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Guest Reviews Teen Titans 14 The Origin Of Wonder Girl Part 2

Guest Reviews Teen Titans 14 The Origin Of Wonder Girl Part 2
Young person TITANS #14 Second look

"Who Deserves the Deep-rooted Armour? First Second look by Johnkmccubbin91 at Curious Stem"

I confine overall been enjoying this prepared and it's been very fun. The in existence story linking Presage Girl's launch has still been very poor and I dream the Death of the Relatives crossover, along with this prepared and Red Hood and the Outlaws is better.


This issue sees Presage Girl, down in the dumps with Superboy and Red Robin in search of Diesel and the Deep-rooted Armour he's fashionable. Meanwhile Kid Flare up and Ditch are bored waiting for the others to reinstatement, and Solstice gets visited by Kurt Spike who offers to make her human again.

Second look

Titans Vs Diesel's Armed forces

This was a hurtful issue and the developing Presage Girl launch story hasn't been as good as I hoped. This issue felt very speedy and is by far not one of Scott Lobdell's best written stories. I've loved how he's written the characters throughout the prepared, and above the chemistry along with Superboy, Presage Girl and Red Robin. I was also happy that this story they confine been the indication characters with the new Titans making hasty appearances, but this issue they didn't get as to a large extent time to act as a go-between. I did like how in spite of the schism you may well still see that any Superboy, and outstandingly Red Robin cared for Presage Girl but it would confine been nice if we'd seen a bit very. Whilst I liked the accident along with Diesel and Presage Girl, unchanged it felt speedy, which was hurtful. Lobdell does still rule to show the self of each character surge, and I liked how he handled the small sequence along with Kid Flare up and Ditch.

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"Titan's Smash! First Second look by Batwatch at Curious Stem"

Young person Titans has had a impressive irregular run since off fearfully but becoming better with the in existence story arc. At the same time as I unloved Lobdell's unique issues of Young person Titans, I've origin in person promising adoring of the defining three characters as they set off on their own to help Cassie put into operation and along with retrieve her guard. Does this issue get bigger encouragement on the chemistry along with Red Robin, Superboy, and Presage Girl, or does this trio of Titans fail to please?


In this issue, the titan trinity is attacked by Diesel, Miguel and Bart whine, Kiran meets a unfamiliar character, and Red Robin and Superboy do atrocity with guard warriors equally Cassie faces her old sparkle.

Second look

Peak of the chemistry I loved so to a large extent from the support issue moved out in this one. We still get a summarize bit of relationships along with Tim, Superboy, and Cassie, but the issue spends a lot of time big business with Cassie's accident with Diesel which was only to some extent enthralling and Red Robin and Superboy's accident with some device clever pistol cuisine.

The guard warriors were impressive uninspired and lackluster enemies, and honestly openly, Ale Garza's art did not genuinely make a good display case for the disagreement. Superboy swoops at bad guys equally Red Robin flaps at them with his wings. Yawn.

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What on earth I Exert yourself

Put into the shade - 4/5

ART - 3/5



Lounge - 4/5

Honor - 3.9

I seemed to confine enjoyed this issue now better than any John and Jeremy. My biggest bugbear in the issue has to be the art. At first I supposition it was kinda exacting and wanted it, but the very I read the very it seemed like it was trying to be a cartoon style but inferior. Stretch some characters looked fine, some were revolting like Kid Flare up for example. I like the fact that we get to see Kid Flare up, Ditch and Solstice in this issue, I only wish they were undeniably operate whatever thing impressive than Bart painful over Solstice. We do get a small side story with Kurt Spike trying to renovate Solstice so it will be enthralling to see anywhere that goes. I did enjoyed reading about Presage Girls New 52 launch in the role of I'm anonymous with the character as all commencing I just started reading DC during the reboot. The end of the issue we see Drake run off to Gotham, only to confine the Titans judge a present moved out by the Riddle a few moments latter.

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