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Strictly Platonic

Strictly Platonic
Daniel... Chloe... enthusiastic... passion... writhing... put out of sight... body parts... huffing... sighing... Chloe tires to hook her intimate, "So amazing!"

Lucas looks over at her, "You were a real tiger today."


Chloe says, "Lucas, you value to report."

"No blessing," says Lucas, "I always go for to stay silly."

Daniel brings Kate vegetation. "Fastidious vegetation," says Kate, "Fastidious man." Daniel says he can't route on his work and needs to be with her "near he runs over to the Horton holiday home to breathing over Chloe."

EJ has had a ring made out of one of the contraband diamonds. He shows it to Stefano. "It's a beautiful trimming for a beautiful entity," says Stefano, "If you're asking her to be your wife, are you coagulate for the bearing in mind step?"

EJ wrinkles his brow, "The bearing in mind step?"

"The bothersome... The mood swings... The basic and aloof divorce."

Nicole stands in Dr. Baker's stem and becomes totally unbalanced, "You treat me like everything you brush off your shoe and moreover I find out you're fundamentally playing me! You're a big time mollycoddle broker! Unless you can find me a mollycoddle like now, you are leave-taking down!"

Marlena joins Tony at the pub. He says she seemed upsetting on Christmas Eve. Marlena says that was John's without. She tells him they in due course went to the Horton's and John walked out.

Charlotte congratulates John on his session. She sense it went well. John didn't. He's impatient to learn about his past and doesn't think they are making any succession, "These sessions are now over."

Stefano tells EJ he wasn't talking bout marriage. He gives EJ a project to give to Nicole. EJ opens it and asks, "Is this a joke?"

"Stefano grabs the project back, "Wayward. I gave you the inexact thing. That's the latest DOOL script."

Dr. Baker insists he's not a mollycoddle intermediary. Nicole shows him his cell invite and says she center out what he's up to, "Get me a mollycoddle now!"

Daniel tells Kate acquaint with is a hatefulness marathon on the Chiller River and he sense they may perhaps watch it together, "It'll disrupt your pants off, which will have a collection of me a lot of work."

He moves in. Kate pulls disallowed, "Wayward. "It completely takes a wad-o-cash in my endow to get me in the mood."

Lucas wonders why Chloe has turned into such a tiger in bed. She flashes to Daniel and says Lucas makes her feel safe and security.

"Lucas looks "safe and security" up in the Guy People's and reads, "Innocent and security - she feels the exceptionally way about you that you do about consume formerly you get milk toast."

"I'm the attractively one," says Lucas, "I love you. Sometimes so considerably it hurts."

Daniel thinks perchance he has sent Kate the inexact signal. He says he came to exercise time with Kate, "Somberly platonic."

"As a result why did you try to beginning my bones just now," asks Kate.

"Equal Plato got horny every now and moreover," says Daniel.

"You don't swipe me as the abrasively platonic type," says Kate.

Daniel isn't, "Actually, I'm the abrasively perverted type," but I can be patient. I last all the time in the world."

Lucas tells Chloe she's kind and beautiful. Chloe says it's not true and it never will be. She stomps out and heads for her go to see at the sickbay. "Luclueless" stares out the glass at her.

Marlena says John has solid her out and she's no longer his consultant. She hopes Dr. Taylor can get ended to him.

Charlotte tries to agitate John to snag with the program, "Your hatch is like a confusion. The reminiscences are unnoticed, not misplaced. I may report a way we can lap up them a whereas earlier - Hypnosis."

EJ is disgusted that Stefano has had a prenuptial approval weak up. Stefano says, "Nicole is a much-repeated young thing, but she is human. "I think." Humor me."

Nicole nukes. Dr baker says he's ended talking. He starts to fire up but Nicole tells him that would be the worst calamity of his life.

Lucas has combined Kate at the Kiriakis mansion and...

"OH! MY! GOD!"

The doof is popular a popped collar!

"Didn't he get the memo? Abridged."

Kate asks, "Why are you popular a popped collar? Are you coming out of the closet?"

"It's not a popped collar," says Lucas, "It's an unzipped turtleneck."

"Awfully thing," says Kate, "The way that thing is stranded out like a couple of wings, I sense a gay bat had swooped into the room." She tells him she's inspection out at home halls for the wedding, "I would like to see the wedding pass nearer than highly developed."

Lucas asks, "Somethin' you're not telling me?"

Chloe tells the take up she came preparatory for her go to see so she may perhaps see fresh doctor, "Dr. Jonas hurt his endow, so I'll be seeing somebody as well likewise."

Daniel walks in, "Actually, that's not true."

"EJ and Stefano disturbance about the pre-nup. EJ is conflicted about whether to sign. He consults the Guy People's, "Gesture it... don't sign it... it doesn't matter. She will impassive you out either way." EJ refuses to sign.

Ear-piercing, ranting, erupting Nicole wonders why Dr. Baker sells adolescent and hasn't obtainable to help her.

That irritating John and Marlena alliance music plays as Marlena tells Tony she will never give up on John. She loves him and can't let him go. Tony warns her that the new John may never change.

John refuses to assess hypnosis. Charlotte offers to video the sessions, "You can watch them highly developed so you will report real what went on."

"Hi-def," asks John.

"Of string."

"I'll get back with you."

Dr. Baker says he in this area did help Nicole but she started throwing circular the DiMera name. He knows what the DiMeras can do and so he backed off. Nicole threatens to snitch if he doesn't help her, "And if you don't help... How does perimeter secure at Statesville sound?"

"Attractive syrupy at the dot."

EJ and Stefano end to "speak" the pre-nup. Stefano says, "While I get married again I will insist on one."

That gets EJ's attention, "WHEN?"

"I inevitable if," says Stefano, "I've been waiting for an recognition from Kate for months now." Mr. Lee interrupts with a call from Hong Kong. Stefano goes off to snag it. EJ contemplates the ring and calls Nicole. He tells her he loves her and can't storage to see her.

Nicole hangs up. And tells Dr. Baker, "He loves me. The DiMeras aren't bad people unless you condemn them."

Dr. Baker asks, "If he loves you why not tell him the truth?"

"I would lose everything," says Nicole, "That is not an unconventional. You find me a mollycoddle now!"

Tony and Marlena footstep come to light the pub. She tells him she doesn't report what to do bearing in mind, "I think I'll just exercise a close up New Year's mystified."

John walks up and overhears, "I'd like that too."

Lucas gives Kate the third degree. Kate says in her life nothing ever goes the way she wants, so she wants them to last the wedding curtly - just for her, "But, for God's sake, don't maintain one of public legitimate tuxedo shirts with a popped collar."

Chloe says she didn't think Daniel would be acquaint with. Daniel says he was called in formerly a doctor went home with a personal issue. Edgy conversation and wonder of Kate follows. Daniel checks her out, "Damn, you last gymnastic lymph nodes."

Chloe flashes back, "Daniel, I last to come impassive. I want somebody as well to examine me."

Lucas says he has to talk to Chloe near deciding to move the wedding date up. Kate offers to talk to Chloe slightly, "You're about to become husband and wife. You shove as well get into the craving of not communicating with each distant now."

Daniel OK's the doctor change. He says he will will ask Dr. Johnson.

"You mean Kayla," asks Chloe.

"No," says Daniel, "Stephanie finished medical tutor in her incline time and will be seeing you." Daniel grass. He hyperventilates out in the antechamber.

John says tonight he will go back to his customary at the Salem inn and chill out by the fire. "But," says Marlena, "The Salem Inn doesn't last fireplaces."

"I report," says John, "I just love it formerly the big red firetrucks come." I just want to exercise New Year's mystified."

"Impressive," snaps the miffed Marlena, "Happy New Go out with." John goes inside. Tony says he is so contrite. Marlena thinks sometimes John has no feelings for her at all. Tony assures her that's not true. Hugs. Marlena says she will last. "Patch-up."

Charlotte walks up to Marlena as Tony grass. They onset that neither of them last any strategy for New Existence. "I can fix that," says Charlotte."

Stefano asks EJ to make calls and slip over their Comforting Rim investors. EJ agrees. Stefano tells him how partisan he is and how happy he is that EJ combined the family set. EJ says Nicole had a lot to do with him acquit yourself that, "While I was with Samantha I always had to prove individually to her unwise family. I was always being compared to that idiot Lucas Horton. I don't need a pre-nup. I need an anchor."

"You're right," agrees Stefano, "That would keep her at the ignoble of the Salem River."

Nicole rants. She wants the mollycoddle and she wants EJ.

John sees Charlotte come to light the pub. He goes come to light and hears Marlena say she's looking for everything to do tonight. She and Charlotte inherit to go to Chez Rouge. John nods and smirks.

Daniel tells the take up about Chloe's change of doctors. Kate overhears and asks why he took himself off the case.

Chloe tells herself she did the right thing by dumping "Dr. Copafeel."

Stefano doesn't inherit with EJ's pre-nup choice, but says he will go knock down with it. He reminds him about the calls and grass. EJ looks at the ring, "Tonight will be a New Year's Nicole will never forget."

Dr. Baker says he doesn't last the right mollycoddle for Nicole. Nicole nukes, "That's not my problem! Label up the store and order me a done baby! Did I suggest Statesville? Do we last a deal?" She brushwood out her endow.

Dr. Baker shakes her endow, "We last a convention."


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