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Sbi Vladimir Putin Is Russias Ronald Reagan

Sbi Vladimir Putin Is Russias Ronald Reagan

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PATRICK SCHWERDTFEGER IS A MOTIVATIONAL Speaker who can speak about Vladimir Putin, Russian politics or media extremism at your appearance regulation phenomenon. Manage us to limit availability. The full summary of this chronicle is included bottom.

Hi and welcome to new-found variety of Explanation Compress Insights. So today we're leave-taking to talk about Vladimir Putin, and the fact that Vladimir Putin is Russia's Ronald Reagan. Evidently, Russia's been in the news fully a bit righteous with the wrestle in Syria and now of scuttle what's by the side of in the Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin is a very interesting begin in the role of obviously the Western media hates this guy and the Western devotee launch hates this guy. We love to villainize Vladimir Putin and make him out to be the devil.

At least, let me tell you, there's new-found side to this souvenir and that's awfully what this chronicle is about, is just characteristics of a little bit of reaction that in Russia they love Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin is like a interest of Ronald Reagan and James Indulgence. They love that guy. Now, I'm not saying they love him unanimously. For instance he had his secret ballot expound were protests, so expound is a section of the Russian people that does not like Vladimir Putin, but for the most part, imaginatively the command and totally in the region, Vladimir Putin is fully a popular devotee begin. He's a good communicator. He's a very irrefutable leader, he's very irrefutable in his leadership, he makes decisions smartly and very black and white - there's not a lot of washed-out subdivision for him, and he stands up to the USA. He stands up to America, which they love in the role of they don't like America.

Now, keep in mind, the Russian frugality is like brusque by comparison to the US. It's like one-tenth the size of the US. In fact, the Russian frugality is about the exceptionally size as the California frugality. It's totally a little bit slighter than the California frugality, I think. So Russia's frugality is fully small, but the defense it has such a enormous pathway in world politics is on the whole for two reasons.

Sum one, the characteristics of Eurasian continent, which is the single biggest land cadaver on the world, is conquered by Russia. Russia is a enormous, enormous command. It's almost increase by two the size of Canada, and Canada is the second largest command on the planet. So Russia is enormous, which appropriate they're a raw material precious thing trove. They've got masses of raw materials and a lot of oil and a lot of gas. In fact, if you look at oil-exporting countries, Russia is number one and they are almost increase by two as by far oil, or not fully but close to increase by two as by far, as Saudi Arabia, which is second. So Russia has a enormous ingredient of oil and they see to a lot of oil.

Now, there's a caliber that we need to make her in the role of it affects Vladimir Putin's pathway entering his command and extremely about the world. So when a command exports oil, most countries that do that, they have leases essentially on their own land. So the companies that are taking the oil out of the pitch and refining it and ecstasy it out, well, they get some of the earnings for sure- and these oil companies do make an damaging lot of blameless as we all know-but a lot of the currency goes dull to the legislative body in the role of it's their land. This is by the side of positively in Saudi Arabia and a lot of the further countries in the Principal East, and further countries like Venezuela of scuttle gets a lot of currency straight from oil exports, and of scuttle Russia. Russia exports a enormous ingredient of oil and a lot of that currency goes dull to the legislative body.

Now, if you compare that to the United States, most of the United States government's currency just comes from tax revenues, so they have to tax the relations and corporations in the command and also get that currency from them. But meanwhile, Russia, they tax their people, they tax their corporations, but they have new-found challenge booster, which is from these oil sales. So the legislative body in Russia gets an damaging lot of currency from exporting this oil, which appropriate that Vladimir Putin has a irregular power. Firm the size of his frugality, he has greater power than you would hope in the role of they get all this currency right to the legislative body, which is why Russia can spend so by far of their currency sprouting their own missiles. And the precise Crunchy War and whatever thing, the only defense that was totally reasonable, awfully, in the role of the frugality in Russia was by far slighter than the frugality in the United States, so why were they competitive? At least, of scuttle we fashion out as the fact that they awfully weren't concerning as ruthless as we inkling hip the Crunchy War, but totally still the sparkle of being ruthless was expound in the role of the legislative body in Russia got all this currency from exporting oil and they possibly will operate all that currency and use it to blush their military, their army, all their armaments. Russia's got a lot of weapons and they sell weapons about the world and they world an damaging lot of weapons, and they can do that in the role of they have currency leave-taking straight into the legislative body.

So that props up Vladimir Putin. He's a stout guy. He's got record to a lot of currency and he's got record to a lot of missiles. And look, he's ex-KGB, which is like essentially the CIA except possibly totally let down. So the guy dishonesty before his teeth. They make these unnatural notes like "the United States infiltrates all these situations about the world and tries to mold objects and, oh, we're Russia, we don't do that." That's not true at all. Russia's got its fingers into whatever thing and they've got their own operatives. Apiece sides are undertaking that, and positively Ukraine is the best example of all Russia and the United States getting their people, their feet on the pitch, and trying to mold objects and mold peddling inside of the Ukraine whether it leans Western towards Europe or Eastern towards Russia.

So Vladimir Putin dishonesty before his teeth, but the point of this chronicle is to say, look, he's not the devil in everybody's eyes. Portray is a part of the world that awfully looks up to that guy and there's a media launch in Russia that props him up and awfully uses him as a guidepost of what they hardship be undertaking. They think he's making the right choices and they think that we're making the misleading choices current in America.

So one of the objects that I do just to characteristics of link my view of the world-and I gad about a lot for my work and I'm unfailingly leave-taking to original countries. I've been to the Principal East in out of the ordinary a number of times, so it's very pretentious for me to have a general understanding of the original points of view. And let me tell you something: American media like CNN, you are not leave-taking to get a agreeable point of view by comment America media. So what I do, I get almost all of my news, my understanding of the world, from a settle on of four apps which I have on my phone, and they are the CNN app; the BBC app, which is in the UK; RT, which is Russia, and that's owned by the Russian legislative body so it's very weighed down and pro-Russia, but it's good to recognize that point of view; and also Al Jazeera, which is out of Qatar, or as some people say, KUH-tar, which is specific global on the Muslim world and has a very original point of view. So CNN, BBC, RT, and Al Jazeera, and I try to look at persons apps almost every day, and many times they talk about the exceptionally news story but they have barren original points of view. And I think it's awfully pretentious, identical if you're in international regulation, if you gad about, if you have clientele internationally or if you have ambitions or aspirations to grow your regulation beyond our borders or possibly in a original part of the world ahead of, is to have an understanding of what's leave-taking on in original parts of the world.

And Vladimir Putin is a shine example of everybody who is demonized current in the United States and awfully imaginatively Western Europe as well, but meanwhile, in Russia, he's fully methodically hailed as a central character and his inheritance will suffer. He is Ronald Reagan of Russia. Ronald Reagan was a enormous devotee begin current in the United States and people recurrently pass on back to Ronald Reagan as an payable leader. Whether you traditional with that or not, it's a reality in America. A lot of people look up to the leadership that Ronald Reagan provided hip his eight lifetime in the Ashen Honor. At least, let me tell you, in Russia Vladimir Putin holds that specialized exceptionally position and his inheritance will suffer, and it's good for you as a businessperson or just as a citizen of the world to see all sides of that talk.

Prayer so by far for comment this chronicle. My name is Patrick, reminding you as unfailingly to think bigger about your regulation, think bigger about your life.

PATRICK SCHWERDTFEGER IS A KEYNOTE Speaker who has understood at conferences and conventions in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Principal East and Asia. Oblige clap the change bottom to have over about speaking debit and availability.

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