Monday, November 18, 2013

Elena Goodnes78Gmail Com Russian Scammer

Elena Goodnes78gmail Com Russian Scammer
So long VICTIM!

It - Elena from blossoms it's my tag, and my real name Elena.

I am very joyful to call up to you about in person. I looked your profile on

a site of a site each it has very furthest liked me also I has thought-provoking

enter contact to you and you be full of answered me it very furthest pleased me

And I want to learn a cut above about you. I live in Russia in small but

beautiful township. it's closed type township Krasnoznamensk. I live by yourself

eight years and don't be full of relationship. I thought-out in Moscow the Say

academy in function of the international attitudes in the rear, I looked-for

to be used, but it was difficult to find work from one place to another, and I be full of stationary

on the teacher in an head demonstrate and I teach the English

language for relatives, the not big aid but for a life ease in

Russia very difficultly to live. My growth re 1.73 cm,

weight of 56 kg, I as am very sports I very furthest I like tennis as I

like to interchange, but I not so was not detached the Europe, I'm interchange

to Italia glitch summer. I very furthest love the nature roughly which is

still absurd not mentioned with the person. I love good planetary weather

the sea my wonderful add zing to it - adjoin so the nature wakes up.

Krasnoznamensk the not big township. Municipal peoples live in it many the

nations and religions. If you be full of questions to me, ask, that I be full of

by all procedure answered.

I shall silence by all procedure from you for the answer! Kisses!



You are not in contact with the woman in the stolen epithet, but a male, bent, trying to perceive aid from you. Don't proceeds money!


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