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Philalethes 19 Not Much Happens That Women Dont Approve Of

Philalethes 19 Not Much Happens That Women Dont Approve Of
BTW, I harvest Bob Dylan said everything like "Not to a great extent happens that women don't ratify of"

You strong suit keep heard this from a new branch by me; anywhere in countless boxes of papers I keep a Swelling Brickwork interview with Dylan ca. 1988 in which he said (concerning, according to my barrier): "Women rule the world. No man ever did no matter what unless a woman permitted or motivated him to do it." (And I keep quoted this in innumerable posts inside.) It was this sign, and the book Why Males Be real (out of stamp, review your collection), which I exposed about the vastly time, that most recently gave me the original keys to understanding the overall "gender" question.

From the foundation of sex, ca. 1.5 billion living ago, the male is the pet project of the female, and endlessly will be. She creates/produces males to allege care of chores which she cannot or would more readily not pact with herself.

"Cannot": deliver inherited selection to continue intelligent evolutionary change; single-sex soul of any impenetrability cannot classify briskly to new survive. This includes addition citizens soul which used to keep males but no longer do - about which I studious in Why Males Be real. It is take advantage of noting that while donate is a solemn number of female-only soul plus flora and fauna, invertebrate animals, fish, amphibians and reptiles, I come to get of none plus the warm-blooded, thrilling ducks and mammals. With no trouble this is not an disagreement. Rival the manufacturing fad of lesbianism, female-only soul can come about only in thoroughly-protected, indestructible sincere niches.

A woman when told me she used to be a lesbian, but gave it up in the role of lesbian culture/society was momentously barren. I was not shocked. I was what's more not discerning in her more readily embarrassing attempts to fill my male pursuit - which included her high and mighty story of how her small boy (a product of private pompous insemination) stood up in train in for the idea that fathers are malnourished. Why she charge I would be magical by this story I don't come to get. This woman came from Berkeley; perchance she penury keep stayed donate.

"Would more readily not": any grave work out, since the female's first precedence is the insurance original to publication proudly. This is why men keep endlessly fought the wars, not in the role of women can't altercation, but in the role of men are consumable. And, of barrage, why men deliver 95% of on-the-job deaths, etc. etc. She can endlessly make patronizing, at the rear of all.

The male is the have an advantage man, fall guy, and pounding boy in her melodrama. The male "rulers" and warriors feminists buzz about are honest have an advantage men for the females who run them - mothers, "lovers," wives, daughters - and benefit from their collection of power, mess and material goods - or their caring of power, mess and material goods from the have an advantage men sent by the women on both sides of the channel. "Dive guy" and "pounding boy": well, you can story it out.

Yeah, this article is a taunt, but it is a badly taunt. The fixed is, Bob Dylan was right: women do rule the world, and the world we keep is what women want - or at least possible what they keep used their power to commence. Plus the embarrassing politically-correct feminist males like the editor of this paper. I no longer see to a great extent point in cross about it. They'll do what they want, as they endlessly keep. If ever any solemn number of women begin to augury why they're disruption, and tremendously want to come to get, the information is given away. The Buddha explained it all to a certain extent conclusive 2500 living ago, and he was guaranteed not the first, nor the closing. And hence he honest walked obtainable from the melodrama.


Former Philalethes Put in After that



"WOMEN Concoct Signs, Rein in MEN TO Reverence THEM, AND IN THIS WAY Dominate MEN - BUT IN NO WAY Avail yourself of THE Signs TO THEMSELVES." -- Esther Vilar in her 1972 book "The Manipulated Man"


"IT IS AN Frightening Concern TO SEE IN OUR Borough THE Next of kin OF A SHOEMAKER, OR A Bloodbath, OR A Warden Honest IN SILK Moreover Irons OF Gold ingots AT THE Throat, Moreover PEARLS AND A Resonate OF Fighting fit Empathize... AND Plus IN Resemblance TO SEE HER Consort Biting THE Principal, ALL Muddy Moreover COW'S BLOOD, Bad Honest, OR Weighed down Rival AN ASS, Honest Moreover THE Block FROM WHICH SACKS ARE Complete... BUT WHOEVER CONSIDERS THIS Adroitly Give Associate IT Demure, In the function of IT IS Major THAT THE Noble, Puncture IF LOW Uneducated AND Unpretentious, BE DRAPED Moreover SUCH Clothing FOR HER Stormy Enormity AND Circumstances, AND THAT THE MAN [BE] Less Ornamented AS IF A SLAVE, OR A Slight ASS, Uneducated TO HER Aid." - Lucrezia Marinella of Venice, Italy, 1600, "The Pay homage to and Enormity of Women Together Moreover the Defects and Deficiencies of Men"


Listeners with a Womenfirster: Phyllis Schlafly

Jack Kammer: To the same extent if I was the start of man, like a lot of men who keep confided to me, who is badly to injury of the corporate world and in a heartbeat would happen home to allege care of their worry in the role of they love them so to a great extent and they come to get the business world is a crock?

Phyllis Schlafly:... That's their problem. As I look about the world about me, I just don't find donate are countless [women] who want the so-called non-traditional relationships.

-- a radio interview, WCVT-FM (now WTMD), Towson Assistant professor, Maryland, January 5, 1989


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