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A U S Border Shelter That Attracts Asylum Seekers Far And Wide

A U S Border Shelter That Attracts Asylum Seekers Far And Wide

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The La Posada Providencia refuge in San Benito, Texas, is run by a group of nuns. From the time when the refuge is just across the border from Mexico, the safe haven seekers come from poor, unhealthy countries right to be heard the globe. Kainaz Amaria/NPR

I've aimed this unadulterated ever in the role of I went to Afghanistan in 2001. A man told me how he left his put in at without any advance ID and in some way crossed Iran by bus and foundation, only to be wedged in Close and sent back. He didn't give up, and a few existence latter came to get the message me in Washington.

Since I didn't certainly understand was how people in unhealthy nations towards the end make it throughout. It turns out that for some people, the key to the journey is the Borderland, the U.S.-Mexico border, which we handhold traveled this month for NPR.

If you lack a U.S. visa, you can't just responsibility a flight for New York's JFK deadly. The let fall off your put in at is, the harder it may be to pull out that visa. American consular officers are likely to air, what you're coming from Yemen or Syria shipping something you own, that your journey is above than a prepared tourist track.

But a pattern of smugglers can, for a fee, guide people to the airports of Latin America. From submit, conventional land routes lead through Mexico to the US.

The La Posada Providencia refuge for safe haven seekers is a undistinguished building in San Benito, Texas. Kainaz Amaria/NPR

La Posada Providencia refuge, an unpretentious tie of buildings put on the border in San Benito, Texas, has in the in the manner of court traditional people from about 20 countries, such as Albania, Romania, Nepal, India, and Ceramic.

In the manner of we visited, we chatted with men from Somalia and Cuba. And we ran into three Ethiopian women who were studying English as a second language, prize a class over a kitchen rejoinder.

Women staying in the refuge perk up for an English lesson. The refuge has housed safe haven seekers from Albania, Bangladesh, Belize, Ceramic, Congo and beyond. Kainaz Amaria/NPR

They handhold feasible for safe haven in the Pooled States, and are certified to tell untruths at the refuge epoch the instruction considers their cases and the stories they handhold told.

You really need to bump into the aperture of Saraa Zewedi Yilma, one of the Ethiopian women, who told of her story Thursday on Morning Type. We're mapping her incredible journey (from Ethiopia to Sudan to Brazil, moreover through Venezuela, Colombia and beyond) for our imminent digital gadget on Borderland.

For now, apply your mind to that story in her own words. Hers is a soft aperture, sometimes concerned as she struggles to find the language. She is a minute woman who took an profound journey; and the public of the La Posada refuge suggests her story is not occasional.

Saraa Zewedi Yilma is seeking safe haven from Ethiopia. Her journey to the U.S. border expenditure 15,000. Kainaz Amaria/NPR




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