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Do Animals Reincarnate

Do Animals Reincarnate
Do Birds Reincarnate?By Ann Jaffin The Cayce readings fit to tell us that flora and fauna may go with us from one constant to numerous. Except bestow is not far away information about this area of expertise in the readings, what is bestow is remarkable. Maximum of what we find about the resurrection of flora and fauna in the Cayce readings, we owe to Mrs. 268. In the same way as this lady asked about her past-life relationship with her niece, Cayce told her that they had been together in a Roman experience. The woman consequently asked about a possible further than life with her tiny dog, Mona. Cayce serenely replied, "In the extremely experience." Starving to be exact that she unspecified, she asked, "In the Roman?" Cayce bona fide it and replied, "The Roman!" She followed up by asking, "Was she a dog then? Doubtlessly to the bombshell of all, Cayce understood that the dog had been "a lion!" (268-3) A week succeeding, Mrs. 268 got a reading for her husband and asked about his further than relationship to Mona. (Q) Having the status of relation is he to the tiny dog Mona? (A) He fought with the body in the Roman experience. (Q) Having the status of was Mona then? (A) The lioness that fought with the entity, and with frequent that dispirited a mixture of that the entity was consequently seeking to aid. (280-1) This information requirement persist generated heaps a bit of implicate given that ancient family members what's more asked about Mona in their readings. The woman's niece asked: (Q) Courage Mona always be a dog? (A) That depends upon the environ and the scenery. No. (405-1) Mrs. 268's nephew what's more got a reading and asked about Mona.(Q) May perhaps a life reading be obtained candid these sources for Aunt [268]'s tiny dog Mona? (A) May be. As to Having the status of it may be is different! It may not be unspecified, unless you learn dog language! (406-1) As remarkable as all of this is, in some good wishes it raises over questions than it answers. Nevertheless, what it tells us adds a new range to our understanding not only of resurrection but of life. The first alarm is that, according to Cayce, Mona reincarnated! She lived in Roman times and she came back in twentieth-century America. That is unexpected tolerable. But secondly, the reading what's more says that Mona diverse form. Except she remained an instinctive, she had seemingly progressed from being a sepulcher instinctive of dig out to being a pet. How or why this change occurred we are not told. She remained female but reincarnated in a far away smaller body. The husband's reading provides some notes that in Rome as a lioness, Mona had fought with him and others that he was trying to help. This absolutely sounds like the harassment of Christians, plausibly in the Coliseum. In the niece's reading, we last to designate overwhelming information about how flora and fauna reincarnate. This girl asked a major question about whether Mona would always be a dog. Once upon a time stating that this depends on the site and the scenery, Cayce understood, "No," that Mona would not always be a dog. While bestow is no over information on Mona's ancient lifetimes or whether or not flora and fauna experience interplanetary sojourns linking Position lives like we do, we can only put money on about these assurance. How this incarnation occurred from uncontrollable viper to bungalow pet is not explained but I think that this is in defense with Cayce's philosophy of growth and progress for all. The nephew what's more asked a able question in his reading and Cayce gave numerous helpful welcome. In the same way as the boy asked about the bring about of getting a life reading for Mona, Cayce understood that little it might be due to, no one would understand it unless they intellectual dog language perfectly implying that dog language exists. Gratuitous to say, no one pursued this idea any considerably. ANN JAFFIN, MS, a former teacher, is an A.R.E. Life Follower, and a forty-year pupil of Edgar Cayce's work. In a handsome karmic "coincidence," Ann and her husband discovered that 20 Cayce readings were set for their extended family. Her book, "Slim Lives and Set up Luck," published by A.R.E. Drive, is a comprehensive study of resurrection. Retired from the National Say, Ann has a Masters Paradigm in Home and Clearance Propel from the School of Maryland.


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