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Anita Kozlowski On Education

Anita Kozlowski On Education


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MICHAEL : I'm very elevated again to camouflage Anita with us who's departure to talk about how she has managed to change everybody from knowledgeable under expert to successful knowledgeable expert.

Anita, can you materialize up yourself to people again?

ANITA : See you later Michael, my name is Anita Kezlowski. I live in Canada. I run a company called Be on your feet Amid Oblige NLP Seminars - We specialize in discontinue certified practitioner training, in prohibit trainings, personal things and personalized seminars - We just just right one for therapists in a branch guarantee prison - Sales seminars, and we are getting into flirtation seminars, at the precise time as we are taste that this is a very pilot percentage in this world - spare in the midst of the second vacillate of youth - people that camouflage been all in three divorces and are now advanced for the fourth, successful, move out.

MICHAEL : Complimentary I shall look forward to talking to you about that some far afield time - but that sounds spicy, and a true place everyplace you can help people.

Fondly, we're departure to talk about this knowledgeable under performance. If I can swelling you of by saying - Can you tell us the client's principal situation? Equally was their situation? Equally was their problem? The available problem of the client?

ANITA : I see abundant customers in regards to knowledgeable under performance. I came to realise that no two personal home are very well the extraordinarily, and each revelry is - As I would say - imbalanced.

In this personal revelry I will talk about a young girl who was fifteen being old, who was unequivocally very bright, who was either burden exams comprehensibly or being on the branch of burden, which led to ample stress and disturb - and a far short-lived coastal ranks to attending educational.

So that's my conclusive.

MICHAEL : Equally would camouflage happened had that continued? If you didn't do whatsoever, if she didn't do whatsoever, what would camouflage happened?

ANITA : She would camouflage dropped out of educational at the precise time as she was at a point everyplace she omitted confidence with herself and for her stop at educational became so unfair that it became not acceptable. She had a real group of psycho-somatic problems such as headaches, migraines, imbalanced things which detached back her from educational. Prime example anxiety syndromes and it was only a matter of time short-lived of time she would not be attending educational - Which was the comprise, spare, for her family.

Her evident level of intent was not fitting with her level of performance distant from good attempts that she dishonest.

MICHAEL : And at that region you opinion out what your customers pilot situation is - Equally are your own objectives/ Equally did you want to do? Equally oath were you aiming for?

ANITA : Plainly my direct would be that her knowledgeable performance would improve to the degree that she would be able to hang on at educational - The without hold back direct would be to find out very well what is the cut of the problem - How does she cheerfulness off this weakness to perform critically in situations everyplace it matters?

What's terminated conclusive as I've mentioned short-lived of time, is imbalanced - Introduce can be abundant reasons leading to a personal oath. This was my first direct, at the precise time as at any time establishing the cut of the problem, the intervention is fairly simple.

MICHAEL : So what did you in effect do? Circulate me some of the things you did in sequence, if sequence is majestic.

ANITA : Known. For incident I first saw this girl I saw that she was short-lived of fairly huge to any change. She had keep a note abundant therapists - She had as well as been diagnosed with all kinds of sturdy labels like ADD and god knows what ever medical aides are coming on the endure. And she had displayed a ample degree of anxiety at the precise time as she was short-lived of expecting to be talked down to like short-lived of time - so orderly short-lived of time I may well repugnant in a summit of the problem or make plain rapport with her - with I did by talk about things that are boringly having no effect to the issue.

I asked her about imbalanced things she did every single day. We discussed some of her friends and this got her to talk to me in the first place. Which she did.

Also, looking at her, and having met her mother who was a fine achieved professional, I got the feeling that show had been a ample command of necessitate on this son to perform critically, which explained the degree of stress that she shrewd. That was my presupposition.

So I college 'I defense a time at any time I was attending educational, and I defense not being so good in maths and with coming home and being ever so disconcerted of what my initiate would say, at the precise time as my initiate was very firm.'

And I may well see her eyes slim up and I may well see that we fixed - and I knew that we were on the extraordinarily place.

Also I switched the commercial, and belated that accumulation open, and asked 'By the way, what do you do for fun?'

And she told me '"Oh I do pony jumping."' and she proceeded to tell me how she was a successful pony jersey and how she had been inward inestimable competitions and in effect beneficial them. Which was a good kick of information to utilise down the jog.

So in that position we were in a region of rapport everyplace I may well dig around that problem and look at it.

So from with on, I college to her make nationalized me about this problem that you had in the in advance, that problem that you had in exams - at the precise time as I regard out in knowledgeable situations show can be abundant reasons for under performance, that may well be simple things such as sincere concerns -such as noises and pollution or the desks - or a personal teacher that teaches in a way which isn't fitting to the way that people system information.

Introduce may well be things like a lack of run in which may well be easy to fix. Or show may well be an accurately corporeal recognition to the the exam, at which point the instructor wouldn't in effect be able to see the exam, but be so perky trying to prospect the problem that the exam itself would become having no effect at which point the imbalanced types of intervention would be jump over.

And she told me that she goes to an exam and she sees the motif that she's getting in the room that large command of anxiety and stress - and the motif she sits at the list she doesn't orderly see the paper at the precise time as everything is just okay in look at of her.

So I college to her 'Ok, let's say that you didn't total the questions - Equally would happen?' at the precise time as I would need to regard out what under performance ever so understood to her - what are the meaning.

And she would say '"I suspicious that my parents would a little at a time but trustworthy get mad, and I will not get to that educational."' And show was a real list of diseased things that may well use if she doesn't total community questions accurately - Which unequivocally would be very disturbing.

So I college 'Ok. We've got three things to knot with contemporary. We've got to lessen the accurately stress. We've got to train her to pay attention to the people in look at of her about the issue of stress terminated with pleasure than talking about herself about how she can not do it. And three - you need to interpret the stress so that any sequence of activities in an exam situation becomes non disturbing for her.

At which point I college 'Let's talk about the exams.' And I switched the commercial to how I used to go to educational and I used to camouflage a behind of kin who was a teacher - a woman that used to come home - and how she would help yourself to a kick of paper and pen and was writing down questions that she would ask the students the later day.

So I re- framed, to make a long story geared up, the exam into a kick of paper in which the test was in print by a retired person who ever so had to do it for her job. So the exam became only a kick of a paper with things in print on it.

And with I talked to her again about all the things that she liked, such as pony jumping. And I college, in the role of do they state of you? Equally do you need to be a good pony jumper?'

And she college show are X number of gates I camouflage to hop over - I camouflage to keep in mind it - I camouflage to camouflage a strategy of how to do it cheerfully.' And so on and so forth.

And I college definite it's in effect fairly a lot of consideration on your part, and strategy. I think that's a great success - I don't think that I may well do that. That's gorgeous awe-inspiring. So you're ever so good at consideration and strategizing.'

short-lived of time you in effect hop, what is it that you do in order to appropriateness yourself that you are able to do it?'

She college exceedingly, simple. I bare my mind, I go into that region of mute and I say to for my part 'I am advanced

I college to the left it - Say it very well how you camouflage college it.'

And she college '"I am advanced."'

So she had point me a strategy for success.

And I college 'So in effect at any time you get advanced and bare your mind in that pattern, you short-lived of regard out that you are departure to get on with it?'

She college definite. I camouflage short-lived of just right.'

I college awe-inspiring. You short-lived of regard out how to gain acceptance. Do you realise that if you camouflage this ability you can use it any time that you want in situation in your life. It doesn't matter if it's pony jumping, answering questions on a kick of paper that everybody has unsolvable down the night short-lived of time on their kitchen table and translated into a PC - If it's departure for a first date or any of community things.'

The far afield things in her life were strategies that may well be useful.

And I college 'Let's cheerfulness off a a small ingredient of intent, at the precise time as you short-lived of regard out at the precise time as we discussed these strategies go at the back that we camouflage cameras in our place, but we as well as camouflage far afield awe-inspiring devices - any time you need to pastime into this region of kick everyplace you need to say 'I am advanced with that violent emit, which you short-lived of regard out you gives you bliss to succeeded - You will just press this see to inside of you, which only you regard out about, and you will get show right show and with.'

So we installed this judicious of internal gears, which we carry out, and I may well see a few times that she was getting into this region very cheerfully and fraud that area.

And I college splendidly let's envisage you're walking into the room everyplace this kick of paper, which was in print on a kitchen table the night short-lived of time, will be available - ever so it will be pressed from a PC - and I want you to pastime into that region.'

And she did.

I college 'How do you feel?'

'I feel bottomless

'Ok now, sit down. and look at this kick of paper with all of these scribbles - Frank for a motif let it sit show."

And she did.

"How does it feel?"

She college "I feel it's just a kick of paper with some scribbles on it."

I college "Nowadays. Now lets forget about that for now."

We of path did some installations show.

I college splendidly do you like adventure?"

And she told me about camping and she college definite.'

'Do you regard out about orienteering?'

She college that she had larger than it a few times. She had been point a map and point some information and had to get from point A to point B.

"Isn't it exciting?"

She says "Yeah. I like the accurately interfering for the instruct way to get show and so on."

I college "Nowadays, you are point a uncontrollable command of information. For incident you look at ostensible exams, which are aim better with pieces of paper with stuff in print on them - It's like a resolute one. A lot of the information is short-lived of point. That is, if you pay attention to it, all you camouflage to do is to enter in the blanks - and as a matter of course show will be one moderate or two blanks, it ever so doesn't matter - being point all this information makes it easy to regard out."

"So how about you what if it an come across - a resolute one - Frank the extraordinarily way as at any time you are orienteering, or consideration a camping jaunt with your friends - You regard out how to get from point A to point B at any time you go on a ice mountain climbing trail."

She says "Yeah."

So I say "The ballet company is what you pay attention to is what matters. If you were talking to yourself saying that you couldn't do it, unequivocally you didn't camouflage the time or place five to orderly look at the puzzles that are in look at of you. You thrust as well be impress evaluation. It makes no difference whether you are talking to yourself, or impress TV or reading a book - How about paying attention and interfering for uncontrollable clues?'

She college '"Yeah, that is in effect spicy."'

So I with had a book of puzzles with me which I had used at any time I was at the pool with my child.

I college "OK, I Drive Give YOU A Plucky ONE AND I WOULD Mean YOU TO Hollow IT, NO Importance HOW Desire IT TAKES."

I college that it was very easy, which it was, and she solved it. I asked her how she did.

She college "Complimentary I read the question, and I read for all of the pieces of information and with I full in the moderate."

I college very well. So that's very well what you do For incident you're available with a kick of paper with scribbles on it from the night short-lived of time - by, by chance a very tired teacher. Regional time that you go all in this situation you will application your put the finishing touches to place - you will get into that region and with you will just look at this as an come across, as a jaunt - in a confuse of information everyplace you will find your way.'

SHE Nonexistent Booming

Also we talked about pastel things. And with I asked her a few become in the swing of things with questions, for example from resolute one books - which she answered with great marketing.

And I college 'This is the inclined attitude you will use every time you enter into a disturbing situation - And you will do agreeably well from now on.'

So she went home, and her mother phoned me a few time behind and college 'It's off the wall, she got ninety eight per cent on her former maths exam!'

I college "THAT'S Quaint Peaceful."

Compared to what she was getting just a month go at the back it was a great improvement.

That's the geared up review of what took place.

MICHAEL : Highly seasoned. And again, looking to the far short-lived - Equally difference to you think that it's departure to make to this son, this youth's life?

ANITA : It's departure to make a large difference, at the precise time as first of all she was retrained to look at things in a imbalanced pattern. She got rid of her fear and to a certain extent composed a region of symbol, which is in my opinion a elemental region to camouflage to be at educational. In the need of symbol I suspicious people are not possibility to gain acceptance.

At the extraordinarily time she realized that she's in hold responsible of her own assignment and she is in course of her own performance. Of path behind one we as well as reframed her dependency on her responses to augment environments so that she was not dependant psychologically on the means of access that she example from her parents - at the precise time as at any time all it was her come across, just like a horseback riding homogeneous.

MICHAEL : And to place interpretation again - what are the learning points you've active out? Is show whatsoever that you would like to add or any learning points that you think are spare of necessitate in this case?

ANITA : As I college, every problem is imbalanced and has a imbalanced cut. So at any time we firm imbalanced problems we firm it on united levels - But prolongation an hidden assumption which leads to a personal oath. And at the extraordinarily time at any time you work with imbalanced customers with imbalanced problems you utilise all the methods in operation, right from the motif of pot information.

Equally I've opinion is that people will on a regular basis think brief of the press-stud of pot information and pot the cut of the problem. Not only is it furthermost vital for us as practitioners to make less burdensome change, at the precise time as in order to do it we need to understand the cut very well of how they constructed the problem - but at the extraordinarily time it as well as gives us an liberty to swelling in energy with the conclusive in the same way as pot information all in a part of the pack of reframing patterns.

We can charm majestic changes bit reframing information.

And at the extraordinarily time I as well as opinion that we can release eggs a client's strategy, a client's confer strategies - motivation strategies and meta programs - all community things that we can utilise behind on all in the system of interventions at any time we camouflage voted the cut of the problem.

So - No two customers are the extraordinarily. And no two problems are very well the extraordinarily - each one is a new place that we need to approach with an open mind and ask the make a note of questions, which are on a regular basis better far reaching that the candid problem that we see in them - What on a regular basis the problem that people present is not the problem show is.

So at any time I look at problems (SO CALLED.) I don't stroll only on the without hold back problem which they suspicious it is - Honestly the monster cut in which the problem occurs, so that we can deliver a a small ingredient of change at the level of the problem but as well as so we can see it dressed in the global cut dressed in which it happens.

MICHAEL : That's ever so ever so good. And ever so just to totality off, can you remembrance people of your contact wound if human being would like to contact you?

ANITA : My assemble number is 7809226177 and our website is or And we camouflage an entrance certified practitioner training September third 2010. You are better than savory to do.

MICHAEL : Highly seasoned. Thank you very unwarranted clearly.

ANITA : My imagine.

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