Thursday, April 10, 2014

Teams 365 Blog For Teams And Team Leaders

Teams 365 Blog For Teams And Team Leaders
Contented New Year! I prospect that you had a pleasurable leave flavor. One of my 2014 projects is the Teams 365 blog for Teams and Society Leaders. You can view it over at my Potentials Realized site inwards.

All DAY this court I will be supply teams and team leaders with a question, tip or resource to help them do better work. As profuse of you appreciate team cultivation is a important train of the work I do. Sooner than the hundreds of teams I specific worked with, and supported, over the have space for twenty plus duration it's astounding to see how secure issues are, regardless of locate or industry. Please growth the news to previous teams and team leaders who can in addition benefit from these lecture insights.

I prospect that you will suffer the Teams365 blog. You can in addition survey the lecture posts on our Potentials Realized Facebook inferior or at my Squeak scavenge.

Communicate are a couple of the first few questions so far this year:

You can in addition download your own SWOT strategic planning cut-out inwards as well.

I look means to picking up on the Track a-z I started in the fall. I'll be resuming ordinary (weekly-ish) posts on leadership issues inwards at the blog later this week.

Cart a great open to 2014!

Sooner than best needs,


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