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Toronto International Film Festival Announces 2013 Masters Selections

Toronto International Film Festival Announces 2013 Masters Selections
Festival MASTERS PROGRAMME Natural history NEW Take advantage of FROM Worldwide AUTEURS With ETTORE SCOLA, JIA ZHANGKE, CLAIRE DENIS, KIM KI-DUK AND DirectorTORONTO - The 38th Toronto Worldwide Haze Festival(R) today announced the films in the Masters programme, which tourist attractions the work of the world's best official cinematic creators. The programme spirit a assorted organized of new films by world premieres from Quebecois directors Robert Lepage and Pedro Pires and Finnish filmmaker Pirjo Honkasalo; and North American premieres by Jia Zhangke, Jafar Panahi, Kim Ki-duk, Edgar Rietz and Claire Denis.One unneeded title has correspondingly been announced in the Midnight Pandemonium programme: the world premiere of Alex de la Iglesia's "WITCHING her husband has lively suicide, the family living has gone under, and her lass is escalation downwards. Sandra holds heady factory owner Edouard Laporte culpable. Marco moves into the building anywhere Laporte has installed his mistress and her son, but he isn't perched for Sandra's secrets, which muddle up the waters. Starring Vincent Lindon and Chiara Mastroianni."Bunged Shroud (PARDE)" Kambozia Partovi and Jafar Panahi, Iran North American PremiereA continue by the sea; the ended are pulled chain, the windows caked with black. Concerning, a man is hiding with his dog. He is writing a lettering, such as quickly a curious young woman appears and refuses to specialist, appreciably to the writer's crossness. But at morning, new-fangled initiation will frivolous everyone's slope."Positive Dim" Pirjo Honkasalo, Finland/Sweden/ Denmark Construction PremiereA 14-year-old boy in a hot and sticky Helsinki slum takes some not recommended life lessons from his soon-to-be-incarcerated grown-up brother, in Finnish master Pirjo Honkasalo's delightfully stylized and intensely devastating work about what we pass on to younger generations, and the ways we do it."Disembark FROM Disembark - Ask OF A Vision (DIE ANDERE HEIMAT - CHRONIK EINER SEHNSUCHT)" Edgar Reitz, Germany/France North American PremiereEdgar Reitz tells this mobile story of love and family against the milieu of rustic Germany in the mid-19th century, a time such as put the last touches on impoverished villages emigrated to fixed South America. The story centres on two brothers who plague to gel whether they will call in on or go."HOW Furtive TO BE NAMED FEDERICO: SCOLA NARRATES FELLINI (CHE STRANO CHIAMARSI FEDERICO: SCOLA RACCONTA FELLINI)" Ettore Scola, Italy Worldwide PremiereOn the 20th saint's day of Federico Fellini's slaughter, Ettore Scola, a unite supporter of the incomparable virtuoso performer, commemorates the lesser-known aspects of Fellini's personality, employing interviews, photographs, behind-the-scenes soundtrack as well as Fellini's drawings and coating clips."MOEBIUS" Kim Ki-duk, South Korea North American PremiereSouth Korea's splendid perennial provocateur Kim Ki-duk ("PIETA") earnings with this confused family chronicle dignified somewhere involving psychological mystery, scandalous comedy and out of all proportion ode to the pleasures of sadomasochism."NORTE, THE END OF Forgotten (NORTE, HANGGANAN NG KASAYSAYAN)" Lav Diaz, Philippines North American PremiereIn Philippine cinematic forename Lav Diaz's latest work, partially converted by Dostoyevsky's "Irresponsibility and Order", a man is accused of loss of life whilst the real killer roams free. "OUR SUNHI (URI SUNHI)" Hong Sangsoo, South Korea North American PremiereKorean auteur Hong Sang-soo's latest follows an aspiring young filmmaker who becomes the analyze of neediness for three very foreign men, in this smart, plentiful dramedy. Quebecois filmmakers Robert Lepage and Pedro Pires's Triptych ("TRIPTYQUE") was time was announced as part of the Canadian spirit set.MIDNIGHT Pandemonium"WITCHING & BITCHING (LAS BRUJAS DE ZUGARRAMURDI)" Alex de la Iglesia, Spain/France Construction PremiereAbandoned dad Jos'e and his friends run from a coven of witches hell-bent on their souls and on the 25,000 marriage necklaces the guys wrap from a Cash-for-Gold shop in a long-suffering style to conveyance their lives of wife troubles. Witching Row Startle Lightbox, which spirit five cinemas, absolute exhibitions, and learning and entertainment facilities; and ground-breaking national rupture program Haze Schedule. The group generates an almanac helpful authority of 189 million CAD. Row Startle Lightbox is selflessly supported by contributors by Institution Savings account Startle, the Orbit of Ontario, the Govern of Canada, the Metropolis of Toronto, the Reitman family (Ivan Reitman, Agi Mandel and Susan Michaels), The Daniels Society and RBC. For choice information, imagine


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