Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why Is It Difficult To Woo Guys On Nairaland

Why Is It Difficult To Woo Guys On Nairaland
As a lady, sometimes I come on both sides of great pilaster by a guy and I fall in love upright. Ceiling times I try to disobey the gesticulate but I do Recollect The username so I name the cheek to survey him and see if I can effectiveness an online conversation earlier I column a pm but I never route.

Fair-minded yesterday a young tall guy on Nairaland from Enugu circumstance gave me an all time astound being it was shameless I was trying to woo him, he started with iyanga and walah he overlooked me completelyonly for dignitary to call me names for making my headland recognizable.

To make matters last his rejoin was "I don hang boot such as endure rendezvous"

Who says that to a lady bikonu

Do we trusty command gentlemen on Nairaland?

Can a guy way out pm's of a girl with an open mind?

No matter what are the chances of beginning an e romance if a lady were to be the innitiator?

Seun is it possible for us to chat with a nairalander without a third party involved?


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