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Oke Shop Job Vacancy

Oke Shop Job Vacancy
As a company that wares telecommunication products and services in Indonesia, PT Trikomsel Oke Tbk. "the Firm" was founded in Jakarta on 7 October 1996 under the name of PT Trikomsel Citrawahana. In 2000, the Firm distinct its name to PT Trikomsel Multimedia, and in 2007 to PT Trikomsel Oke. In broadening to administration diverse mobile communication products and services, the Firm both acts as a machine for wellknown machinist products in Indonesia. Concern activities of the Firm is concluded direct distribution and export channels with the single bed of gardening the worth of life direct industrious improvement.

On the distribution channel, the Firm is collaborating with free dealers which peculiar one or ended outlets. Up to December 2009, the total number of dealers and points of distribution had reached 11,814 and 108, respectively.

The Firm has a wide export conduit that covers all areas in Indonesia that are supported with industrious connections development. The export conduit is represented in the form of export outlets entitled "OkeShop".

At the end of 2009, OkeShop export conduit had reached 766 outlets in 153 cities in Indonesia. Nonstop OkeShop export conduit, the Firm sells a range of mobile policy and trappings from diverse international producers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, iPhone and BlackBerry. In broadening the Firm both offers machinist products such as pre-paid SIM cards and reloads or top-up vouchers from predictable Indonesian operators.

The same as 2007, the Firm has sold mobile happy from third party providers that place in ringtones, mess about, and extra applications primary to quantity worth auxiliary services to the mobile policy users anywhere the experiences will be part of day to day routine of the mobile policy users.Sales were not unfinished to limitation segments as the portfolio of the marketed products broad in price, archetype, and craft.

To open out the distribution conduit, clientele ease of use and f?te conduit, the Firm launched an online sales service direct This website has become the first online shop in Indonesia to aura telecommunication products with put down to card cut. In the third charge of 2009, the Firm both undertook some product and service diversification by questioning the netbook f?te in buoy up with well well-known international brands such as Acer and Asus.

The Firm keeps striving for growth which is reflected as it entered a new stage to become a general population behind company on 14 April 2009. The saying of good corporate governance has been competent soberly in order to market and educate industrious growth for the stakeholders. Ethics that has been pungent and the work culture are each likely to be able to shore up that saying in order to construct a unbending instruction, financial and technological foundation for the Firm.

PT Trikomsel Oke, Tbk has continually been well-known as product and telecommunication services company, hard commencing 1996. We are the approved machine for international predictable brands of Nokia and Sony Ericsson in broadening to extra top leading brands. The Firm has become a leading trader in requisites of telecommunication and multimedia anywhere as of 31 December 2008, we own an grown-up of conduit of 808 OkeShops distributed in 145 cities of the Indonesia archipelago. We are seeking brim encouraged public with right skill and experiences to contribute in our align for the later positions :

Put forward Attempt

Indulge Give back Your Attempt Communiqu with Productive Report (place in talk & award Shout List) ">AVAILABLE Face

Invest in Supervisor (FINCON)

Banjarmasin (Kalimantan Selatan)


* Posses Free Size (S1) in Bookkeeping from well-known school with exellent item for consumption
* Feminine,Work with age greatest 30 court old
* Cogent Okay & Upset Solving Insight
* Token 2 energy experience in lock position
* Having feel and skills in financial analysis, pervasive bookkeeping, tax, insurance, budgetary keep in check and preparing the consolidated discover
* Mainframe literate & usage of internet is enforced
* Supplementary feel in any bookkeeping software & taxation will be an excellent
* Market industry vinyl will be an excellent
* Cogent instruction ability and exellent communication skills to all level
* Cogent leadership, problem solving skill and able to work under have an effect on
* Ego encouraged ">ADMIN Invest in - BANJARMASIN

Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan)


* Work / Feminine, single, age 25-28 energy
* Stage min D3 Bookkeeping
* 2th min experience in the self-same position
* Sure, honest, peculiar high candor, topic
* Realize, workmanlike
* Mastering the supercomputer program MS. Arm

Statement Executive (Central processing unit) - JAKARTA

Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan)


* Work / female, max 30 energy
* Stage S1 from all majors
* Having experience as an Statement Executive Token 2 energy in the field of Central processing unit / IT / Electronic
* Mature for maintaining relationships with of interest trade followers
* Having an grown-up conduit, confidence and convey
* Banjarmasin apartment or delightful to Banjarmasin



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