will be abrupt irritation, "I blew it. Max was one of the good guys and I let him get in reserve."

A group of sisters ooh and aah as Score challenges them to get pipe from a saucer into a period without touching the saucer. Carmen takes him up on it.

Stephanie wretches as Morgan and Max dance. She tells Chelsea she gracious of likes Morgan, "in a rigorous gracious of way." Chelsea advises Stephanie to play the field. Stephanie says that's what Kayla told her to do. She goes sovereign for some air. Max watches.

"Perry Mason" foliage with the signed records. Sami tells Lucas they did the right concert and vows they will get back together as presently as they can, "Almost certainly we'll go to Australia for our second nuptial."

Lucas looks in her eyes, "I'm gonna miss this comprise."

"And I'm gonna miss being short-sheeted."

Lucas sits her down and decides to make tonight about them.

"I love you," says Sami.

Lucas moves in, "I love you, too."

Stefano listens to copy music. He turns it off in the role of EJ arrives. Stefano sees the look on EJ's comprise and mind the come to blows are in. "Hurrah," says EJ, "You carry a grandson."

Stefano claps his hands together, "BRAVO!"

Ford the sot puts his arm nearly Max and says he likes him. Morgan gives him chocolate. He directions glug livid to go with the chocolate, and furthermore drops the cup, "My bad. I speculation that's my cue to picket."

Ford takes out his car keys and Morgan snatches them, "You're not violent where." Ford insists he is in good lots exemplary to obstinacy.

"Almost certainly I can call my mom to obstinacy you," says Chelsea, "She's the leading of protection donate at the college."

Ford about faints, "That's your mom? That hot chick with the brown hair? Yeah! Let's call her!"

Chelsea wretches, "You merely are in poor health."

Chelsea takes Max parenthesis and the conversation moves from the high-school level to the seventh pitch, "Equally do you think of Stephanie?"

Max asks, "Did she ask you to ask me?"

"I think she'd like you to ask her to the arrive at hop."

"Vigorous," says Max, "I think she's a great girl."

"That's not what you believed in the role of you were intent in the hiding place," says Chelsea.

Max says all Stephanie wants is a friend. Chelsea wants Stephanie to be happy. He goes back to Morgan and Ford.

Chelsea answers the glockenspiel. Cordy's sourpuss parents carry come to pick her up. Chelsea invites them in. They pennant and say they will luggage compartment in the car. Stephanie joins Chelsea and they go to nip in the bud on Cordy.

As the girls go taking into account them, Ford and Max joust.

Chelsea tells Cordy her parents are waiting for her. Cordy hears Ford yelling sovereign and breaks down. The girls press, but Cordy says, "I can't talk about it."

EJ tells Stefano Sami doesn't cotton on about the test come to blows yet. Stefano toasts, "La vita buono."

"Handiwork is good," says EJ. He tells Stefano the stem cells carry been stored and toasts Stefano's good condition. Stefano asks about a name. EJ says Sami has narrowed it down to John or "Squints" as a tribute to John Black. Stefano says, "I will call him Gianni - A potent name. And I will be his instructor."

Sami and Lucas smooch on the bed. Lucas offers a answer. He goes to get the oil, "Liberate my perceive." As Lucas foliage, team slides a note under the way in.

Sami gets it and opens it, "Oh, God, what does EJ want?" She reads the note, "DNA test confirms that the boy is wring. We carry a son." Sami looks over in the alleyway of poor Lucas.

Ford holds up four fingers, "How multitude fingers am I holding up? Upright - three." Score walks up. Ford slurs, "Who invited the professor?"

Score tells Max, "Therese's car needs a boon. Can you help."

"I'll do it," says Ford, "I'll give her a boon."

"Be over IT," says Max, as he and Score move out.

Ford tells Morgan he either wants his keys or a maintain. Morgan will obstinacy him. As she goes to get her stuff, Ford spikes her drink. Morgan comes back and Ford toasts Halloween. Morgan drains the cup and they picket.

Max comes back inside and looks nearly like a omitted puppy.

Stephanie comes in and tells Cordy Ford absent. Chelsea says at all she tells her will not picket this room, "Equally did he do to you?"

Cordy trembles, "He... he... raped me."

Stefano thinks the boy essential grow up in Italy, "And furthermore off to an English boarding campus like his get going. Someplace is he? I want to meet him?"

Kate shows up right on cue. EJ brings her in and says, "I succeed you carry positioned my son."

"I essential get a finders fee," says Kate. Stefano welcomes her with a kiss. Kate says the twins are with Patch and Kayla. Stefano has a meltdown, "MY GRANDSON IS Before THAT INSANE STEVE JOHNSON?"

"Not for long get going," says EJ.

Lucas comes back with the oil. Sami wads up the note. Lucas mind everything is incorrect and asks Sami what it is. "I'm terrible," she cries, "It's just hormones kicking in again."

He has her lay down and massages, "Envisage about happy places and happy times."


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