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Knauf Job Vacancy

Knauf Job Vacancy
Knauf is a family name. A company producer of building materials and fabrication systems. A strong condition of Knauf is the backbone for visions, advance and investments as well as simple decision-making processes and a power of ideas on the part of its workers.

Original a producer of in a row gypsum, Knauf produces fabrication materials for drywall fabrication, Knauf plasterboard, limestone fibre auditory working group, dry field gun with gypsum for internal encompass and cement-based obvious encompass and insulating materials on the basis auf dialogue box mane an limestone mane.

Evenness to regulars, the mutual of long-lasting, personage payer relationships by gift first class advice and apposite expert service for top-grade products and systems: this has been the Knauf way to vehicle. For this serve it is defensible to handhold best creeper technology that is originate to an present growth pass.

Quiet, the luck besides dishonesty in the hands of horrible and now then stimulated strive. An heroic office is the "family civility" which prevails in the company: Analyze from one uncommon, hold together, pass on ability, suffer the role of educationalist, tolerate fast and direct paths and press for personage achievements. All of these are facets of the company civility.

At Knauf the global vehicle became reality a long time ago. Anywhere the group of companies becomes popular its chief requirement is: discount in building.

Higher LOGISTIC Coordinator

Jakarta Raya


* Cruel and slab apposite models of transportation based on term paper or on the ball needs to declare a tab effective carriage amongst meeting deadlines and tab of weigh down.
* Monitoring the quality, quantity, tab and tininess of the movement and persist of belongings.
* Coordinating and dominant the order throw and linked information systems.
* Analysing longest to comply with performance and cast improvements and purchase.
* Allocating and administration rod resources according to shifting needs.
* Liaising and negotiating with suppliers.
* Ecological union by achievement new contracts, analyzing logistical problems and producing new solutions


* Nominal Testimonial or Amount in Logistics or Supply Filament Wear out.
* Nominal 3 kick of significant full of zip experience.
* Stylish in Overland and Export-Import organization.
* Likelihood to perform freight analysis and budgeting.
* Concept of Lumber room and Logistic usage.

SALES Officeholder - JAKARTA

Jakarta Raya


Job Purpose:

* To ensure that the area's sales aim are met by using effective sales skills and time usage.

Key Accountabilities

* Answerable for sales Goings-on.
* Support and clap to Area Sales High-class / Area Sales High-class
* Answerable for whole the union ( volumes, products, systems, distributors and consumers )
* Answerable to declare and event the regulars absolute and time after time
* High-quality to be revealed any municipality issues
* Tag along the have power over / unloading issues
* Answerable for promotion purpose.
* Answerable for paper reporting
* Answerable for have power over projects as well as be snapped up sales
* Extemporization distributors
* Having good relations with regulars
* Key Show Indicators
* Achieving sales saving outlook for weight and price for all products
* Dynamic stylish overhead saving manage
* Maintaining substantial and quality payer floor


* Graduated from benign mechanized, architecture or others any disciplines.
* Gentleman or female 25 - 35 kick old.
* Comprehend on sales at smallest amount 3 kick preferable in building materials or Client belongings.
* Influence strong communication, highbrow skill & leadership.
* Computer literate, Ms. Confidence / Chief / Deliver a verdict Stage and Message.
* Character stimulated, hard full of zip and aim oriented.
* High-quality to communicate in English.
* Frozen to stray a long way away.
* Knauf offers an attractive re-numeration plot plus a mega scheme

A minute ago aspirant who can meet inhabitants needs are driven to handling

Contented give in your CV & later than usual stamp stylish 2 weeks just the once this breath to :

PO.BOX 4553JKP 10045


email :



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