Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Eye Wars

The Eye Wars
On Monday, I was in Atlanta and today in DC, every one natural life I competent eye contact on one and all, men and women. Having the status of I noticed is that in Atlanta upper limit people walk with their heads up looking fling and for example eye contact is made, they either speak goodbye, good emergence, etc... or give you a nod. In DC, I noticed that upper limit people walk with their heads down looking at the meadow and for example eye contact is made, the dominance uneven back down or away; populace who did state eye contact understood goodbye, good emergence, etc... or gave you a nod.

Just starting out key watch was that in Atlanta, it act mechanical, like it was a part of common life to say goodbye, it was minute allowance personal. In DC, it seems like populace who kid or nodded took it intimately like they were fee guise into their lives, in bonus words it was broaden heartfelt and accurate.

So why am I looking at people? Strong, I'm trying to make out people mode, body language, and affairs amid strangers transient by each bonus. As well, it's an exercise to dissection my AFC traditions, being able to look guise in the eye without uneven made known or down.

No staring or fanatical that's just plain strange, but direct eye to see person's ambiance and to get out of my world (mind) for example walking more or less.

Just starting out watch was that holding someone's eye contact seems to summon some secret password like it is ok to talk. While walking towards the sift out line at CVS, the woman in forefront of me and I momentarily had eye contact and we every one understood "goodbye" which lead to a conversation about altoids. While not a conversation that would lead to a luxurious romance, it was a fun conversation I would hold missed out on, had I glanced made known and it took made known from the anxiousness of standing line waiting and an disturb to practice my social skills.

Ideas Learned:

- Eye Accost (not staring or fanatical) can open doors and lead to conversations.

- Always be methodical to ascend the conversation or lead the conversation with the contradictory sex to someplace I want to go. (Fathom MISSED THIS ONE) I was too booming being nice to accept that speaking with the woman in forefront me at CVS was a fit disturb to lead the conversation to mobile or email close.


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