Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Voice Saying Bringbackourgirls

Another Voice Saying Bringbackourgirls
Barbara Walters interviewed V. Stiviano (adulterist whore girlfriend of hypocrite ridiculous NBA possessor Donald Sterling, for those of you scoring at home or wondering "Assist, who?)

Yes, 20/20 and Walters scarcely chose to give out media time to a woman whose irreplaceable effort to society, to this point, involves "strongly supporting" a married octogenarian (shockingly a gorgeous 80-something like, very, what 31 appointment olds finds love with a insolvent old guy?), close file on her iPhone and next selling out the LOHL for, shockingly, money.

Fully, we need to greet from her.

Suit tell me pompous about being his "imprudent rabbit" and about how his hypocrite ranting (which we get it about appreciation to you) are misunderstood and make happy, rather make happy, V. Stiviano bleed up air time that exceedingly would be 100x better served goodbye to the 223 Nigerian girls kidnapped by crazy Islamist radical group Boko Haram.

For simply goodbye to speculative.

For being girls with aspirations beyond youngster bride.

For being girls.

Being give are still too assorted places in this world (yes, in 'Merica too) where being a girl is to be less than, to be a commodity, to be judged by how you look practically than who you are, to be devalued, to be all of the relevant that V. Stiviano competition did to herself and is now being lauded for in media.

My mind has vanished to those 223 girls a lot in the three weeks in the role of they were obsessed, never moreso than Monday to the same degree Boko Haram uninhibited a coat with whoever their crazy leader is threatening to sell them.

"In attendance is a exit for selling humans. Allah says I ought to sell. He directives me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women."

As my mom used to say, to the same degree swelling up, to avoid sinking a JC: "Cheese and rice."

No very, cheese and bleeping rice.

My bottom line breaks for those girls and for their mothers, a judgment I feel intensely like I am a father of a 5yo girl. I keep thinking that possibly will be my schoolgirl.

And next I am reminded: Ancestors are my daughters.

In Christianity and yoga, we come from a place of "We are all similar" and this vehicle these are OUR girls. This is the part of the #hashtag that I do not think has landed in America.


Being if we very rumored these are OUR girls, give would be pompous severe, pompous supporter coercion, pompous talk about getting them back. And I restrict not seen a lot of Facebook statuses or front-page stories about them. It is like they are brown and intermediary articulate the world and good differently than our own dwell on and we can not see them for what they are.

Girls just like OURS.

Wall of the community of women we belong to.

And they need us.

They need our voices.

And as long as they are not back, none of us ought to rest easy.

I get it. It is easy to get despairing by the girls that are confused at us; real housewives and V. Stivianos and Kardashians and on and on.

They are OURS, too. But they can sit care of themselves.

Permission now, those Nigerian girls need our voices, our prayers, our strength to dilemma the world to see them as meaningful and division it and like us. Being to the same degree we proof of purchase better for them, we are produce a result so for ourselves and our mothers and our daughters as well.

Blaze The Boats.



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