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Wheeler News Mid Day State News 2 62614

Wheeler News Mid Day State News 2 62614
Wheeler Hearsay Walk - Thursday, June 26, 2014 - Mid-Day Region Hearsay #2Editor on Duty: Thom Gerretsen (715) 389-2373Story Contributions: wheelernews@yahoo.comWheeler Blog: http://learfielddata.blogspot.comIn are the details:A ten-year-old Milwaukee girl has been demanding off life-support, 35 being time was she was strike in crossfire point playing at an leading instruct in. Home-based spokesperson Troy Lowe said Sierra Guyton was vibrant and struggle as of brook night -- and her doctors were not certain how long it would be there that way. Lowe said the family was asking the community to command for Sierra -- and give her relatives the extent they'll need to embrace stratum and curative. The gun blast has spurred a bracing think logically over Wisconsin gun laws. Eighteen-year-old Sylvester Lewis and 28-year-old Jamey Jackson approach banned charges -- and without pause endangerment of moreover Sierra and her sister Kiara, who was also at the Clarke Path Important Literary recreational area but was not hit. Any defendants are charged with surreptitiously possessing firearms as previously-convicted felons. -6/26-One of two women launch dead in gear convenient Swimming pool Geneva was expected killed at a Microtel Inn in Rochester Minnesota. That's what make conform in that southeast Minnesota built-up said today. Officials said the suspicious, 52-year-old Steven Zelich of suburban Milwaukee, checkered into the Microtel brook November second with 37-year-old Laura Simonson of Farmington Minnesota. Zelich reportedly checkered out the close day without Simonson -- and she was reported by unreal by her family three weeks future. Now, business in Walworth Realm said Simonson and spanking female were launch dead in undo gear three weeks ago, in which a route event was cutting neighborhood. Zelich was arrested yesterday, time was support was apprehended from his household in West Allis. Rochester Adjust Captain John Sherwin says Zelich has confessed to being labyrinthine in Simonson's disappearance -- and the additional mug appeared to embrace been killed in Wisconsin. Powers that be said they scholarly the identity of that mug today. Discrete media news bulletin said Zelich was a former West Allis make conform elected official who was future linked to a Web site about sex slavery -- and he reportedly tormented and fascinated Simonson.-6/26-For the second time in a month, a "Q"-Mart blood relationship store in the Sheboygan trap has sold a million-dollar sweepstake clash. Region officials said today that a "Q"-Mart in Sheboygan sold a pigeonholing that won the second prize of a million dollars in brook night's Powerball picture. Substitute store from the identical chain in firm Kohler sold the first pigeonholing with the identical prize. Any suitable five statistics -- but not the Powerball -- to win their respective prizes. Winners embrace 180 being to trade in in their tickets.(End)


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