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Is This A Romantic Way To Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend

Is This A Romantic Way To Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend
Leading... I'll distribute her to the world fireworks radiate... we'll picnic out with wine and my homemade pasta..

subsequently, eat at a sweetheart romantic french resto.. I assume just for dessert... fondue possibly...

i'll distribute her home, and give her my letter, subsequently i'll go home. at the end of the letter... i'll tell her to go outer layer.. i'll be hand over waiting with a delicate scent of plants and sparkle cards asking her to be my girlfriend..

in short, thats how i'll do it..

is it any good?

any suggestions?:)Is this a romantic way to ask her to be my girlfriend?

OMFG! DO IT! That's Wonderfully sweet! MY boyfriend just supposed...hey....wanna be my girlfriend? lol it was nice...but THAT is phenomenal! Crowd in no doubt she's cost it and DON'T let that trip. If you're going to go that far just to ask her to be yours make in no doubt you Constantly make her feel je ne sais quoi like that. Don't let all that go to waste! XD Straightforward luck!Is this a romantic way to ask her to be my girlfriend?

Everything your going to do sounds definitely romantic the fireworks radiate, picnic and wine, homemade

pasta and dessert. As for the flashcards I would try and dredge up what your going to say to this girl that your analytical in so to the same degree you see her she will declare to the same degree you ask her to be your girl friend that your speaking from your base and it will be mega household. You firm like a very romantic


Matchless of venture to you.

It totally depends on the type of girl she is. If she's the turgid romantic type, subsequently that's above reproach. But if she's the efficient type, it may perhaps not go over so well. If she's beforehand in love with you it will be great. If she's not, she may perhaps enjoyment why you had to go to all that work to ask her to be your girlfriend.

its romantic but a bit over the top to be honest. You dont want to put her off so just keep it short and simple. Go to he rocket radiate, eat extensive meal together, and subsequently to the same degree you are walking her home ask her. This way she has to give you a very well utter. Neglect about the plants and the sparkle cards. It will put her off. But you firm like a definitely pleasant guy, so good venture x

That sounds like a great design. You can't go disreputable as long as you do belongings that she enjoys.

You'd I assume be fine just asking in the highlight of making out to be honest, ha ha.

Ya if she is into you as well, she will take away onto like a life rod.

Approximately no men do anything like this. You are sullying it for the rest of us!

too greatly. i carry face-to-face romantic, but the absolute letters/flashcards etc would be waaay too greatly for me. not to put you off, but what if she doesn't want to date you? you'll be making her above uncomfortable and bad for disgust you down by put it on that. just ask trendy the fireworks radiate. i'd say that's masses romantic :)

Sounds mega like a marriage check. Does she definitely need all that romantic BS. Are you wonderful together. Average ask her. Having the status of if she doesn't read the letter right on show. You will be standing out in the insensitive. Be true to yourself and her. Don't get mystified up in all the Yardstick stuff.

It seems definitely romantic, but perhaps just a little to greatly why not make off with her out and do the fireworks recital and subsequently dessert and ask her there? saying that i think any girl would be familiar with all the effort! good venture with anything you control to do.

wow. this is a lot to do to ask her to be your girlfriend - are you in no doubt it's not too much? does she like that give somebody no option but to of stuff? i'd find that out asap otherwise it's going to make her think you're WAY too greatly of a pansy.

Wow, that sounds cute and romantic--especially if you can scratch it off. Hem in whatever thing controlled definitely well, and go for it!

yes it is totally romantic go for it is so cute.

That would be a little over the top for me. I'd suggested skipping the fireworks and flashcards.


mechanism the letter and sparkle cards; it seems mega new than romantic.

just ask her at dessert.

Ask if you can buy her a fish sandwhich

yeah it's pleasant and all but you don't thinkk it's a bit greatly,

just ask.

Its good, just idle the flashcards and speak from your base. Straightforward venture my friend.

nope it seems like your trying to hard.

all you need is a nice simple remark and that will be ample to make her cry!

best of venture and no cheating on each other!

Let's desire she opens the letter.

Sounds a little damp, but supreme girls like that.

Thats A LOT of work. If she says no you neediness kill her. (It sounds like a gr8 design, very pleasant =)

i think this seems mega of a marriage check compared to asking persona to date you

but its cost a gush


Using up stash on her. She will like that.

That is sooooo cute! Props for being a guy and thinking of that. Average force she reads it tht night and not 2 days later!

i think it sounds very pleasant but why are you using sparkle cards?

oh my gosh, thats beautiful!

make in no doubt she feels the especially way though!

aww, thats so lovely!

good luck!

I strongly ornamental that is over put it on it. But if she likes that give somebody no option but to of stuff subsequently go for it. Straightforward Luck!

aaaawwn that is so SWEET! :) dude go for it i would definately say YES! :)

its cost a gush. live life with no regrets

cute :)

yeah...why not!

Yes! :)

Straightforward luck!:)


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