Friday, December 14, 2012

Tiara Thursday Some Ladies Of England

Tiara Thursday Some Ladies Of England
This is the continue of my fingers-crossed, please-oh-please-let-it-still-exist Emperor Mary tiaras. Keen, the continue one for a even if, at least possible. I guarantee. I just can't help it: I love this one.

Today's headband was a nuptial flamboyance to Emperor Mary. We shall call it the Clear Ladies of England headband. And I bet you can't iffy who gave it to her...that's right, some ladies of England did. (Crispness in headband naming is ardently underrated.)

It's a rhombus and rock headband, which makes it partially basic and broad. And you can besides conflict it as a necklace (ultra), which is adept.

It can ornament wear down, too. Can you see it in the ultra pictures? Mary's tiring it on the neckline of her friction. (This is Mary as Duchess of York with her Duke, all jeweled up for the Duchess of Devonshire's clothing earth celebrating Emperor Victoria's Parallelogram Jubilee in 1897.)

I love the swagged/festoon conception on the side, with the raised halfway point create. I find it indicative of two of my dear tiaras (every one of which we just need meeting in enormity some Thursday): the Girls of Peak Britain and Ireland headband that belongs now to Emperor Elizabeth, and Emperor Maud's rock headband that belongs to the Norwegian royal lower house (off beneath in every one of its two formats).

And now we need insert the mutual disclaimer: this hasn't been seen in a long, long time. Considerably like the Surrey Unavoidable, it hasn't made a community give the impression that while the early time of Emperor Mary's marriage.

Do you think it's still kicking coarsely somewhere? (Don't say no. You'll break my core.)

UPDATE: My core is meager, the headband is no longer in nature. It was smashed up to outset the Cambridge Lover's Snuggle up Tiara.


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