Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Screwing You Get For The Screwing You Got

The Screwing You Get For The Screwing You Got
I was out with Jon, a mASFer on Sunday and we had a good night talking gamings skills and opening some dirty sets. I got opened from a cute Hong Kong chick, and it went surely well fine hair attraction to draw and surfacing item to rapport. I made the flub up of not recognition out her relationship with the 4 guys she was out with, and I didn't go for a strong adequately close - I used a challenge structure close but it was not sure adequately for her or maybe she couldn't reinstate information in manage of the guys she was with. Looking back on it, I possibly will identifiable eventful her to further part of the bar to show her the covering etc and over and done for the number/meeting close.

HB Y is back in my semi-good books after turning up at my abode suddenly and unannounced. Seems she has been imagining I identifiable some mature chicks on the go and she felt questionable. I think she sought-after to toggle me in the act, but she was not kindly. I punished her psychologically and put her on the train home furthermore got distorted and went out to meet one of my wingmen. Reminds me of a line by Irvine Welsh (the Trainspotting writer) "Lasses - can't get one so no bank on of a ride; you do get one and they do your supervise in", or words to that effect. Or the words of my friend's dad came to me at any time I nerve-racking about that condom having dented "It's the screwing you get for the screwing you got". I surely like that one.

I saw her enclosure night, took her for a drink furthermore fraud to get the train home, the same as in fact I travelled back to the bar we'd just disappeared, aiming to meet some new people. I can't do correctly that at any time she is about. I had brought my new mp3 recorder with me. It is a First Muvo N200. It is surely small, 1GB, line in for mic, built in mic, radio. Dreadfully agreeable computer. I'll lay claim to using it out in the field. I tailed a group of Swedes (who turned out to be Norwegians) in the bank on of sharp the group and getting some good aural but it all fizzled out into zero, harmony people surely. Placid, the recorder works!


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