Thursday, July 24, 2014

Styles Of Leadership

Styles Of Leadership
At the rear of reading ch. 3 I began to think a lot about theВ style approach to leadership.В My first thoughtВ before reading this was that leadership is in total unspoken. Although, behindhand reading the part and yielding it some negotiations I pass withВ others that say leadershipВ can be taught; it is not just something that you are born with. As the book says, "the style approach gives a leader a way to look at his or her own habits". Next leaders are able to assess their own style of leadership they are similarly able to bring out out ways to change their leadership style. Leaders will similarly be able to concede how their leadership style affects others and how others reply to their styleВ of leadership. It is for these reasons that I consider leadership can be qualified is is not just unspoken. If leaders are able to assess and almost certainly change their leadership style, moreover they ought to similarly be able to learn leadership traits.


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