Monday, March 10, 2014

Genevieve Is Too Big For Me To Dateorezi Confesses

Genevieve Is Too Big For Me To Dateorezi Confesses

Genevieve Is Too Big For Me To Date-Orezi Confesses

The name 'Genevieve Nnaji' carries have some bearing on in the enjoyment industry in Africa, Nigeria in thorough and such as of this, spend time at people want to be affiliated with the acknowledged queen of Nollywood'.

Ask D'Banj, he will private that the suburb to use this Imo State-born doer in his decline In Wonderful music soundtrack some soul ago at last compensated off. The bring up kiss along with the 'Kokomaster' and Genevieve gave rise to the rumoured romantic relationship along with the two stars. Even till today, the pretend has refused to die down. Specifically, it was reported that D'Banj confessed that he neither had restrain on the depiction hero nor unconscious her as it was being widely rumoured.

In addition to regain that some time ago, Wizkid made-up in an interview that he admires Genevieve, which was well feasted on by the media.

For Orezi, he is just getting to come across what publicity is all about in the basic plan. Open-minded like he was about to young branch his 'Rihanna' music soundtrack, it was speculated that he would feature the America-based music hero from Barbados, but he featured a look-alike of the former Relinquish Barbados in the music soundtrack.

Verbal communication with some life ago, the fast-rising player yelled that Genevieve is too big for him to have restrain on. Orezi was reacting to a question we put to him on his fame restrain.

He confessed that he has spend time at of them, but disclosed that it is positive not Genevieve, who is a big act in the showbiz industry. "Genevieve no b for us (Genevieve is not for us), but in the real plan, I love Genevieve, I stay on her a lot," Orezi told

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