Saturday, December 8, 2012

K Pop Star Kim Na Yoon To Join Sistars Agency

K Pop Star Kim Na Yoon To Join Sistars Agency
KIM NA YOON, one of the definite contestants from SBS "K-POP Given name," is close to signing with Starship Entertaining, the wear and tear agency for SISTAR andBOYFRIEND."Kim Na Yoon is all but program to sign with Starship Entertaining. Her get stuck negotiation is being thriving reviewed. It's not finalized yet, but it will soon after be signed," Given name Rumor reported quoting an prescribed from Starship Entertaining.Kim Na Yoon, a Korean-American from California, has available flashes of warmth concerning her defenses on "K-Pop Given name." Her incredible cloth performance of ALICIA KEYS' "FALLIN'" has earned her the luminary "ability girl," as she made it all the way up to the Top 9.However she was one of the primordial contestants to chock the show's definite live stage, Kim Na Yoon has been one of the utmost popular contestants, time after time attracting the addressees attention. Kim Na Yoon without difficulty has the looks and the skills, but it will be up to Starship Entertaining to turn her raw talents into no matter which over.For folks who haven't seen her gorgeous performance on "K-Pop Given name," make undoubtedly you watch the decorate below!


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