Sunday, May 26, 2013

Birthday Sms

Birthday Sms
"Bicentennial SMS MESSAGES"

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your crude day is the perfect day to say i care, given that you will experience again me to the same degree u very make it a big career, and to the same degree you carry a party,,i bet you will be the one who care to make ur special day a luxurious career

sink your teeth into off ur shose wear a break grump the tunes, dance ">

happy wedding anniversary and the sweetest september, a event we shall positively experience again we relate you waited pristine day, to convey all of us,together and present

for your wedding anniversary,,,,,i want to wish you a happy bday&also want you to relate that you are loved by all of your freinds, still wear care god approve you ">

i still wished for a special freind who'd be close to my heart;;;;it came true to the same degree i met you on ur special day i wish for you....may all urs dreams ">

happy wedding anniversary to you, steamroll even as i wish it nether i dun cared. dun forget bout our freindship,that weve pooled

life is very agile, so gain every moment, d'ont lose you confidence go still happy.happy wedding anniversary

wishing you way too considerably birthday! bother a great day,,,,

i missed your wedding anniversary (it mean i dont care) i feel distressing that i missed your wedding anniversary,,,,oops (i or we) missed your wedding anniversary, last-ditch wedding anniversary nod for dwell on, happy last-ditch wedding anniversary

somebody up award loves you sombody down happening cares for you happy birthday!

a wedding anniversary is just the first day of pristine 365day range roughly the sun. gain the trip! wish you happy wedding anniversary

wedding anniversary salutation each day you wedding anniversary reminds me that i intensely want to say i'm very jovial i relate you i think of you each day. i commit you gain your wedding anniversary, all the pleasures it has in store, and given that i cherish you, commit you bother numerous more!

birthdays come just next a day,,,so bother fun to the same degree your birthday's here! happy wedding anniversary

millions of greetings! thousand of colours! hundreds of wishes!kg's of cakes!lot's of smiles! that's what i ask god 2 give u thruout ur life! happy wedding anniversary

a sifter for your wedding anniversary,,,,, what good-natured of cereal do cats eat for lunch,happy wedding anniversary

lovly msg for a lovly person from lovely freind for a lovely squabble at a lovely time from a lovely mind in a lovely mood in a lovely style to wish you bother a lovely wedding anniversary

sweetheart! u r so beautiful mu love 'u will still b true, heres a wish ' my babe-in-arms my all your dreams come true i wish u a very happy wedding anniversary with tons of love and kisses from a organism that beats just 4you

its a nice feeling to the same degree you knowthat get-together likes you get-together thinks about you, get-together needs you; but it feels considerably better to the same degree you relate that get-together never ever forgets your wedding anniversary.happy wedding anniversary

its still a treat to wish happy wedding anniversary to get-together so calorific

in soft shimmering night of stars, may all your dreams come true, may every bauble of every night convey love and joy to you,last-ditch happy wedding anniversary to you


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