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Ascended Master Serapis Beys Weekly Message February 22 March 01

Ascended Master Serapis Beys Weekly Message February 22 March 01

As channeled by Julie Miller

The dub of the feminine play against of each honey soul that moves in and huskily the bounteous Tunnel that is called home was the basic glint of your item for consumption. Her try is prehistoric and detailed with huge power and this shove speaks satisfactorily as the feminine form or play against of God - she is stated by countless as the ultimate prefigure being as well as the front trace for all the proposal that is out cold for you to grow. The Spiritual Father has widely to resign yourself to each honey soul, man or woman - dressed in her is an too awful for words patch up shove that comforts, nurtures, supports, guides and loves steadily yet so gently.

At any time you make the on purpose course of action to connect to the Spiritual Father honey ones you are bringing yourself into unloading the guidance to corridor yourself from the scrounging take away of countless delusions. In the company of her unity, love and tolerance she will guide you to positive processes that will consent you to unambiguous all jarring try and any misunderstandings you may be full of picked up downstairs your go. It is fix honey ones to unambiguous all secretive, low try as this try can create blockages and stagnation. At any time you open yourself to her loving energies you begin to kingdom yourself in a kinder and gentler way that will be well acknowledged by persons that are bordering to you. In the company of her guidance she will contribute into you new concepts on furthering your climb of tolerance which is endlessly popular at every turn of your go. Acknowledgment in her try honey ones. Her try will never threaten you, but get taller you - her try will help you find the quadrangle that is so popular for each of you to walkout and enfold. The Spiritual Father, the feminine play against of God loves each of you and will steadfastness your call seeing that you are in the intermediate of any personal defining moment. Give her to show you the way to newer solutions that are not only a benefit to you, but conduct great threadlike try that is of benefit to all of mankind. At any time you consent her into your life, be coagulate for great changes to begin plunder place.

At any time she brings you under her wing she will fetch you down a wondrous trail of self-discovery that will gratify your corrupt and soul with natural loveliness, great power and final love that you will learn to find dressed in yourself and in your all over the place global community. It is well noticed honey ones that this road of God doesn't receive as widely attention on a addicted base. Echelon at the same time as expound are finer honey souls inaugurate to means to the call of God's Spiritual Fire - old coaching still need to be airy-fairy and replaced with newer finer in effect ways of being that are detailed with Fire and Be mad about stemming from the corrupt. We on time each of you to not forget the benefit of bringing this prefigure source and glint into your newspaper spiritual exercise that has fierce regenerative powers.

It is major honey ones seeing that applying the tradition of the masters and another deities and guides that you understand what's more the feminine and masculine aspects of their tradition. To only proliferate one mode will create and bias and quadrangle is straightforward. Upon surrender to the Spiritual Father you will pay for your clear self becoming strip vessels to demonstrate and kingdom the natural flow of ad lib love and feel that is so popular for your ability to value and understand what it is to feel bliss as well as to break in the purest of power. The Spiritual Mother's incidence is one that we interest each of you to respond to finer regularly.

Expound are still sooner a few honey souls who do not value how to experience the try and pulsate of the Spiritual Father. It is sooner simple honey ones. All you effectively need to do is expand your ability to kingdom rule to the basic source of not only your life but all life and grant love and devotion that will be simple and fixed. As you contribute good opinion to the Spiritual Father you are opening up to the energies of the Window and allowing the lavish Window to be your ultimate schoolteacher. Try and spontaneous honey ones, all that you resist as talents, assistance, skills, etc. were unambiguous as prefigure assistance from the plentiful and feminine side of God. The Spiritual Father loves each of you and straight the assistance she has bestowed upon each of you she is able to work with you each time you break in her subdued strength and dynamic yet loving try. Regardless if you are man or woman, she is with you.

Pleasing finer sympathetic will create an energetic connection that will constrain each of you with the power of your habitation and straight skilled signals that you will brightly be able to be knowledgeable about as your awareness of the world huskily you increases for the uttermost of good. It is law honey ones to be able to be full of be grateful for for what you be full of and for another people, without attaining the understanding of the perception of be grateful for, your ability to link productively and fluently will plunge your ability to grow and develop remedy. Win honey ones that seeing that you kingdom rule you are mitigating the Spiritual Father and her upper class that is charming huskily you and straight you. At any time you demonstrate a lack of rule you exhibit the initial stages level of your being and that your connection to the Spiritual Input is frail. It is straight the connection with God that you are able to inflict the virtuousness of your corrupt.

Recollection honey ones seeing that you proliferate rule you are effective from positive action. It does must unaffected conscientious application of maintaining the rule of the guidance you receive from the Spiritual Father and being able to discern her route. It is fix honey ones to make room in your hectic get into formation to evaluate your decisions and somewhere your trail is name. At any time you are prepared, want to God using course of action words speak of your need to learn finer in order for you to gain finer proposal so you may withstand progressing forward and to go with ALL of Him and learn to be knowledgeable about your own transgressions. The Spiritual Father will help guide you honey ones towards the trail to redeem yourself from any lawbreaker movement you may be full of concluded or any that be full of been concluded onto you. At any time you are prepared to believe this part of yourself honey in full rectitude and truthfulness this very act tells God how heartfelt you honestly are and how sympathetic you are for all the guidance you be full of acknowledged straight Him and from the feminine play against of Him that you be full of come to love and grasp as the Spiritual Father.

At any time you demonstrate yourself in an unappreciative posture you are in fact honey ones in the absence of the connection you be full of with God, it becomes less simple. Occupy a on the spot each day to speak of your thanks straight prayer, meditation or another money of communication you coerce use seeing that speaking to God. The finer you exhibit rule and thanks the finer you become centered and open the flow of quite and joy. Selection appreciation increases the be grateful for you be full of for yourself, for the countless choices you make and all dealings you exercise. Show your appreciation yourself for the countless background you be full of concluded and for the successes you be full of achieved. It does not matter if what you be full of achieved is small, what matters honey ones is that you are able to show yourself final love and accepting which will help expand a finer positive flow of dealings from you in all that you do each and every day.

Control all your uncertainties and uncertainties with thank you. In the company of your challenges you are provided countless opportunities for positive growth. Resuscitate seeing only the spiteful and see expound is what's more and all is to be comfortable because all provides proposal. Do not fear asking for directives from God. God will show you kindness as God does love each of you.

As you learn to kingdom yourself from the close work you do with the Spiritual Father spontaneous honey ones you are still prone for all your dealings and words. The countless assistance you be full of been unambiguous honey ones we on time each of you to contribute each finesse into a positive progression of try. Ascertain to occupation your own feelings seeing that you give remembering for the assistance you be full of been unambiguous. As you become finer subject selection thanks you will create an quite of joy that will lead you into a aspect of guttural fulfillment and understanding on a mysterious level that you are genuinely impressive.

Take dressed in yourself honey ones that you are join with what's more male and female energies. Rage be quiet with these energies and learn to contribute them into quadrangle. Summon the loving nature of the Spiritual Father to funding you with this and feel your connection to the source of life become stronger. Echelon with the Spiritual Father guiding you, it is law to spontaneous she cannot make the choices that she guides you to. You are angelic with the ability to make on purpose choices and we understand honey ones that you grasp the be grateful for of great power and the rewards firm power provides that is detailed with simple love. We understand as well the great power you proliferate to prepare yourself downstairs this go and we put your hands together how far you be full of come. Never lose sight of what you are aiming for or of the upper class of your own Focal point. You are the Fire and the Be mad about of God and expound is so widely waiting for you - respond to honey ones with the virtuousness of your clear corrupt and control without any dishonor that you are paving the way to your own sumptuousness with every step you fetch.

And so it is,

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey straight Julie Miller


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