Friday, February 7, 2014

How Can Black Women Escape The Walls That Are Closing In

How Can Black Women Escape The Walls That Are Closing In
I recieved this email from a commenter. This is glance of coming attractions for black women who preference the ostrich position.

Hi Halima, I went to a wedding ceremony Saturday and it was broadly impressive to see that what you hold on been talking about all miserable is becoming so evident! The groom was Black and the bride was Icy. The brides family consisted of her mom and dad and various not getting any younger family members. The grooms family was his mom and some aunts and cousins. With ease if you hold on been to a wedding ceremony they hold on the bride and grooms family seated up start and sectioned off from the rest. Open place seeing the groom's mom sitting up their all of your own accord made me feel so sad!

I mean the groom had a variety of groomsmen all were Black except one. Greatest of these Black men had Icy wives or girlfriends.

A selection of members of the guest were Black men that had snow-white girlfriends. As I was just looking just about the room at the long-awaited, it was easy to get a sense of all these Black men sort of "flocking" just about Icy women and just broadly all up in their faces, as it seemed like Black women were just second class neighboring or junior beings left of your own accord.

Now, the grooms close relative has a variety of sisters and one of them is married to a Black man and they hold on been married for almost 50 years. She last of all went up to sit with the grooms close relative hip the present. That just broadly got to me and made me sad, so sad! Put forward was one Black woman and Icy man couple. They sat in the back and it was hard at first to see they were a couple. They didn't hold hands and were kinda distant.

Halima, how do we make Black women get out of this Fix?

How do we play the female card?

How do we let Icy Men and not getting any younger races of men discern we are inquiring on a grander set (let the unrefined world discern).

I think we ought to hold on a meet-n-greet to sit down and come up with some ideas and solutions for the Black women who are ahead of on firm with IR but just need help or don't discern sufficiently how to "turn the tables".

I realized that it is a lot of table that hold on to get turned to broadly let the world discern we are ready to compete on a global level. How do we do that Halima? Icy Men are nervous to let it show. I discern we are a part of the problem but they are the not getting any younger part.

I discern this was long but I had to get it off my chest of drawers. Any ideas and pact would be substantially pleasing. DO READERS Blow your own horn ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR BLACK WOMEN What's more ON A Group Arranged AND ON AN Isolated LEVEL? It is sincerely clear that years of inaction, scarcity and pretending not to see the ramparts ending in has resulted in this self-conscious trapped in situation getting in excess of and in excess of shrill for black women each day. I am not even duty-bound that suchlike can be utter on a grandscale for the situation of black women in the hunker down term equally various years will be crucial to repair the crazy dynamics and the challenge to the image utter and even being utter now. Immobile feel free to add any clarification and suggestions on this one! Anyway IF YOU Pray TO Deliver IN QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS Disclose BW AND NON-BM AND THEIR INTERRACTIONS FOR General Huddle, DO SO TO THE EMAIL Below. Useful pact into the relationship reality thin covering black women today, and find out in excess of about the Interracial Other, read the IR E-book

Questions to be sent to: Anderson Fountain pen, "Understand I receive to Investigate a Icy Guy"


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