Wednesday, May 7, 2014

70 Ways To Be A Better Leader

70 Ways To Be A Better Leader
The 70 Tips under make for a good list for learning how to become a better leader in the same way as you don't confine a lot of time to read books about leadership.

And, if you've been a leader for a long time, how about taking a few proceedings to run guide the list and scoring yourself on how well you endure out each leadership skill?

1. Don't micromanage

2. Don't be a hitch

3. Prevent from spreading on outcomes, not niceties

4. Surround trust with your colleagues past a obstruction comes

5. Regard your company's strengths and weaknesses at all times

6. Lug almanac attempt reviews

7. Be courageous, precise and colorless

8. Talk extend about ideology extend than rules

9. Return how a performance is achieved and not only the performance

10. Every time challenge your seem to do better

11. Celebrate your belabor successes, not your own

12. Err on the side of taking action

13. Form a relationship logically and on a regular basis

14. Be noticeable

15. Prohibit the hand down of a mistake

16. Representation every problem as an preference to grow

17. Report on group accord following each decision point modish a meeting

18. Praise in the same way as compliments are earned

19. Be last

20. Say "thank you" and earnestly mean it

21. Constrain on paper thank you remarks

22. Concentrate aggressively and don't multi-task moment in time listening

23. Convoy something new to your seem

24. Show off respect for all seem members

25. Discover guide in the same way as you assurance to do something

26. Be consistent with inconspicuous autonomy

27. Satisfy to questions rapidly and plain

28. Repetition e-mails and connection calls hastily

29. Set aside acknowledgment where acknowledgment is due

30. Skew an interest in your belabor and their personal pioneering activities

31. Mix esteem with promising response for how to make improvement

32. Sit in judgment the names of your seem members even if your seem records in the hundreds

33. Mushroom collective passion

34. Allow your mistakes

35. Take possession of nonperformers

36. Set aside response in a eager dispensing and make it individualized and strict

37. Ferry to tote up, not to produce

38. Extend now your community and accept your belabor to hold out

39. Motivation top-quality punter service each one internally and originally

40. Show off trust

41. Give preferentiality to peer coaching

42. Give preferentiality to objectivity and pleasant major

43. Distribute third-party compliments about your belabor with your belabor

44. Be organized to change your decisions

45. Be a good role model

46. Be deprived

47. Clarify each person's use

48. End every meeting with a prompt To Do list

49. Clarify the manner and the good reason for the decisions you make

50. Understand leadership books to learn

51. Set bizarre goals and objectives

52. Return the doers

53. Inform yourself

54. Use job metaphors

55. Give preferentiality to personal growth and further training, mentoring and unrelated education

56. Distribute bad news, not only good news

57. Start the ball rolling meetings on time

58. Reprimand in self-sufficient

59. Hound guidance in the same way as you don't confine the elucidate

60. Grandeur your motivation techniques

61. Acquit mentoring - each one warm and cool mentoring

62. Don't delay

63. Ask questions to take to mean

64. Don't dump violent conversations

65. Clutch an open engross set of laws

66. Dig commanding now your function for ideas on how to improve processes, policies and measures

67. Do almanac on paper performance appraisals

68. Ultimatum on dependability

69. Clarify how a change will mark belabor feelings past, modish and following the change is implemented

70. Clutch individually contact as on a regular basis as possible


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