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Mandisa Naka Taylor Shares Her 3 Lessons In Love

Mandisa Naka Taylor Shares Her 3 Lessons In Love





Whether you're 16 or 50,a relationship or love is whatever thing you're either pursuing, in, coming out of, getting into, despoil a break from or opinion on one of the down in the dumps...This month in our new look
" MY THREE Training IN Love" we speak to near happy television personality, wife, father, offspring, sister and friend MANDISA NAKANA TAYLOR. One of South Africa's dear talents. Better tea Mandisa opens up about life, love, family and that bright significantly

Since ARE THE THREE Training YOU'VE Well-educated With reference to Love AND Visionary RELATIONSHIPS?

"Brand 1: Sincerity Hardship BE THE CORNERSTONE OF A Robust Company. Attention OF People WHO Endure Verge OF THAT, Arm Particular AND USE IT Vs. YOU. THEY'RE NOT Exercise IT. "

"Brand 2: NEVER Argue FROM THE Affair Later than YOU Have the benefit of A Fight. IT'S Destructive TO Transmit UP OLD CRAP! BE Sitting, IN THE Spot, As a consequence YOU'LL Get out of People, Beneath THE Whack Remarks."

"Brand 3: Doing YOUR Associate HOW YOU Contemplate With reference to THEM, Introduce ARE Multiple WAYS TO DO THAT, AND SEX IS THE LAST! DON'T PUT UP Between Have fun WHO Only SHOWS YOU Love IN BED!"

Multiple of you will call in Mandisa Nakana for being one of the new South Africa iconic teenager stars! If not the leader of the pack. Mandisa still fragments the only teenager narrator to sing your own praises scooped the industry's highest required as soon as awards for best narrator. She won best Selimathunzi Bonus Exceptional Lady Expounder 2001 SABC and the NTVA Avanti Bonus Exceptional Expounder 2000 NTVA (South Africa), against tricky competition from the likes of the so fair-haired It Young woman Vinolia Mashego. Introduce was no foreboding that Mandisa was the notification teenager for whatever thing that was at all for Madiba's new rainbow infantile. In this day and age the former Yo-TV narrator is a wife, father and profession woman who splits her time among South Africa and the UK. We at a complete loss up with her inwards one of her visits to South Africa.

Concluded Between MANDISA

AGGTFHG: Do you value that you are one of the first new South Africa iconic teenager stars? And what does that account of inheritance mean for you? I possibly will probably long-standing say the brightest of the loop if one has to be important the sort of success you enjoyed, that to this day is still without equal by any teenager television personality?

"MANDISA: "I don't in detail press-stud that, so no. I was having the time of my life and I personage it showed. Later than you do what you love, and do it to the best of your ability, people visit it. I notice now, unconventional in life, what my career represented to diverse young people who possibly will check to me. You can't prohibit the contract that comes with that. If they weren't performance me, I wouldn't sing your own praises a career, stretch of time. So, to my fans, thank you."

AGGTFHG You chose to get married go bust young? Concern us how you knew it was time and that he was the one?

"MANDISA:" Dan and I met such as I was 19, and he was 22. We any aimed in cheerfully ever as soon as and had the exceptionally idea of what marriage and family life requirement be. We any wore our hearts on our sleeves, it was pitifully soppy! But the lovey dovey stuff deviation, we finished a lot of time together, and got to judge each other's character. I think in vogue 6 months, I knew his strengths and weaknesses, and he knew mine, that was 8 days ago."

AGGTFHG A lot of your fans still wish you would do elder television work, is that a path in the unite future? Do you still sing your own praises passion for the medium?"MANDISA": I'm still in the industry can't take upon yourself operator wherever else!"

AGGTFHG Since are your honest views of the South African party industry of today?

"MANDISA": "It has transformed commencing I was on Yo! A few of the local contented is well formed, and shows a lot of progress in our industry. I was in addition stunned with 'Intersexions', 'Masters of Tone and the 7 part doccie sing your own praises you heard from Jo'burg' to name a few. I'm seeing a lot of international contented, which is great, it shows we sing your own praises the people and skills to restore the shows with the exceptionally quality. Since I'm not happy with, is the 'bling' the population. Our country's social challenges are different and any contented or the population that is disapproving to our youth, and contributes to the worthy putrefaction of our society, requirement not be individual time or space! We can't prohibit the authorization we sing your own praises on young people as the media, and we requirement consequently push contract. Here's an example, a program that shows us the 'who's who' and their 'bling' would be inspiring, if it showed us the person's control to financial extent, as well as the pitfalls. If I just show you my red bottomed shoes, and don't tell you what I had to do to let somebody use them, I'm not share you. "

AGGTFHG This one is for your fans who want to judge where Mandisa is, how she is bill, what she's bill and if she's happy. Possibly will you call let them in on how their beloved TV personality has been doing?

"MANDISA": I inspired to the U.K such as I was 17, and went to live with my sister. I worked in diverse disparate sectors, from amiability to retail; I long-standing worked at McDonald's for a instant. When diverse auditions, and operator on pupil cinema, I landed a lead role in a theatre toil called Cotton on, by Kazzum Arts Stick out. For 4 months, I was juggling family life, theatre work, and late nights on Take offense Box! I so auditioned for an international program called Hi 5, and to my vexation, didn't get it. On the contrary, a few months unconventional, I was called by the exceptionally toil company to pilot for a low-grade program called The Sunlit Civilization, and got the part. I unfilled it for 18 months, that was, until iTV axed all their narrator lead low-grade programs. When some devise over work, and a photo diplomacy for Blackberry, I'm now concentrating on producing programs. I've teamed up with a toil company in London, we're operator on whatever thing invigorating, watch this space! Oh, and yes, I am happy!"

AGGTFHG: Who are some of your influences? Who do you look up to for change and role-modeling?

"MANDISA": I've been sanctified to come from a family of strong, encouraged and witty women. My father and sisters are my top role models. They do what they love, and do it well, that's my definition of success. And of watercourse contemporary are people that I sense, like Oprah Winfrey, for making service to kindheartedness contagious; Nigella Lawson, for having a thick love for good food; Kimora Lee Simmons, for incorporating all the aspects of her life that mean a lot to her, into a melting pot of play a part, means and laughter; and the black female icons who inspired me owing to my career, Basetsana Kumalo, Carol Bouwer and of watercourse, Khanyi Dlomo. They are a connection that what we energy is out contemporary for the despoil, if you're plucky a lot to latch it."

"END OF Meeting "


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