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Raw Redux August 25Th 2014 Nikki Bella Breaks Free As Aj Starts To Break Paige

Raw Redux August 25th 2014 Nikki Bella Breaks Free As Aj Starts To Break Paige
Good wishes everyone! And salute to this weeks Raw Redux. I foothold to be honest and say I missed out on Raw Monday.

And classes are back so my director is on its last legs.

And I wrote 3/4 of this so my Internet went out for an hour.

soooo you may see me step to another place from the redux for a bit as you can simply tell I'm a bit of a trainwreck again, but never fear(!~) like I'm in the last part offering to enchantment forth all of the Diva dignity as geared up.

We've got Paige vs. Natalya benevolent Bayley vs. Sasha Banks a run for its change in vocabulary of match repeats, but being that all four are matchlessly skilled, this isn't enormously a bad central theme in the manner of it comes to ring work. Jerk we foothold to procure AJ Lee will make her manifestation felt right?

In growth, it's a robust Brie and Nikki based ring clip smooth of Raw! And I for one am insanely looking to the lead to this like they basic be getting extend splendid in their roles as the weeks go on and it's rather than benevolent me (good) anxiety to think about it so let's get started very well.

Oh, and I'm expecting a Enormously bad crowd for the great show if my Cheep conduit was correctly as the dot was exposure to air. So I've been warned and it I imagine won't plague me in a flash of time.

It's time for the family reconciliation! Our host for the sundown is JERRY LAWLER, which I will procure is only like his name is Jerry and it will play off well basic the crowd say for him due to Jerry Springer's constant pop idol. Ruler welcomes Nikki Bella out, and it looks like she keeps the area under discussion which I accede of like I always felt it was extend heelish anyways. But the mini-tron needs cheating, and fast.

Jerry says the fans aren't as kind as Brie, so it's time to work the problems between the two of them out. He so welcomes Brie and ugh, the extremely area under discussion song. We need this sorted as they rather than foothold to percentage a Cheep account a lot less a area under discussion song. Nikki hastily channels her inner me and snarks that Brie couldn't honest get her own porch area under discussion and I'm rather than unresponsive. Brie says Nikki can foothold the music if she wants like this is about the person she trusted extend than human being to boot stabbing a blade in her back. She loves her friends and her husband, but the two of them foothold been together the same as further on they were uneducated. To the same extent Mama Bella was in the family way, her ultrasounds showed the two of them holding hands in the womb. Brie knows Nikki's feelings are kick in the teeth and that she got aimless, but she had no idea by her quitting it would shamble fair on her own sister.

If that's how she feels bit, Brie is dire. She doesn't inform what to boot Nikki wants from her (also porch music)! Fail to attend everything WWE, forget "Increase Divas" this is Brianna talking to Nicole.

It seems like Nicole doesn't want to speak to Brianna bit. Nikki calls Brie's elocution the biggest load of crap she's ever heard! She gets it, Nikki is the careless, rapacious binary and Brie is the innocent, beautiful woman that wants her family back together. Nikki is revolted that Brie's trying to award such a fake story to these people, no matter if they're stupid adequately to expectation it. Nikki KNOWS the real Brie. She's Ever acceptable the interior, and Ever acceptable to be loved extend. Brie never cared about her sister, but Brie hastily chimes in that Nikki's frolics is insane.

Nikki grossly pleads for Brie to stop putting on this angel act. Perhaps they weren't holding hands in that valuable Mama Bella ultrasound just I don't know Brie was accomplish what she does best, and that's holding Nikki back! Nikki's total with Brie, she's total with her family treating her as the postscript, and she's total with the guys in the get rid of having a stupid assume of twins that they're too fat and disagreeable to ever have! I Heat HEEL NIKKI. Oh my god, plagiarize my change. Control the WWE Label, you deserve it extend than BROCK LESNAR.

Most of all, she's so over Brie's:

A) Scraggly take umbrage

B) Pitch the terracotta crap

C) Log Log cabin House

D) Monster faced husband

She's refined playing second position to a sister that never gave a damn about her! But pause, miss DANIEL BRYAN everyone's fav Bella!~ that Brie that anyone knows and loves, she scarf all Nikki's boyfriends in the manner of they were young and she always narrowed the carry at Nikki in the manner of they got in trouble as adolescent. Nikki claims that in the manner of Brie quit, she aimless her. She chose love over family, and that's not flying with this Bella Corresponding. Nikki was put in unbounded handicap matches and every week she was required to impair herself as BRIE sat at home and watched on cover. Brie cared extend about trending on Cheep than her own sister!

Nikki calls Brie one sad reason of a sister one sad reason of a human being! Oh? Is Brie gonna cry? Nikki starts taunting her dreamlike sister, telling anyone to look at this down hot resolve. Jerry tries to intervene but Nikki yells "Continue out of it old man! GET OUT!"

Reminder: Heel Nikki is my movie star. My supernatural being. My everything. This is the part in the manner of I break free and complain I want Heel Nikki to guest sensible on every comedy/drama/dramady/television show in citizen and go off on characters I don't like.

Jerry gets the hell out of Nikki Bella's ring, as she walks up to her grieve over sister and reveals that as far as she's fascinated, she has no sister. Nikki grabs Brie by the take umbrage and tells her that her one wish is life is that she died in the womb!

I malformed.

Nikki throws Brie off her be in charge by the take umbrage and beats her with her Louboutin! The god horrendous crowd physically attempts to boo which for this group, is almost like getting the equal to the level of convene that Daniel Bryan's reaction at WrestleMania equated. Jerry tries to lug Nikki off of Brie but she smacks him tangentially the familiarity and goes right back to Brie, whacking her with the microphone! Jerry continues leaving at the rear of her as she screams "GET OFF ME! YOU'RE Dead TO ME!"

Brie cries in the ring as Nikki is dragged off from the ring but movingly gathers herself to progression out.

Add everything to boot I missed on Raw, this is my peak and no level of RUSEV bored familiarity or JOHN CENA "You Heat Me or You Get on your wick Me but either is OK like it's been leaving on for so long we look up to it" clip is leaving to come close to topping it. Consecrate you Bella Twins, you deserve your air time and I wish I had air time to give you so you can foothold extend.

We person in charge to the ring to see Natalya get partly an porch, which is partly an porch extend than endure week so we've got progress! Up approach is her hostility, our Divas Sustain, Paige, who still has yet to tag with human being but AJ Lee on TV in the months the same as amalgamation the main roster. Paige steps in the ring and skips give or take Natalya, further on kissing her title and listening as the organization sounds for us to get underway. Nattie with a lightning fast twist up for a one count as Paige fights her off and hits a intense shot to the familiarity. She so skips give or take and starts nailing a few headbutts further on operating on an abdominal judgment.

She keeps the cuddle safe and sound on Natalya until Nattie reverses it and hoists the leg up into her own substitute and gets a pop! A POP! From "this" crowd! Paige steadily fights out and slams Nattie down, so beating a tricky relax and rule off the ropes into a organize gear by Natalya! Nattie with a German Suplex! Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter and the crowd is reacting! Paige fights and fights and she finally grabs the ring apron to motivation a break as the mediator keeps Nattie back. Paige goes for the PTO and JBL thinks it's the Sharpshooter which stuns his commentators garbled. Nattie is leaving for the real Sharpshooter now but Paige kicks her off and nails the Paige Turner for the victory!

Paige celebrates with her title and out comes AJ Lee, who startles Paige back inside the ring as Lee follows develop into with a microphone in state. Paige so turns right give or take into a discus clothesline by Natalya! AJ helps her up, and I see the best central theme about a unresponsive crowd is that honest their "AJ's husband" chants are unresponsive. ALL Acknowledge.

AJ smiles at her small English muffin, and says that she knows Paige was being genuine in the manner of she designed she loved her but not as genuine as she is. Following that, AJ ponderously walks to Paige and gives her a hug, further on grabbing her state and laying a kiss on it to set Paige a small creeped out as AJ skips to the back.

In growth, curb out this weeks lay into of Lana as she manages Rusev against JACK Strut which I feel is everything I've designed 500 times:


"NIKKI BELLA" - Oh my God. I am wholly in love with heel Nikki Bella, and tonight she did honest better than endure week. She was on fire and it's such a shame she had to perform so well in nerve of a crowd that didn't deserve it. I didn't watch the show, but I heard how horrendous they were so I knew leaving into it to not presume a lot of a reaction which physically control foothold made me like the separate extend like I persistent scarcely on the twins and not on whether or not the crowd was responding. Nikki, you were uneducated to be a heel and I loved everything about this performance tonight. That's not to plagiarize doesn't matter what to another place from Brie at all, but this was simply Nikki's moment to especially reflect and break out into her full on newfound role. She took the ring, she ran with it, and she put down dunked it right on the familiarity of every male public figure on the roster who wants that ten account of airtime.

"THE BELLAS Divide AS A Generally" - It was a lot of Nikki, but tbh I also consideration Brie did her role very well. I'll decorate extend last on about why I support her being "Grieve for Brie" for now, but acting erudite I do think Brie did her role well. It's not like this is "Fissure Bad". I don't need transfer structure performances that set me breathless in the manner of it comes to promos, and Brie was extend than tolerable tonight in my opinion. Her cry familiarity control not be the best, but do you think any of us look illusion in the manner of we're bawling? I poised don't. And honestly, I'm not leaving to pick to the left doesn't matter what like the separate was just so good as a total to me. The lines were on point, the deliveries were so a lot better and honest in the manner of Nikki would yell (which I narrowed out endure week wasn't my number one part of her performance) at Jerry Lawler, she get going that intense clip anyplace it sounds 100% natural and like true disappointment.

I loved the great writing too late it (intensely holding hands in the womb to holding Nikki back was Brilliant), and felt this is appropriately anyplace The Bellas competition needs to be in vocabulary of story foresee. This is the depiction I want refined, and judging by how on fire Nikki was as the heel, we made the right decree in which Bella to turn and I don't be sorry saying that anymore. I'm so so in place to see extend and I'm so happy for the two of them in getting such a big separate (since off the hour does classify as big honest if it's not the main stage) to exposition their competition. They're wearing it and open me absent extend and extend every week which is the best feeling in the world (very well second to lucrative the lottery, but you inform)


"PAIGE VS. NATALYA" - This match feels like it's happened 50 times and in reality I think this is only their third not plus NXT, but that doesn't mean the two don't foothold insane chemistry together and physically got a unresponsive crowd to rejoinder to some of their bad skin. I warmly consideration the match was greatly absolutely and on point, honest if it was stunted. You can tell Natalya freaking eats up any element of ring time she can get, and at the rear of being on the backburner for a as, I love seeing her get a weekly clip again. I just wish we can see her tag with AJ or everything like it would be charming total their history together, and I think it can add a layer to the story like we haven't yet persistent on the fact AJ Lee will foothold to realignment teaming with the extremely women she was so against just a few months ago. That's an constituent I want to see explored but I fear if the day comes we get a tag, it will be gone about and AJ/whoever will just smirk as if their minds from Payback 2013 to WrestleMania 30 were erased.

THE Realistically GOOD:

"PAIGE AND AJ" - I'm so assorted on this. I honestly like anyplace it's leaving like I think it's inquiring in the sniff that it's a case of who can freak the out of the ordinary out and honestly get into their person in charge to the point they emanate the true champion of the competition in the end. It also shuts the fans up from chanting for AJ's husband if she's performing sensual diplomacy to a guy Diva, which is a plus for individuals of us not well of committee them. The problem I foothold bit is that, as I've designed, I be aware of a lazy burn up, but it's smooth of feeling in close proximity too lazy and the usual singles matches don't honestly help to make doesn't matter what feel unconventional.

It seems like every week has become a legends that they wrangle with a singles and so the out of the ordinary comes out and cuts a clip, which is good and I love the promos themselves, but I feel like we need to move to the lead to the approach step at all that may be. A backstage separate or everything that just mixes it up from being the extremely sort of separate each week. I inform people are bored of it, but I haven't off track desire. I think the competition still has so a lot scene, we just need to spring to the lead more exactly of ponderously inch if that makes sniff.


"Trend Following SINGLES MATCHES" - I want a six Diva tag. I want an eight Diva tag. I want a FOUR Diva tag. I want everything that isn't Paige or AJ alongside a bigwig in a singles. The Bellas are busy, but we can still enchantment Naomi and Cameron back into the mix, consume with Emma, Alicia, Rosa, Summer, Layla and Eva demand.


I still think we haven't yet missing the great Diva day-sack of 2014 just yet. Data foothold slowed down the same as individuals few weeks of show takeover finery, but we're still getting clip time each week (I mean a pair of Divas foothold gotten 10+ minute speaking segments by themselves two weeks in a row so let's not attach disturb) and we've got two legalized feuds leaving on which in itself is a world of improvement the same as AJ vs. Increase Divas. Yes, I wish extend of the out of the ordinary Divas can be included honest if they aren't to the letter in the stories, but I still love the fact we've got what we've got leaving at all.

AJ and Paige just need to hit the peak of their competition and I think they'll realignment wearing it week to week. It's a very lazy building competition, but it's a competition that at negligible has everything leaving on also "Hey you're campaigner. Me want title. Convey me shot in the manner of I quiver you in match". They're getting rigid clip time and are since to move into a territory I want to see them inspect like I think it can be annoyed without travel the PG line the same as we can attribute it extend to mind occupy yourself as unwilling to a full on romance ala Mickie James to Trish Stratus. I also think Paige not being a full on heel yet control be good for her career the same as she's rather than won the Divas Label as each a familiarity and a heel in the time taken of four months. If we don't see her be the Anti-Diva yet, it gives a zoom to a scene third title line down the line and keeps her feeling like she hasn't rather than practiced everything in such a stunted time. I see good in these bits and pieces and so for that, I will stop waiting for the competition to honestly awaken into the saintliness I inform it can be.

To the same extent it comes to The Bella Twins, they are wholly wearing it in their competition. Perhaps the story is too lathered up for some, but not me. I am anxious with it, and I think it's the best central theme they've ever gotten to do as a two of a kind. Nikki, in strict, is extremely owning it out current and proving that she's got hero written all over her as a top heel of the put out. Brie I feel isn't being total the best role to play in vocabulary of grieve over good binary, but I get that she needs to be this way for now. She can't just without thinking despise her sister and be seen as good it needs to smash into a betrayal point anyplace she's required to take vengeance so that way it can come off as everything she doesn't want to do but has to. It's smooth of like in the manner of VINCE feuded with Stephanie and Stephanie pleaded not to do this but Vince didn't care. Nikki can act that way like she's the heel, and as I do want Brie Bella out of the grieve over movement and into the "You bitch!" one, it will come and this part is required in order to make her still noise likeable in the manner of she gets to that point.

The difference with her competition transpose Stephanie is that the story claimed Brie was required to sit backstage and watch as The Specialist took out Daniel, so we can procure she went all through this teary stage as she was fact in the back. Following Nikki, we saw the first moment happen on Summerslam and so Brie's sad can't just be unconscious backstage like it can so. Huge I'm so offering for Bella vs. Bella, but I just wish it could've happened a small earlier to WrestleMania like it sucks that it'll I imagine get put on one of the subordinate informal shows unless they can cuddle off until Survivor Compete. Set so, Business just feels like the dreamlike clip for sister vs. sister, but who knows? Perhaps we can get TRIPLE H, Stephanie McMahon and Nikki Bella vs. Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, and hmm *cackles as I depiction the person in charge off a Bratz doll*

Trade event jokey guys, but it'd be tough for poised.

So this is me signing out until approach err, until I see you again!


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