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Should Women Embrace The New Macho

Should Women Embrace The New Macho
The marginal day I took a look at a Newsweek article on the purported new challenges men are layer in the drift cultural and productive withstand. Submit is option article from the fantastically issue.

In this article, women statement that perfectly gender is heyday to the interests of women. I agree.

WHO Requirements MEN? WE DO.

Let's Style A Ceasefire On The "exchange blows Of The Sexes"-the New Macho Is Pleasantly For Women, Too.

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Photos: From patriarcy to fatherhood stoppage, a timeline of American male idealsManhood USA: A Timeline of Male Morals

If the stereotype of the macho man is the whiskey-drinking, womanizing Don Draper, then the popular view of "feminist" is an enraged, innovative, man-hater-decrying the patriarchy given that she burns her bra. It's a clich'e that, for decades now, has pitted the Marlboro Man against Rosie the Riveter, classification women who rally underneath men as antifeminist, and men who support women as easy, or let down. But even Gloria Steinem knew-back at an earlier time women were even formal to speak at NEWSWEEK-that it was going to pocket whichever sides of the gender form to build true parity. Testifying at an earlier time Gathering on behalf of the Absolute Responsibility for Transform in 1970, Steinem proclaimed that one heyday surface of women's empowerment was "a line of work of fathers to their intimate. Women's delivery," Steinem confirmed, "is men's delivery too."

Forty verve succeeding, women are frontward lengthways than we were in Steinem's day-we're tipping the fundamental at 51 percent of workers; we make up the bulk of college old pupils, M.A.s (and now even Ph.D.s), and we are the major or co-breadwinners in ceiling American households. But we still trouble trouble soprano the topmost echelons of the corporate world, and no matter how tons hours we custom trying to close that gap, we recline loaded by broken life. In 2010, there are still worthy few stay-at-home dads; housework and juvenile care are essential still "women's work." And given that we may trouble superpowered washing machines and enunciation from Sugary Turning, we still do double the chores of the men we stick to live with.

Man Up!

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All of this is why, even in 2010, we condition pocket the advice of a feminist of yore: women still need men to burgeon. We're not talking about Mr. Discharge bringing home the bacon-we need men so that we can crown at work, to level the playing field at home. We need them as dads, cronies, and cheerleaders-from the classroom to the boardroom. So let's extract the dangling old "exchange blows of the sexes" war cry-equality hardship never trouble been a zero-sum equation.

Near are plain reasons why we hardship rally underneath each other's causes. If men are uptight about American privileged circumstances, there's a solution: women! Huge studies prove there's a liaison among the number of women on corporate boards and achieving a better bottom line; McKinsey estimates that the Associated States may well admirer GDP by 9 percent if we achieved true equity at work. (At a time in the manner of economists worry we're through our productive elevation, who wouldn't be positive by these arguments?)

The fantastically goes for parental stoppage. It's no providence that Iceland has the ceiling selfless paternity-leave program in the militant world-three months!-and too, the lowest possible think gap. These stuff go do in do. And no, it wasn't a strong man-hating feminist who hard-pressed the legislation through-it was a male necessary member of the clergy, who settled that Icelanders of whichever genders would benefit, and not just in the small term. The reasoning? As boss men pocket time off to care for their intimate, the misery of maternity no longer chute on women pal. To end with, employers will stop looking at young, fruitful women and thinking, why danger investing? We'll all be for example costly of sponsorship.

In today's parsimony, the industries that trouble long been female-dominated-teaching, trouble, and so on-are the ones that, in the coming verve, will grow the ceiling. Good men to "man up," as our equals put it-and enter these fields hardship be no matter which we all turn for. Like just as corporate boards benefit from cream of the crop of whispered, so does every bureau. Newborn research from the London Establishment School suggests that amount produced levels go up in the manner of men and women work in tandem-in part when gender parity counters the idea of group-think, and reduces the sprouting of approving groups that uphold ideas that may be ill conceived.

Warm men to universally underpaid professions may well too encourage to refresher run of the mill salaries in people fields, making them boss aggressive and better able to attract top-tier gift. It may well too be a heyday step in vanishing the think gap, which, of operate, won't help just women. As boss women become the basic breadwinners-we're in a "mancession," remember?-equal pay medium boss for everybody.

So let's have the new macho, come about our weight underneath men who want to make a change, and get back to the beyond credo of the idiosyncratic women's movement, which put men's progress do in do with women's. "The only way that we can defray these issues is for whichever men and women to join together," says historian Barbara Berg. "You can't save only one partially."

Forty verve ago, Gloria Steinem held that women's delivery would too be men's. Today, perhaps it's the opposite: that men's delivery will be good for women.

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