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The Tvweek Saturday 29th October Friday 4th November 2011

The Tvweek Saturday 29th October Friday 4th November 2011


6.00PM THE CHASE: Repute Concern ITV - Bradley hosts a picture concern of the popular daytime gameshow.

9.45PM PIERS MORGAN'S Chirpiness STORIES ITV - Repute interviews beginning with Gavin ">SUNDAY

7.00PM THE Agree ITV - The gameshow fronted by Philip Schofield returns for a fourth series.

9.00PM DA VINCI: THE Lonely Profit BBC1 - Fiona Bruce uncovers the story of Leonardo da Vinci, who is slow by regular to be one of the greatest artists who ever lived. Yet his proof rests on only a handful of movies - plus the world's highest paranormal knack, the Mona Lisa. As the Internal Loggia in London prepares to open its doors on a amazing exhibit of Leonardo's work, Fiona appointments to Florence, Milan, Paris and Warsaw to learn add-on about this impenetrable talent - and to New York, everyplace she is particular an expensive indication of a shocking discovery: a new Leonardo.

9.00PM LOUIS THEROUX: AMERICA'S Limit Awful PETS BBC2 - Louis Theroux meets owners of exoctic pets in America. Among a woman who lives with Chimps and a man with over 150 Tigers.

10.00PM ALAN CARR Outspoken MAN Route 4 - Alan is ally by musician Nicole Scherzinger who league about her latest single, Brit actors Simon Pegg and Slash Cool get talk about their roles in the Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson movie: The Adventures of Tintin, and former X Parameter 2010 hit Matt Cardle performs a footprints from his new soundtrack

10.00PM MISFITS E4 - Misfits returns for the third series, and new kid on the hurl Rudy gets a flashy encouragement in his first few natural life of community service, learning that with the keys to the prominent closet room comes a great collection of piece, ear-piercing and, in some instances, overthrow. But that indeed is the least possible of his qualms. First-class rumbling is just how to keep his secret superpower, well, secret. And is it super? As in, is it from the A-List? The rest of the society are with back with all-new powers. So, just how did that trade-off with Seth the superpower dealer go down?


2.15PM THE Model BBC1 - Five-part daytime be flippant series that concludes on Friday. Tony Powell is accused of murdering his momentously ill spouse Saskia Stanley in this new courtroom be flippant for BBC One Era. It's a erroneous he zealously denies, insisting it was a shell of assisted suicide. A letter, hypothetically from Saskia, confirms this but a covering tape Tony insists they made together is forlorn. asked to justify Tony is barrister Sol Ridley. It's his first murder shell and he surprises age group by appointing beginner barrister Julie Formerly as his partner. Starring Dean Andews of Embers to Embers.

9.00PM Caustic EDGE: Raid OF THE Throw ADVISORS Route 4 - This Caustic Edge mist reveals Britain's highest close Throw Advisors and meets some of the hoteliers and restaurateurs at war with the site.


8.00PM THE Provisions Medical center Route 4 - Group that examines the science set down using feed as drug. In experiments conducted with harsh technological rigour, patients burden from a range of medical background and symptoms are invited to work The Provisions Medical center, everyplace they are stiff specific feed treatment programmes to find out if their remedial problems can be alleviated or cured by the feed they eat.

9.00PM THE Limit Heroic Disagreement OF Fabrication WAR TWO BBC2 - Documentary about Peer of the realm Ashdown - a former Delightful Forces Commando - tells the story of the Cockleshell Heroes who led one of the highest fearless and brawny Commando raids of the Superfluous Fabrication War. In 1942, Britain was harassed to become ragged back against Nazi Germany. Faulty the resources for a Superfluous Anterior, Churchill inspired milestone and fearless new methods of brawl.


9.00PM HOT The same as US BBC3 - Group pitting model couples against each substitute to test whether their relationship is add-on than fur convincing, as eight couples live together and compete in each one relationship and modelling tasks. Judging the modelling tasks is casting director Jody Furlong, seeing that relationship expert Emma Kenny board of judges them on the strength of their relationships with a series of telling tasks. Each interlude is themed approximately one demeanor of a lasting relationship, from chemistry and romance to lure and marriage, with tailored challenges set to test their devotion for each substitute.

11.05PM STEVE JOBS: THE MAN WHO Distinctive THE Fabrication Route 4 - Nearly a month has agreed before the cost of the founder of the Apple passenger terminal sophistication, Steve Jobs. This one-hour uncharacteristic tells the story of the formidable life of one of America's highest successful innovators and entrepreneurs.


8.00PM THE BIG Thump Notions E4 - In the opening interlude of the fifth series, Denomination qualms that she's screwed stuff up with her friends behindhand her night with Raj. Meanwhile Sheldon takes pray of the paintball assistant.

8.30PM HOW I MET YOUR Blood relation E4 - Seventh series of the American sitcom.

9.00PM THE WORLD'S STRICTEST PARENTS BBC3 - Obstinate British teenagers experience harsh parenting on the substitute side of the world. Two resigned single dads total to overconfident their out-of-control teenagers to Argentina for a tackle of good out of date South American parenting. 17-year-old Remzi Tomlin from Romford in Essex is forever bloodsucking off his dad, who bankrolls him to the tune of lb250 a month. 16-year-old Bryony Harris from West Sussex has such immense meet the criteria bad temper, she has been kicked out of two for one person schools.


9.00PM SUSAN BOYLE: AN Out-of-the-way Superstar ITV - Disarming mist inventor Osca Humphreys follows the tabloid life of the woman whose success has become one of the highest formidable stories of our time. This mist examines how Susan Boyle has been coping with her new life as an international public figure and asks whether term and grouping unite they say that made her happy. At hand is record of Susan in the give shelter to film her new soundtrack, travelling to Shanghai for a stadium performance, and in a meeting with Simon Cowell.

9.30PM Accommodate AT THE APOLLO BBC1 - Micky Flanagan introduces Seann Walsh; and Irish favourite Jason Byrne.

11.10PM Stand-up comedian FOR THE WEEK Route 4 - New slapstick comedian show Control Up for the Week returns for a

third series with six brand-new episodes and a new line-up, as Jon Richardson hosts and Luxurious Genre is ally by assistant newcomers Seann Walsh, Teaser Widdicombe, Sara Pascoe and Paul Chowdhry.


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