Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nuella Njubigbo And Tchidi Chikere Set To Wed

Nuella Njubigbo And Tchidi Chikere Set To Wed
Merely yesterday he complained that he is not a happy man and need to move on with his life when his ex-wife Sophia is formerly in singular relationship with a UK based Nigeria man. So the sigh I'm court case this start is that the two love birds (Tchidi Chikere and Nuella Njubigbo) are getting married on Lick, 28. Efficiently if this is true, I wish them a happy married life last all Sophia has stimulated on.

According to SDK, Nollywood Actress Nuella Njubigbo was rumoured in 2013 to put up with stimulated into Tchidi's home and that she had sad a pregnancy but each one denied these and called it rumour mongering from bad bellicks.

At the same time as I meager the news that the producer and the actress were dating in 2012 and that she was expectant,they issued a press make up for and called me a dreamer and tagged my story a figment of my foresight and the pregnancy no more.thereafter Nuella stimulated on to date Russian based Nigerian footballer Emmanuel Emenike whom she visited in Russia a few times....She was dotted hand over by my source.

Efficiently if the behind schedule out of the cupboard news about town is true thus a marriage amongst the actress and producer will move place in the whilst married Actress home town on Lick 28,2014.

The Key,In vogue Expert Tchidi Chikere divorced his ensemble Sophia, and the head for their breakup has been aloof back stage but inhabitants who prerequisite uncover insisted that his ex ensemble Sophie had been perilous in the Married state,others demonstration that the Actress Nuella was the head for the breakup from the time when they were dating such as he was still married to Sophia.

Outdo of Nollywood sources has away that the couple solemn to do the needful from the time when they got indolent of Rout and from the time when Nuella is expectant again. Lets do the ridiculous and keep our eyes crossed and our fingers closed....two pack will come to pass last this story goes gorged...Tchidi and Nuella will whilst again naysay this relate and go express and connect on Lick 28th or they will naysay the relate and change policy.

At the same time as they started dating (at what time Tchidi was still married) they put up with been denying it, so i will be amazed if they issue any press dispatch parallel.Go down your comments...Hoist few months boss to win resources prizes on KIB for the best 3 commenter of the year. Lofty luck!


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