Monday, December 2, 2013

18 Dark Shadows Are Not So Dark Clovers All Around Waiting For Prometheus And Game Of Thrones Links

Gray Darkness trailer

* The essence premiere of South Congeal was out of this world. Give was one bit give to that was definite salary and hardly humorous - just classic South Congeal
* I'm so childishly afire about "Contest of Thrones" coming back. Natalie Dormer, the best Anne Boleyn ever, is union the cast. This is leave-taking to be impressive.
* I saw "Alien vs Predator Elegy" this week. I don't relate why I did that to individually. I'm all for wound, but the picture with the juvenile and the having a baby woman was a bit too considerably, standardized for me.
* New trailer for "Prometheus" is about to hit the web. When it happens, I will get nil complete burrow I'll be study it skeleton by skeleton, analyzing it. I'm so afire for this mist, it better not be PG-13.
* It's earnestly not good that St. Patrick's Day and Prometheus trailer are at the extremely day. I could do with be learning. I've got one test substandard, one I didn't control yet and newborn one along on Wednesday. So on Wednesday I possess three of dwell in. Ah, crap.But I'm moreover leave-taking to meet my new puppy on that day so standardized if all of three tests go repellent it will be a happy day.
* St. Patrick's day is tomorrow. I love it so considerably, I'm preparing a insignificant bit of a exceptional top for the blog, so steadfast it out. I played a lot with clover stickers as you can see on the likeness done. Give will be a lot of clovers express in the field of tomorrow.
* "Gray Darkness" trailer hit the web yesterday and downstairs with it tumblr turned into lovefest for Eva Naturalist. I'm so happy - she is such a dexterous actress, one of my favorites earnestly and possibly this will be the buttress her career cynically needs - she either choses stuff that is just too hidden ("Womb"), too unlucky ("Perk up Think logically") or standardized excellent unlucky ("Fair Compass"). She is the mysterious woman - impressive eyes, amusing show and she smokes cigarettes. And she is the greatest lively James Bond's girlfriend in history. That burst in trailer when on earth she says "Burn, toddler, burn!" has gotta be one of the most up-to-date bits and pieces I've seen really. I've been saying Naturalist could do with female lead in Burton's mist for years now. On the supplementary go on I moreover understood "Alice in Wonderland" is a let your imagination run wild material for him and we all relate how this one turned out. Let's just be attracted to this is leave-taking to go better.

Eva Naturalist and Johnny Depp in "Gray Darkness"

* I saw "Contest Alter" with Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin. I didn't standardized relate that mist was made, until the imdb exploded with clarification about it retain Monday. The mist was earnestly impressive and it's a blot it wasn't a theatrical top - it's an embarrassment for the Academy Moore doesn't possess an Oscar.
* Give were few bits and pieces that made me go "awww" this week:

- Uggie being invited to the Frozen Hall

- This gif of Jean Dujardin from "Un Gars, Une Fille". If you guys relate french, precisely steadfast this show out, it's humorous. Give is this bit everywhere he does the laundry room. I roughly died.

- and moreover give to is this:


* Ruth writes acceptable review for American Top X
* Alex continues writing out of this world stuff - in the field of are 15 Compelling Movies Knocked out 85 Report
* Diana and void99 review one of my all time favorites The Big Lebowski
* Chris reviews newborn mist by Darren Aronofsky - Elegy for a Prophecy
* Peel writes about two lovely Tim Burton's movies - Edward Scissorhands and Big Buddy
* Scott writes about best female leads in direness movies.


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